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									 Delta Dispatch The Official Journal of the California Delta Chambers & Visitor’s Bureau

Phone: 916-777-4041 Korth’s Pirates Lair, 169 Brannan Island Road, Isleton, Ca 95641
                         email: PO Box 1118 Rio Vista, Ca 94571
Volume 15 Issue 2                                                                                         Spring 2010

                                            A Message from our President

Wow … Rain, Rain and more Rain! Let’s take this moment in time to reflect on the days of June and July when nor-
mally everyone is complaining about the heat. I guess that is indeed the norm however, it gives us all something to
talk about. For me I would rather talk about the heat vs. the rain. Then again, even I have to remind myself from time
to time, especially when there seems no end in sight to the rain, that it really does take the rain and cold weather to
appreciate the Sun and warmth of Summer. So keep holding on, I am sure summer is coming soon!

March and April were boat show months and what shows they were! The Sacramento Boat Show in March put on by
the Sacramento Valley Marina Association and in April the Strictly Sail Pacific & the Pacific Powerboat Expo held at
Jack London Square in Oakland. Both shows, in Sacramento and in Oakland brought in large enthusiastic crowds,
boat buyers and a feel in general that we just very well might start seeing a bit of a turnaround! They had the feel and
excitement of the shows in year’s past… the ones that I remember doing so well in when I first got into this business
some time ago.

Your Delta Chambers and or its members have many events scheduled for this spring and summer. I hope to see some
of you at these events. Bring friends and introduce them to the many advantages of our Delta Chambers. If you nor-
mally do not attend our events make 2010 the year that you try something different and plan on attending. Besides our
monthly Mixers (of which have been doing very well I might add in not only attendance but in recruiting new mem-
bers) there are a number of other events to attend as well. July 17th will be the 9th annual Taste of the Delta being held
at Windmill Cove again. Stockton Downtown Marina who just became a Chamber Member will be hosting a Cele-
brate the Delta event on May 8th at the Marina with live entertainment, raffles and food. The 13th annual Delta Loop
Fest, normally held on the 1st Saturday of May has been moved in search of Sun, to the 22nd of May.

Your Delta Chambers is here to help in the promotion and prosperity of all our members. The Taste of the Delta has
been a great success over the years and has brought a lot of attention to Central Delta Businesses. It is our goal this
year to hold a similar event in the North Part of the Delta by putting together an Art and Music Festival at The Old
Sugar Mill in Clarksburg to be held in the fall. Should this happen and be successful your board of directors would
like to add another event that would be more local to the South and or South West Delta in the future.

I am looking forward to a great summer and maybe I will see ya on the water soon or at the next mixer on May 12th
which will be held at Windmill Cove. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me: tymel- or call our executive director Bill Wells at 916/777.4041. As members, this is your
Delta Chambers and I welcome comments from you to help us, your board of directors serve you better. Don’t let us
forget that we are here to serve you!

Ty Mellott
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         Ty Mellott - Bay & Delta Yachtsman Magazine (Email:
                                          VICE PRESIDENT
                               Dave Theis: Email:
                                   IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT
                        Blair Hake - Ameriprise: (Email:
                 Kim Korth - Korth’s Pirates Lair Marina (email:
                       Lynn Hahn - Hahn Tractor (
                  Kelli Pearson - MapCo Marketing (Email:
              Trisha Meagher - Windmill Cove Restaurant & Bar (email:
                          Colleen Murdock - California Waste Recovery Systems
               Marnie Stiles - Carvalho Family Winery (email:
                Heather Ingram - Delta Discovery Cruises (email:
                 Margot Ray - Citadel Broadcasting Company
                        Suzanne Black - Delta Webs (Email:
                                       EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                 Bill Wells - Classic Yacht Association (Email:

                                                                   Westmar Insurance at the Sacra-
                                                                   mento Boat Show
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      9th Annual Taste of the Delta
                             July 17, 2010
                  Windmill Cove Resort & Marina
                          1:00PM to 4:00PM
    Wine / Food Tasting, Live & Silent Auction, Live music, Vendors or call 916/777-4041 for information!

