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					Pearcedale Pony Club Inc.
                   Est - 1977

                Feb 2010 Edition

     Recommended websites for members: for the following rules

                PCAV Gear Rules
              PCAV Dressage Rules
            PCAV Horse Trials Rules
           PCAV Handbook of By-laws
Pony Club Association of Victoria.
The Pony Club movement is an international voluntary youth organisation for young people interested in horses
and riding. It is represented in 15 countries and has a membership exceeding 102,000 – making it the largest
association of riders in the world.
The movement originated in Britain in November 1929 as a scheme to encourage young people to ride, whilst
providing the opportunity for these young people to benefit from instruction at a higher standard than many
could obtain individually. The first overseas Branch was formed in Gibraltar in January 1930.
Pony Club Membership
In Victoria, Pony Club membership is open to people under 26 years of age, of any riding ability. Ordinary
members are those under 17 years of age, whilst Associate Members are those 17 years and under 26 years of
age. Riding Membership ceases at 26 years, but a number of former riders remain with their Club as Adult
Supporters, Committee members and Instructors, thus continuing their interest and involvement.
Membership of Pony Club provides children and young adults with the opportunity to build and develop
character, responsibility and consideration for others through their involvement with a living animal, which is an
excellent medium for developing these attributes. Riding is also one of the few sports where male and female
can participate on an equal basis.

Pony Club   place in order of importance:
           The safety of the rider
           The comfort of the horse
           The enjoyment of the rider
           The progress of the rider
The Pony Club aim is not to produce individual riders of exceptional ability, rather to help ALL members improve
their riding skills and to enjoy the experience.
Pony Club Mounts
Much care is needed when selecting a horse/pony for a Pony Club member, as it needs to be reasonably well
mannered and obedient, and able to be ridden safely with other horses and ponies. Pony Clubs are an excellent
starting point for further enquiries regarding the selection of suitable ponies.
Parents need to be certain that they and their children are fully aware of all the responsibilities and
commitments of owning and caring for a horse before they consider purchasing one. If in doubt about the
commitment and level of responsibility a child will take on when owning a pony, it may be better to hold off from
the final purchase. It may be more realistic to hire or lease a pony in the early days, so as to gauge how
committed the child will be.

Pony Club Association of Victoria.
"To be the leading youth organisation promoting through the love of horses, the highest standards of horse
mastership, riding skills and personal development."

Pony Club Victoria aims to:
To encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all approved types of sport connected with horses and
To provide instruction in horsemanship and riding and to instill in the members the proper care of their animals.
To promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character
and self-discipline.

More information can be found at :

Welcome to Pearcedale Pony Club
This booklet contains explanations of some of the activities and general terms you may meet
in your involvement with the club.
Pearcedale Pony Club Inc. is affiliated with the Pony Club Association of Victoria (P.C.A.V).
Pearcedale is one of 18 clubs which form the Southern Metropolitan Zone stretching from
Macclesfield Pony Club to Rosebud Pony Club.
Being a Pony Club parent means joining a community. This is a voluntary, non-profit
organization. We need your help! Every Club has lists of duties, in order that the Club
functions efficiently. Your support is necessary to assist with the Club’s operation. Parental
assistance will be required for the Canteen, working bees, Competition Days, Rally setting up
and packing away. Refer to Parent Participation on last page.

One parent per riding member is automatically deemed to be a financial member of the club.
Adult supporters are eligible for election to the Committee and are registered with the PCAV
for insurance purposes. The Pearcedale Pony Club relies on the assistance of its adult
supporters to ensure that it continues to be viable and successful. Adult supporters are
expected to perform rostered duties throughout the year, as well as attending working bees
and assisting at special events conducted by the club.

In the monthly newsletter an adult supporter is required to help in the canteen. They are also
required to make sure the toilets are clean and there is enough toilet paper throughout the
rally day.

The affairs of the pony club are managed by a committee of management. This committee
consists of a minimum of five adult supporters including the President, the Vice President
(optional), the Secretary, the Treasurer, the District Commissioner, the Club Chief Instructor
(optional) and not less than one and not more than eight ordinary committee members. The
Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month. At the Annual General Meeting, usually
held at the April rally, all positions are vacated and nominated members stand for election.
This committee selects a District Commissioner (D.C) who is in charge of all instruction at the
Club and all riding and horse mastership activities. This Committee is responsible for the
running of the Club and relies very heavily upon the participation of all families to carry out
the many and varied duties necessary in operating the Club successfully.

