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World-class research and industry        Not surprisingly, most of Canberra’s                                       The ACT
innovation are the hallmarks of          private sector biocompanies can         John Curtin School of              Government is
biotechnology in Australia’s             trace their roots to institution        Medical Research in Canberra       committed to
national capital.                        based research and development                                             the development
                                                                                 Within 50 years, the John Curtin
                                                                                                                    of knowledge
                                         conducted in Canberra. To date,         School of Medical Research
Canberra’s biotechnology industry is                                                                                based industries,
                                         around 30 Canberra based                in Canberra has made major
recognised globally for its intellectual                                                                            including
                                         biotechnology spin-off firms have       discoveries and contributions to   biotechnology.
asset base, research capability,
                                         emerged from this research base.        world health and won two Nobel
knowledge generation capacity and
its global connectedness.                Canberra’s biotech environment          Prizes:
                                         comprises a strong network of             „ Sir John Eccles won the
The sector has leading capabilities
                                         participants from a range of industry       Nobel Prize in 1963 for his
in a number of areas including
                                         players including technology                work on the elucidation
genetics, immunology, molecular
                                         innovators, spin-off companies,             of mechanisms of
bioscience, neuroscience,
                                         service providers (such as patent           transmission of signals in
phenomics and medical devices.
                                         attorneys), and industry associations       the nervous system
World leading research and               and advocates – all of whom draw
                                                                                   „ Professors Peter Doherty
educational institutions such as         on the city’s skilled and knowledge
                                                                                     and Rolf Zinkernagel
the Commonwealth Scientific and          rich workforce.
                                                                                     won the Nobel Prize in
Industrial Research Organisation
                                         The ACT Government is committed             1996 for the discovery
(CSIRO) and The Australian National
                                         to the development of knowledge             of the role of the major
University’s John Curtin School of
                                         based industries, including                 histocompatibility complex.
Medical Research and the Research
                                         biotechnology. The continued growth
School of Biological Sciences give
                                         in biotechnology applications and the
Canberra’s biotechnology companies
                                         flow of development capital to the
a competitive edge.
                                         sector complements the significant
Importantly, all of the key Australian   commercial opportunities in
government agencies with                 the future.
biotechnology roles and the industry
regulators are based in Canberra.
BIOTECHNOLOGY                                                                         CONTINUED

Case Study: BARLEYmaxTM                 investment in a joint venture with
and Canberra Business                   the CSIRO through the Canberra
Development Fund                        Business Development Fund (CBDF),
                                        an equity investment vehicle for local
A combination of the ingenuity of
                                        technology based companies.
the CSIRO, ACT Government support
and private capital has resulted in     The CBDF is a joint venture between
the development of a significant        the ACT Government and Australian
breakthrough in the health benefits     Capital Ventures Limited (ACVL) and
of a cereal grain.                      aims to provide expansion capital for
                                        Canberra regional businesses with
The new grain, known as
                                        growth potential.
BARLEYmaxTM, is a non-GM
patented barley developed by the        For more information contact:
CSIRO. It is a nutritious wholegrain
that provides an excellent source
of both soluble and insoluble fibre,
including resistant starch.                     “It is immensely satisfying to expand
                                                                                 a business that combines health
Already in use in breakfast cereal,     Phone Canberra Connect:                  benefits for millions of people with
the grain is attractive to the health   1800 244 650 (Australia)                 profit potential and products with a
conscious. Supermarkets around the      +61 13 22 81 (International)             great taste.”
country have been inundated with
requests for the cereal product.                                                 Steve Hardy
The ACT Government’s involvement                                                 Australian Capital Ventures Limited
with BARLEYmaxTM stems from its

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