                                    Korth’s Cafe

Tony & Sharon at Foster’s Bighorn

                                                   Andy, Patti, and Liz at Foster’s
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                                                    Please welcome these new members
                                                         that have recently joined!
                                                             The Complete Boat
                                                                  406 Delta Ave.
                                                                Isleton Ca, 95641
                                                        Central Valley Business Times
                                                              Douglas E. Caldwell

                                                          Kops Consulting Service
                                                                  Karen Kops
                                                           4464 Lone Tree Way #520
                                                              Antioch, CA94531

                                                             Emerald Point Marina
                                                                  Niki DeDonato
                                                                 4234 Stone Road
                                                              Bethel Island, Ca 94511

                                                            VOX Network Solutions
                                                                 John L. Romero
    Boss Business Systems                                         650/989-1024
                                                                Cell: 916/600-6026
         819 Performance Drive Stockton, CA 95206
          Phone: 209/952-2677                  Bixler Vineyards
                Printing Document Handling                      Mark Federchak
                                                               7761 W. Undine Rd
                                                               Stockton, Ca 95206
                Eddo's                                            209/810-4089

                                                          Stockton Downtown Marina
         Harbor & RV Park                                 Westrec Marina Management Inc
                                                           Sherri Keys / Anthony Davis
             California Delta, USA                             445 W. Weber #139
                                                                Stockton, Ca 95203
         "Striper Central On The San Joaquin"
         19530 Sherman Island E. Levee Road
                 Rio Vista, CA 94571                      Windmill Cove Bar & Grill
                Phone (925) 757-5314                             Trisha Meagher
                 Fax (925) 757-6246                          7600 Windmill Cove Rd.
                                                               Stockton, CA 95208
              email                         209/948-2940
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                       Advantages of Being a Delta Chamber Member
    Our website gets about 380,000 unique visitors per year. We believe our site to be the most visited
recreation-oriented website in the greater Delta region. Some members who are linked to us claim they get
                         80 percent of their traffic referred to them from this site.

CHAMBER OFFICE: The Chamber currently rents office space located at Korth's Pirate's Lair Marina on
the Delta Loop. Chamber staff members respond to phone and email messages. Member brochures are
available free and visitors can purchase maps and guides to the Delta.

WEBSITE LISTINGS: Each member receives a listing in the Website, which usually includes business
name, address and telephone number. We try to list the members in the most appropriate spot in the
Website. Some may get listed on more than one page, if appropriate.

WEBSITE LINK: Each member gets a website (or e-mail) link. This includes one link on the Member
Directory and other links wherever their web address is mentioned (new members, events, etc.).

ADVERTISING: The Delta Chambers purchases a booth at several area shows per year Member
brochures are placed in the booth and distributed to attendees of the show. Volunteers work in the booths
and answer questions from the public.

WEBSITE AERIAL PHOTO: If a member can provide us with an aerial photograph of their
establishment, we will run a second listing of it with photograph on our Aerial Photos page.

EVENTS: Member (Delta) events open to the public are listed FREE on our events page, if the member
provides the event information.

SYNDICATED EVENTS: We encourage all members with Websites to do their share to help us promote
Delta events by placing our Syndicated Delta Events Calendar on their site.

CHAMBER MIXERS: We have a Membership Mixer the second Wednesday of every month at various
member facilities around the Delta area.
You can join online at The business dues are $150.00 per year. If you are a fan
of the Delta but not a business person you can join as an individual booster member (no business listing)
for $35.00 per year.
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                                            Member Profile
                             With each issue of the Delta Dispatch we try to
                             include a history or profile of a member busi-
                             ness. We feel it is a good way for a business to
                             get additional exposure in the community and
                             to make other members more aware of the
                             products and services available at a business.