Any member wishing to participate in a competition conducted by the Pearcedale Pony Club or
any other club affiliated with the PCAV must:
(1) Present a current and complete membership card;
(2) Have attended a minimum of 50% of club rallies in the 12 months preceding the
(3) Have attended at least two mounted rallies as a combination in the preceding 12 months;
(4) Be graded as a combination for the competition;
(5) Comply with gear check rules, including uniform, helmet, medical arm band, saddle and
saddle cloth, bridle, spurs and whips; and
(6) Abide by the rules of the PCAV.
Any rider who has been in pony club for more than two years and is aged 13 years or over
must have attained their certificate in order to compete at any state or national level

Each family is assigned responsibility for a single cross country jump to maintain.
Grass needs to be kept low around the jump Ground to be safe before & after the jump
Branches, tree limbs, etc can not block the rider’s line to the jump
The DC should be notified ASAP if any repairs are required for your jump or if you feel the
jump is no longer safe to use. A prize will be awarded for the best kept jump each year.

The Committee appoints the DC after the Annual General Meeting. The DC is responsible for
running the club rallies and activities. (See also Membership Cards, Grading, Groups,
Instructors and Cancellations) District Commissioner (D.C)
The District Commissioner is responsible for organising all instruction and riding of the Club,
as well as the grading of all riders with their mounts. The D.C is a honourary position and is
appointed by the elected committee.

Dogs are NOT permitted on the Pearcedale Pony Club Grounds under any circumstances.
Dogs are NOT allowed at any Pony Club competitions they are best kept at home.

Members who leave early must notify the DC. At least 50% of the activities at a rally must be
attended by combination (rider and horse) or by an unmounted member in full Pony Club
uniform before a rally attendance is granted.

Efficiency tests are undertaken to assess knowledge of horsemanship and riding ability. There
are eight standards or levels of efficiency: D (the lowest), D*C, C*and (the highest), plus K
(specialist test for the active rider) and H (specialist test for horsemanship). A certificate of
efficiency and a plastic disc worn behind the PCAV badge is awarded to members who
complete the relevant test.
Any rider who has been in pony club for more than two years and is aged 13 years or over
must have attained their "C" certificate in order to compete at any state or national level
competition. All members are encouraged to at least gain their "C" certificate.
 Theory sessions are scheduled at rallies in the course of the year to support efficiency test
candidates. Parents are also welcome to join these Theory sessions.

The annual subscription fee, due at the end of May each year, is: $200.00 per rider. From
this, the club pays a membership fee of $66 per member to the PCAV to cover insurance,
amongst other things. The PCAV in turn supplies the club with a membership card for each
rider. $134.00 covers the yearly rally costs & monthly newsletters. If your annual subscription
is not paid, you are not insured, you do not receive a membership card and, under those
circumstances, you are not permitted to attend rallies or competitions. A $35.00 once off
joining fee applies to all new memberships.

The club is dependent on funds raised during the year through activities and competitions. If
you are willing to help raise funds, please contact the Treasurer. The club is also fortunate to
have sponsors who support these events. Please support our sponsors.

The gate at the entrance to the grounds must be kept SHUT AT ALL TIMES. This is for the
safety of loose horses and outside traffic.
Gear check of all riders is compulsory for club rallies, riding activities and pony club
competitions. Gear must be checked to ensure it is in good order, with no worn parts and is
safe for the rider. All gear must be comfortable for the horse and be fitted correctly and
other items such as uniform, helmets, badges, name tags and medical armbands must also
comply. At club rallies, gear check is at 9.45am in front of the car park. Riders must line up in
an orderly manner in front of the witches hat corresponding to the rider's group colour. Riders
are individually gear checked by their instructor. Any gear that requires alteration/fixing will
be noted on the riders gear check page and it will be up to the rider to advise their parents of
any repairs/changes. Riders are to always present to gear check with the correct gear &
uniform. Please remember that riders competing in horse trials are required to present for
gear check for all three phases of the competition. Refer to the PCAV website and download
the Gear Rules.

