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									Resident   Physicians Section                                                                                Product
Residency Training and Medical                             be surveyed by their respective Resi¬
Education Resolutions Adopted                              dency Review Committees.
                                                             Advanced Life Support Training for
    At the December 1995 American Medi¬                    Residents asks the AMA to urge the
cal Association (AMA) Interim Meeting,                     ACGME to strongly encourage institu¬
the      -Resident Physicians Section                      tions toprovide training in specialty-
(RPS) Assembly submitted 16 resolutions                    congruent advanced life support before
to the AMA House of Delegates, of which                    allowing residents to participate in pa¬
14 were adopted by the House and two                       tient   care.
were referred for further study. The fol¬                       Availability of ACGME Accreditation
lowing are resolutions concerning resi¬                    Status Information asks that the AMA
dency training and medical education that                  work with the ACGME to develop strat¬
were adopted by the House. The word¬                       egies to ensure that accreditation status
ing ofthe first two resolutions was slightly               information is disseminated to applicants
changed from that of the original AMA-                     of residency training programs in a timely
 RPS resolutions.                                          manner. It also asks that the Graduate
    Catastrophic Closure of Residency                      Medical Education Directory include a
Programs and Institutions asks the AMA                     disclaimer that listed residency programs
to work with other organizations with re-                  may include those currently on proba¬             Free      access          to AMA
 sponsibilities for graduate medical                       tion and provide detailed instructions for
 education, including the Accreditation                    obtaining current accreditation status in¬        product descriptions and
 Council on Graduate Medical Education                     formation.                                        ordering information
 (ACGME) and its constituent Resi¬                            Proposal for a Market Mechanism for            faxed to you in minutes.
 dency Review Committees, the Associa¬                     Reducing Entry-Level Residency Posi¬
 tion of American Medical Colleges, the                    tions, concerning the funding of gradu¬           The American Medical Association
 American Board of Medical Specialties,                    ate medical education, was adopted with           (AMA), offers a wide variety of
the Council of Medical Specialty Societ¬                   five other related resolutions as The Fu¬
 ies, and the American Hospital Associa¬                   ture of Funding for Medical Training.             products that help the physician and
 tion, to develop policies to facilitate place¬            The resolution asks the AMA to under¬             other health care professionals with
ment for residents in good standing whose                  take a comprehensive study and develop            important day-to-day activities.
programs or institutions close, merge, or                  recommendations to provide a stable, ra¬          Whether you need information on
downsize. It also asks that the AMA work                   tional, adequate, and feasible system for         coding, managed care, statistical
with specialty societies and program di¬                   financing graduate medical education.             products, or an AMA membership
rector organizations to identify vacant and                This system should include mechanisms
potential residency positions for dis¬                     to implement an all-payer system, the             application, now there is a fast way
placed residents.                                          use of vouchers, payment for training in          to get the facts you need.
    Fairness in the National Residency                     nonhospital settings, and appropriate al¬
 Matching Program (NRMP) urges the                         location of the training component of the
 NRMP to work toward an algorithm                          average adjusted per capita cost.
                                                                                                             Introducing our new Information-on-
 that is optimal for residents and stu¬                       Direct Loan Consolidation Program              Request Faxline service the quickest
                                                                                                             way to get your hands on product

dents. The House passed another reso¬                      asks the AMA to support the federal In¬
lution with the same title that calls for                  dividual Education Account/Direct Loan            descriptions for services and
the AMA's Graduate Medical Educa¬
tion Directory ("The Green Book") to
                                                           Consolidation Program, which offers resi¬
                                                           dents more flexibility in loan repay¬
clearly describe the algorithm used by                     ment.
                                                                                                             Here's how it works.
the NRMP, including advisories that stu¬                      Administrative Assistance With Medi¬
dents carefully consider the number of                     cal Education Loans asks that the AMA                       800 621-8335 and push 4.
                                                                                                             Just call
programs on their lists and be aware of                    encourage all sponsoring institutions to          Follow the voice prompts and choose
the inherent risks of shortening their                     make financial information available to
lists. In addition, the second resolution                  help residents manage their educational           the selection you want. Enter your
 calls for the AMA to encourage the                        indebtedness.                                     fax number and hang up. In a matter
 NRMP to include a similar description                        Compensation for Teaching Staff Phy¬           of seconds, we will fax you the
 in its handbook.                                          sicians asks the AMA to support appro¬            information you are requesting.
    Anonymous Resident Surveys by                          priate compensation for the time phy¬             It's simple, free, and available 24
 Residency Review Committees asks that                     sicians spend teaching residents and
 the AMA work to implement annual                          students and to oppose all sanctions              hours a day.
 anonymous surveys of resident physi¬                      against physicians who see fewer pa¬
 cians regarding accreditation violations                  tients or perform fewer procedures as a
 and working conditions. All resident phy¬                 direct consequence of their teaching ob¬
 sicians currently in training would                       ligations.                                        American Medical Association
                                                                                                             Physicians dedicated to the health of America
  Prepared by Ashish Bajaj, Department of   Resident   Physician Services, American   Medical Association.

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