                             If you would like to have your business profiled
                             please contact us at 916//777-4041 or email:

                                    TIKI LAGUN RESORT & MARINA
                                       12988 W. McDonald Rd.
                                         Stockton, CA 95206

                                 R.V Park, Tent Camping, Boat
         Polylift at the                 Store & Gas
         Sa c r a me n t o        Covered Slip’s available in
         Boat Show                       28’- 42’ft lengths
                                           Give us a call!
                                       “It’s always noon at
                                           TIKI LAGUN”
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                                  Member Profile
              River Delta Dental, Practice of Norman Spalding D.D.S.

 My former patients knew me as “Painless”, or simply “Norm”. After 25 years in Dentistry, nearly 20 of
 them in Walnut Grove, I retired at the age of 50. It had been a wonderful 20 years…my Delta patients
 were the greatest and my office building was a gem. But working 10-12 hours a day, 5 days a week non-
 stop had put my health in jeopardy. This seemed a perfect time to retire, since my wife, Flora, a high
 school vice-principal, wished to retire in order to welcome our first grandchild, who was born on the first
 day of our retirement.

 I got bored after only one I got my contractors license and with the help of Flora, who did the
 landscape and interior design, began remodeling older homes and helping our children build and remodel
 their homes. We even gave a name to our new enterprise: “Grampy and Grammy’s Construction Com-
 pany”. Some people asked for our cards, but we said, “if we ain’t your Grampy or Grammy, we ain’t
 gonna work for you.” Those ten years were spent doing long, hard, unpaid labor…while our family ex-
 panded to a total of 13 grandchildren, along with our four children and spouses!

  Last year, when Dr. Noe built a new office leaving my building empty, I was ready to return. All along, I
 had missed being on the Delta and doing dentistry in Walnut Grove. Besides, most of my grandchildren
 needed braces and many of my former patients needed me. We named our “new” practice, “River Delta

  In opening our office, I used my skills as a contractor to remodel our dental office and equipped it with
 modern technology. Flora designed the garden and office decor, enhancing it with rich colors and beauti-
 ful features. More importantly, she became our offices' personnel manager and provided the administra-
 tive expertise I lacked to develop a very special environment. Our employees feel well cared for and our
 patients are treated with utmost care. That, combined with fewer days and hours (3 to 4 days a week)
 treating patients, has definitely alleviated my stress, and I am enjoying dentistry as never before.

  I am excited by the great leaps in dentistry and have become even more energized by my training in im-
 plant dentistry and oral conscious sedation. As before, I provide most all of the services my patients need,
 including extractions, root canal therapy, orthodontics (both traditional braces and clear Invisalign),
 crowns, bridges, implants and dentures. The dental profession can do remarkable things to improve your
 life... If you have ever had really unattractive teeth or experienced a rip roaring toothache, you can appre-
 ciate how a capable dentist is able to change the quality of your life in a very short time.

 My father, a veterinarian, practiced until the day he died. Drs. Ray Primasing, Paul Barnes and Henry Go,
 have also been excellent role models, working many years to provide the people of the Delta the health
 services they need. If I am lucky, I will do the same with my skills, ability and with great appreciation for
 my profession and my patients of the Delta.

                                    RIVER DELTA DENTAL
                            MARKET STREET AND BROWN’S ALLEY
                                     WALNUT GROVE, CA
                           OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM-5PM
                                        (916) 776-1235
California Delta Chambers
PO Box 1118
Rio Vista, CA

                  Scene on the Delta                           Host a Mixer!
                                                Our monthly mixers are a good way to get recognition for
                                                your business. Typically between 50 and 75 chamber
                                                members and guests attend the mixers. You don’t have to
                                                be a restaurant or bar, we have had many great mixers at
                                                other types of businesses. You could consider having a
                                                joint mixer combining two businesses. Give us a call at
                                                (916) 777-4041 if you want to schedule a mixer!

                                                           May Mixer:
                                                  Windmill Cove Resort & Marina
                                                           7600 Windmill Cove Road
                                                               Stockton, CA 95206
                                                    Between light 34 and 36 on the San Joaquin
                                                            Wednesday May 12, 2010
        Casey and Devery Stockon at the
                                                                6:00PM to 7:30PM
          Masquerade Mardi Gras Ball
     (Devery won first prize for her costume)          Eat, Drink, make contacts, have fun!

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