The grading system is based on the ability of the horse and rider as a combination to perform
safely and competently at a specific standard in any discipline. For horse trials, there are five
grades ranging from 5 (lowest). to 1 (highest). For show jumping, there are five grades
ranging from PE (lowest) to PA (highest). For dressage, there are five stages ranging from
Stage 5 (lowest) to Stage 1 (highest). Before grading, the combination must have attended
two club rallies. Initial grading may take place at the end of the second club rally attendance.
Regrading may be done at any time other than at a competition. Only the DC may record and
sign the Discipline Gradings on the rider's membership card. Please complete the Grading
request form located on the Pearcedale Pony Club web site and hand to the DC on the
morning of the rally. Please make sure you have been graded before entering your first
competition. Please speak to the DC, an Instructor or the Secretary with any queries
regarding grading questions.
The Pearcedale Pony Club currently has the use of private land owned by the Griffiths family.
The grounds are only used on a rally day for the Pearcedale Pony Club members.

For each rally, members are placed into one of five groups based on:
(1) age of rider;
(2) grading of combination; and
(3) efficiency level of rider.
The DC reviews these groups often. It is difficult to please everyone. Safety is the foremost

The club's main expense is the hiring of qualified and dedicated instructors. Approximately
five instructors are required for each rally. You must notify the DC if you are unable to attend
a rally for any reason. This helps to ensure that we do not book more instructors than we
need. Parents are encouraged to watch the instruction from the side-line, it is
unacceptable for parents to interfere whilst a lesson is in progress as this can be
confusing for the rider & Instructor. If you have a concern regarding the instruction your
child is receiving at a rally, please speak to the DC. Riders wishing to leave during a lesson for
any reason, must consult with the instructor first.

Included with full membership payment – covers members at pony club & out at pony club
events & EFA or HRCAV.

Junior Committee
The older, more experienced Pony Clubbers, often assist in Club Activities. They gain
experience in running events, supervised by the senior committee. They also help in the
maintenance of equipment, for example – painting showjumping poles.

Members who arrive late must report to the DC to arrange a gear check and may not be able
to join their group until the next lesson. Points will be deducted from your gear check sheet
for late arrivals. Please make it good practise to always be on time for gear check at rally’s or

There is a lunch break from 12.00pm to 1.00pm. Riding members, adult supporters and their
families are encouraged to gather in front of the canteen area during the lunch break. The
President/DC will address the rally at about 12.45pm. There is also a Junior Committee
meeting held around the same time for all the riders. Please be courteous when
announcements are being made during the lunch break. The canteen sells hot food during the
lunch break, and snacks and hot and cold beverages throughout the day.

The PCAV supplies the club with a membership card for each rider after you have paid your
membership fees. This card is proof of your membership and insurance cover, as well as a
record of your rally attendances, your grading and your efficiency level. After the first year of
membership, members are required to keep two cards, their current card and their previous
card, as their membership record. You must submit your card to gear check of every rally.
The collection of your membership card at the end of each rally is the riders/parents
responsibility. Please make sure that your card details are correct and if you notice an error
please see the DC or Secretary ASAP. Do not alter any details on the card yourself. Only the
DC or the Card Secretary may sign the Attendance Record on the rider's membership card.
Only the DC may sign the Discipline Gradings on the rider's membership card.

A monthly newsletter – Hoof Beat is circulated to members via the mail a fortnight prior to
each rally. Please check the newsletter for information regarding rallies, activities and
competitions. Send any ads/photos/items of interest to
The PCAV & Pearcedale Pony Club web sites can also be viewed for updated information.

Members under the age of 16 years must have at least one adult supporter present at the
grounds during rally. Please notify the DC if a member is to be cared for by another adult. For
legal and insurance reasons, the consenting parent must sign for the adult accepting
responsibility for their child. A book is kept at the office beside the canteen for this purpose

The PCAV is the governing body of the pony club movement for the state of Victoria. The
Pearcedale Pony Club is fully affiliated with the PCAV.

PLEASE … if you have a questions, quires or concerns, don’t hesitate to approach a committee
member or come directly to the office beside the canteen where someone will be able to help
you.    We were all new members once!

Club rallies are the back bone of the pony club movement. A member is required to attend
two rallies on the one mount, and a minimum of 50% of club rallies in the preceding 12
months, to be eligible to participate in any pony club competition. Our rallies are held on the
second Sunday of each month. At each rally we also require Adult support, setting up jumps,
holding horses, etc.

