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Panic Attacks and Panic News by sunstone11


									Panic Attacks - Panic News

Quite a few years ago I was getting panic attacks after the loss of my son. First I had a problem
recognizing these for what they were. The breaking out in a sweat, heart palpitations --- it was awful.

And if you are reading this article, you can probably relate.

I went to see my doctor who gave me some kind of medication. I can't even recall what it was. I just
took half of the dosage and shortly after that looked up the medication on the internet. By the time I
read all of the side effects, I was distraught - I was in worse shape than before the medication.

 At that point, I decided to try any other method, instead of medication. I started yoga, meditation and
energy healing. I did yoga for 30 minutes every morning. I found yoga very helpful as it helped me relax
and cleared my mind, gave me something to focus on for a half hour every day. I tried to meditate to
relax my mind, but I found it a bit difficult to do. However, after some persistence I was able to get
better at it.

You can find some helpful tips for meditating at: http://www.sunstone-holistic-health-and-

The energy healing helped as well. My healer worked closely with me in recognizing the areas in my
body that were blocked – no energy running through. For me, first of all, I had to get grounded and one
way to help in getting grounded is to wear red shoes as well as yoga and meditation. I now love any red

I just want people to know that there are other ways to handle and manage panic attacks besides
medication – I haven’t had one for about 6 years.

Some really good information on the cause of panic attacks and how to handle your anxiety is available
at this site.

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