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                                                                  n°13 - 23 Dicember 2004
The Secretariat for the Adriatic                                       Trieste:
The Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities and Towns and the Forum of the The Narodni Dom open again
Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce set up an Interim Enterprise            At the beginning of the century the
Association (hereinafter ATI) for the management of the Secretariat of           Narodni Dom in Trieste was the
the Adriatic Community.                                                          symbol of the cultural life of the
The Secretariat aims at strengthening and coordinating the ongoing               Slovenian minority in Trieste. Then
partnerships, and launching some new ones through the existing                   the fascists set fire to it in the 1920.
networks.                                                                        Some days ago the Slovenian
The agreement was signed by the two Presidents Anka Vojvidic and                 Information Centre called “Narodni
Augusto Bocchini in the Ancona solicitor’s office on the 29th of November.       Dom” was inaugurated . This is not
The ATI will be supported by the UNIADRION (Network of the Adriatic              only a symbolical handing over
and Ionian Universities).                                                        between past and present, as part
The Secretariat started from the Adriatic and Ionian Initiative which was        of the building was given back to
promoted by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Balkan Countries,           the Slovenian community, but it
Italy, and Greece and by the European Union. The “Ancona Declaration”            also represents the city’s desire to
(May 2000), art 9, already stated this aim that was subsequently                 open a window on the Slovenian
reintroduced in the International Conference, held in Ancona on the              culture.
According to these guidelines the Marche Region together with the two            Popa – Project Equal Opportuni-
Forums drew the Secretariat project, which is financed by the Ministry of        ties in the public administration
Foreign Affairs in Italy, within the Law 84/2001.
Connected with the Secretariat, the Marche Region presented another              Within       the     transborder
Interreg 3A programme with the aim of promoting new partnerships.                programme of cooperation
                                                                                 Interreg IIIA, the project
Ancona: meeting of the Steering            The Ancona Municipality and           Popa (Equal Opportunities
Committee on the 21st                      the Marche Region for Lezhe           in the Public Administration)
of January                                                                       consolidates the institutional
                                           Within the cooperation among          and social networks            of
On the 21st of January 2005 the            the municipalities of Ancona and
Steering Committee is meeting                                                    women working in the Marche
                                           Lezhe, the region Marche assigned     Region      and    the   Duress
in the Palazzo del Popolo, in              € 30000 to carry out actions in
Ancona.                                                                          public administrations. This
                                           favour of town planning regulations   project aims at improving the
The items on the agenda are:               in the Albanian city.
- the Forum organization;                                                        impact of European policies
- the theme and the dates of                                                     on the Democracy Process.
next Plenary Session in Bar on                                                   The following actions will be
September 2005;                                                                  carried out: the creation of
- any other business.                                                            an institutional mainstream
The minutes of the meeting held                                                  network through an “Equal
on the 29/11/2004 are available on                                               Opportunities     Team”     (this
our website:                                                                     team will support EU funds                                                         managers and recipients in
                                                                                 the involved administrations);
Brindisi: IONAS second meeting                                                   the creation of budget models
On the 21st and 22nd of January                                                  through gender perspective;
the second meeting of the IONAS                                                  a pilot project of conciliation
project is taking place in Brindisi. The                                         addressed to the Marche
24 partners and the 4 Networks of                                                staff with pre-school and
Cities and Port Authorities, which are                                           school children. The Albanian
involved in the project, are taking part                                         staff will also follow some in-
in the event. The Forum of Adriatic                                              service training in the Team
and Ionian Cities and Towns, which is                                            headquarters in the Marche
the coordinator of the Network Port-                                             Region.
City Committee, will be represented
by Ms Roberta Sparvieri. In the
meeting the partners will analyse
the data of the preliminary survey
that was carried out on the following
themes: INTERREG, environment,                                                        Happy New Year
sustainable              development,
transports, and City-Port relations in
the Adriatic.
Municipality of Rimini: the SAWWTACA project                                     Crotone:
                                                                                 old and modern travellers
On the 3rd of February 2004 the European Community officially approved
the project SAWWTACA - Sewerage and Waste Water Treatment in the                 From the 28th of November until the
Adriatic Coastal Area, INTERREG III B CADSES.                                    3rd of December the International
The Municipality of Rimini is the Lead Partner of the project together           Conference about the theme “Old
with other 6 international partners: the Institute “Joanneum Research”           and Modern Travellers, Makers of
(Austria), the Municipality of Preveza (Greece), the Province of Rimini,         Cities and Citizenships” took place
Croatian Waters (Croatia), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and the           in Crotone.
City of Rijeka (Croatia).                                                        The Forum Secretary, Mr Bruno
The project SAWWTACA aims at improving and co-ordinating the policies            Bravetti, sent a message to the
and the actions for the sewerage modernization and the Waste Water               organizers underlining the Forum’s
Treatment in the urban centres of the Adriatic Sea. The transnational            commitment to cooperate on this
cooperation is a necessary to reduce the surface water pollution in the          very interesting theme.
Adriatic and consequently improve its shores.
                                                                                 Ravenna is looking for partners!
Urban Policies: a new section in the IDEALI website                              The Municipality of Ravenna is
After the last European City Summit where the Italian Cities presented           looking for partners fpr a project
a common document, the central theme of Urban Policies is assuming               Interreg III B Cadses, Measure
an increasing importance in the continuation of the negotiations with            1.2. Amongs the objectives of the
the European Commission and the European Parliament. The IDEALI                  project there are the promotion
website presents a section on urban policies. You’ll find: the historical        and the exchange of experiences,
evolution, documents, current issues, and all future European and                good pratcices, and know-hows
national developments within the new planning for 2007-2013.                     regarding urban policies and
There is also a part with the results of Urban Audit 2004, the report on         actions to improve the municipal
the role of cities in Europe made by the Regional Policies DG.                   services thorugh public-private
                                                                                 partnership. At the end of the
Alba Adriatica: “Two Shores United by the sea”                                   project the partners will have new
                                                                                 instruments and solutions to face
The exhibition “Two Shores United by the Sea.. Split celebrates 17               the rapid transformations which
centuries. The Culture as a Bridge. “ was held in Alba Adriatica from the        are involving European cities.
3rd to the 5th of December. The event was conceived by the Lyons Club            Speicfically the project will focus on
Val Vibrata together with the Lyons Club “Marjan” in Split. It was under         the administration of the following
the aegis of the Municipality of Alba Adriatica jointly with the Province of     services: Administration, Registry
Teramo and the Union of the Municipalities “Città Territorio Val Vibrata”.       Office, Helath Care (CUP),
                                                                                 Cultural services and Leisure,
Emilia Romagna Region:                                                           social activities for elderly people,
Programme to support Social Policies in Albania                                  management of decentralised
                                                                                 libraries,     management          and
The Emilia Romagna Region passed a programme for the support of                  maintenance of green spaces. The
social policies in Albania. The programmes involves Child protection,            deadline for thge application form
social service decentralization, and migration policies. The Emilia              is the 14th of January 2005, hurry
Romagna Region together with the Puglia and Marche Regions will                  up then!
support and sustain the decentralization and planning of the welfare             Fore more information please
policies, which is currently taking place in Albania. This will particularly     contact:       Edoardo        Braccio,
focus on minors. The programme includes the creation of some                     Via Tonco 19 100131 Torino-
multipurpose structures, activities and services addressing minors and           Italy +393496945869,            e-mail:
families. It will last three years involving the cities of Vlore, Shkoder, and
Elbasan. The Ministry of Foreign Affair will be the main contributor.