Be on time. Make sure that your gear is safe and clean and well fitting. Whenever mounted,
wear a correctly fitted and fastened helmet with the code AS/NZS3838, EN1384 or
ASTMF1163. Walk your horse between lessons. Don't jump without an instructor.
Tie your horse up correctly. Don't tether your horse to a float that is not attached to a car.
Make sure your horse has adequate cover, feed and water during the lunch break.
Please refrain from bringing non-pony club mounts to a rally.

If you intend to compete, it is your responsibility to learn the relevant PCAV rules. Many riders
have returned home from competitions in tears after an elimination scenario that could have
been avoided. All rules can be downloaded directly from the PCAV website and we strongly
recommend that this is done and the rules read. Committee members are also available to
assist with any questions about the PCAV rules

Every family is required to assist in the running of One/two rallies per year as per the annual
roster. Rostered jobs include setting up and packing up the canteen, supervising the BBQ,
setting up and packing up show jumps, and various other jobs in the case of a novelty rally
such as an ODE, SJ or Gymkhana.

The club saddle cloth can be purchased from the office on club rally days.

Midmorning the two jump rings are constructed for use in the afternoon session. Parents &
riders are required to assist with the setting up and putting away show jumps and other

Formal uniform for Pony Club events:
       white shirt with approved club tie;
       white, oatmeal, banana or fawn jodhpurs or moleskin trousers;
       approved woollen V-neck jumper;
       short jodhpur riding boots with smooth soles or same coloured leather gaiters with
        short jodhpur riding boots;
       correctly fitted & fastened helmet with the code AS/NZS3838,EN1384 or ASTMF1163
       medical armband worn on either upper arm
       Pearcedale Pony Club Navy and Green saddle blanket
Members may also wear an official PCAV wet weather jacket, riding gloves, PCAV brass badge
and an efficiency test disc. Long hair must be securely tied back. Visible piercing must be
removed or taped. Pearcedale Pony Club woollen V-neck jumpers, ties, polo shirts, PCAV
brass badges, medical armbands and saddle cloths may be purchased from the office on club
rally days. Other items can be purchased from local saddleries and stores.
For Normal Rallies:
      As above but …
      Blue or Beige coloured jodhpurs
      Polo shirt with the Pearcedale jumper on top and all your badges including your arm
       band. Note: At Pony Club competitions the Polo Shirt is to be worn on it’s own.

A member of a club affiliated with the PCAV may visit a rally at another club affiliated with the
PCAV. The visitor must obtain approval from both DCs prior to the visit, wear their usual club
uniform, present their attendance card at the rally and pay a small fee. For other PCAV riders
to visit Pearcedale Pony Club the fee is $20.00 and payable to the Treasure.

All visitors are required to sign the visitors book located at the canteen and obtain a pass (this
means everyone other than immediate family). Failure to do this can result in the visitor being
asked to leave the grounds.

Every adult supporter is required to attend the working bees throughout the year. The
working bees keep the grounds in good safe order for the riders to enjoy. Dates/times for the
working bees are listed in the newsletters.

We remind you that horses are sensitive animals and are easily spooked and their resulting
behaviour can be extremely dangerous to themselves and others on the grounds. Please take
extra care of your young children whilst at the grounds.

The PCAV is divided into ten zones. Our club is one of eighteen clubs in the Southern
Metropolitan Zone (SMZ) Each club has two representatives who attend SMZ committee
meetings. The SMZ runs four competitions each year, leading to state level pony club
competitions for horse trials, show jumping and dressage, and games, flat and musical ride
teams. Each of the ten zones, in rotation, hosts these competitions.

                      Pony Club Competition Days:
Entries to Competitions are on an individual basis and members will find entry forms in
Bonnies folder at lunchtime or in local saddleries. Riders are responsible for their own
entry form, fee and stamped addressed envelop – if required. Riders must also present
their Grading Card at the event. The PCAV policy is :– NO CARD = NO RIDE

Horse Trials
At these events, a rider and mount complete in three phrases of horsemanship
    Dressage – A set riding test in a rectangular dressing arena
    Show Jumping – A course of about 9 - 12 jumps in a jumping arena.
    Cross Country - A course of about 12 - 25 jumps (depending on Grade) over varying
      country terrain

Combined Training Days
Similar to Horse Trials, but only two phrases
    Dressage
    Show Jumping
   Members sometimes prefer to attend one or two of these before attempting a Horse

Similar to Horse Trials, but only two phrases
    Dressage
    A jumping course with Show Jumps and Cross Country Jumps

Dressage Day
A Dressage Day is a competition involving the performance of 1 – 2 Dressge Tests. A
Dressage Test is learnt and memorised and is ridden in a dressage arena.

On a riders membership card they can be graded at different levels for Horse Trials,
Combined Training and Dressage. The grades start at 5 being the lowest up to 1 being the
Riders wanting to go up a grade in Horse Trials, my opt to move up a grade in Combined
Training first to get a feel of what the competition is like at that level.
Please refer to your DC or Pony Club instructor if you have any questions about what
Grading level you should be at.

NOTE: Further information can be found on the PCAV website under – Horse Trials Rules
& Dressage Rules
                     Zone and State Competitions
Games & Flat Teams
In April the Southern Metropolitan Zone hold a Games and Flat team event.
Games – teams of six/seven compete in usually six games – designed primarily for the
younger riders and their ponies
Flat Teams – team of four, riding with control and precision as a unit in a Dressage Test.

The 1st & 2nd placed teams in each aspect at the Zone Games & Flat Teams day then
represent the Southern Metropolitan Zone at the State Championships held Mid Year at
Werribee Park.

Mini Tooradin
Teams of 5 riders – from the same club or composite (from other pony clubs in the
Southern Zone). Grade 3 & 4. Held in May each year at the Tooradin Estate.

Horse Trials State Championships
To be eligible to compete in the Horse trials State Championships, the horse and rider as
a combination must qualify by competing in two events over Accredited Courses at grade
1 or Grade 2 standard in the 12 months preceding the entry date for the Horse Trials
State Championships. One of the accreditations must be gained in the calendar year of
the Championships. Traditionally, this competition has always been held in early May.

Zone Show Jumping & Dressage Qualifying Event
In November each year, the Southern Metropolitan Zone holds a Show Jumping &
Dressage Day for Grades 1,2 & 3. The 1st & 2nd placed winners from the Southern
Metropolitan Zone go on to represent the Southern Metropolitan Zone at the State
Championship in February the following year.

                                   Zone Clinics

The Chief Instructor, Deputy Chief Instructors & Zone Assistants for the Southern
Metropolitan Zone host Training Clinics during the year. These clinics are for all members,
parents, coaches, officials of the Southern Metropolitan Zone. Training clinics cover –
Cross Country riding, Jumping Equitation, Speed to Safety, Gear Check, Dressage
Judging. They are run at various club grounds during the year.
                              Parent Participation

For Pearcedale pony club to provide a full range of horsemanship with the utmost care
and safety for all riders it involves a great deal of person-power, which cannot possibly
come from the Committee alone. The Committee is simply an organising body of ordinary
parents volunteering to take their turn in providing a safe and meaningful activity for the
children. They need the help of every rider and family. Pony Clubbing is a very labour
intensive hobby.
The Pearcedale Pony Club relies on the assistance of its parents to ensure that it continues to
be viable and successful. Being a Pony Club parent means joining a community. This is a
voluntary, non-profit organization. We need your help! Every Club has lists of duties, in order
that the Club functions efficiently. Your support is necessary to assist with the Club’s
operation and needed in the following areas:

    Parents are required to assist with rally setting up and packing away.

    Parents are rostered to assist the Canteen Co-ordinators each rally

    Regular club working bees are compulsory to ensure a safe environment for all

    Parents of riders entered for Zone Events are required to assist whenever requested
     by the Club/Zone Committee

    Parents of riders can be allocated to assist at one of the four Zone working bees
     held during the year – Games & Flat Teams, Zone Horse Trials, Mini Tooradin, Show
     Jumping & Dressage Day

    Parents of riders can be allocated to assist at the Games Judges training day

    All parents are required to help prepare for and officiate at any rally or event run by
     Pearcedale Pony Club.

PLEASE… if you have questions, quires or concerns, don’t hesitate to approach a
committee member or come directly to the office beside the canteen where someone will
be able to help you. We were all new members once!

Note: any additional information or changes that need to be made to this booklet please
see the clubs secretary.

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