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Cellar Door
Our winter warmers menu is now up and
running at Cellar Door. You can of course
still get our beautiful antipasto and cheese
platters but over the winter months we
are offering a range of warm foccacias and
homemade soup to keep the cold at bay.

Our platters are complimented by the
excellent range of Tasmanian Gourmet

                                                                        In t Vineyard
Kitchen preserves which are also on sale in
our retail area.

There are also several other new retail
lines entering the shelves at the Cellar
Door including an expanded range of
                                               We finished picking the last of our grapes    Winter is a key time in the vineyard as
wine bags in all colours, shapes and sizes
                                               on Anzac day and Ghost Rock would like        while the vines lay dormant we will begin
– these make an excellent gift for yourself
                                               to extend a big thank you to all those who    pruning. The seemingly aggressive act of
or others and we’ve also introduced some
                                               helped with the harvest. We are pleased       pruning prepares the vines for budburst
beautiful hand made wooden crafts! Good
                                               with the volumes and quality, although        in spring.

                                                                                             Our Wines
Life preserves and sauces are now in stock
                                               volumes are down on last year. This was
– these are made locally in Port Sorell and
                                               to be expected due to cold, unfavourable
are delicious.
                                               conditions experienced statewide during
                                               flowering in December.
                                                                                             Ghost Rock’s 2008 Pinot Noir is proving
                                               The Autumn colour at Ghost Rock was           to be a hit at this early stage with many
                                               spectacular and while it was fleeting it      visitors enjoying the wine now and others
                                               certainly produced much comment from          recognizing its excellent potential as a
                                               all our visitors.                             cellar wine.

                                               As winter sets in and the leaves have         Much to the sadness of Cate, Colin and
                                               finally dropped we find that there is still   many of our loyal customers, our 2003
                                               plenty to keep us busy in the vineyard.       Catherine Sparkling stock is nearing
                                               We have re-seeded the rows between the        its end. We do however have our 2007
                                               vines and hope to see fresh new grass in      Catherine Sparkling lying on lees, patiently
                                               the Spring.                                   awaiting release next year.

                                      visit us: 1055 port sorell road, northdown tasmania 7307
                 ,, tel 03.6428.4005 fax 03.6428.4330
                                         postal address: po box 311, devonport tasmania 7310
                                             cbcj investments pty ltd abn 64 060 445 098
Did you know?                                                                                            aff
                                                                                               Meet Our St
                                                                                               Cass Downes was born and raised on
Cutting back the dead wood and excess
                                                                                               King Island, and left home at 16 for
plant growth of the vine is known as
                                                                                               Launceston to continue her education.
pruning and is the single most important
                                                                                               After living and teaching for 15 years
step in vineyard management. Before
                                                                                               in Launceston, George Town and
the vines become dormant each winter,
                                                                                               Winneleah, Cass and her husband
they set their buds for the upcoming year.
                                                                                               Alex settled on 5 acres just outside of
The number of buds set is governed by
                                                                                               Devonport 15 years ago where they’ve
the growing patterns of the past season

                                               Art @
                                                                                               reared numerous animals and three
and it is up to the viticulturalist to prune
                                                                                               children, now aged 21, 19 and 16.
accordingly so that the vine is not stressed

                                               Ghos Rock
and produces a healthy harvest.
                                                                                               Life has been very busy and instead of
                                                                                               returning to teaching this year Cass has
All the vines at Ghost Rock are pruned by
                                                                                               opted for a much needed change of
hand and cut back to just two canes (or
                                                                                               pace. So, what is the best thing about
arms) which are tied down to the wire and
                                                                                               working at Ghost Rock? Other than the
form the basis for the coming season’s new     The Cellar Door is currently hosting the        gorgeous surroundings, yummy food

Music @
growth.                                        print making works of Diana Dodson              and wine of course, the chance to have
                                               who hails from Sheffield. Diana’s exhibit       nice conversations with nice people.
                                               runs until the end of July. During August

Ghos Rock
                                                                                               Cass loves meeting people from all
                                               and September the Rubicon River Arts
                                                                                               around Australia and overseas, hearing
                                               group will be having an exhibition on the
                                                                                               their stories and their new found love of
                                               theme of ‘Our Locale’ which will include to
                                               name just a few – Rod Westbrook, Jackie         our beautiful Island state!
                                               Murphy, Marjorie Brotheridge, Mary Lou
As well as continuing our monthly              Wright and Evelyn Antoniensen.                  She often feels envious of guests
live music afternoons throughout the                                                           enjoying the ambience of our beautiful
winter, Ghost Rock will be hosting              A range of different media styles will be      venue. However, each day at work is
locally renowned artist Brett Budgeon,         on display as well as several 3D sculptures.    topped off with a scenic drive home;
                                               In addition on the opening weekend on           amazing views of mountains, sea and
accompanied by Dennis Manning on the
                                               August 1st and 2nd we hope to have              patchwork farmland – priceless! Cass
piano as part of the 2009 Devonport
                                               resident artists working at the Cellar Door.    hopes all visitors enjoy Ghost Rock as
Jazz Weekend. Brett will be performing at
                                               Please check the website or call the Cellar     much as she does.
Ghost Rock on Saturday 25th July between       Door for further details nearer the time.
3 and 5pm. For further information or to       Rob Matthews – a local photographer
book a table please contact the Cellar         who lives a Port Sorell, will have his
Door.                                          first exhibition at Ghost Rock from the
                                               beginning of October.

                                                 Newes Recruit
Upcoming events:

Sunday 12th July – Halfway to Forth live
music 1-4pm.
Saturday 25th July – Brett Budgeon and
Dennis Manning 3-5pm.                            Ghost Rock is proud to introduce the
Sunday 9th August – Ben Tome and                 youngest member of the team – Oscar
accompaniment. Live music 1-4pm.                 the golden retriever. Many of you will have
Sunday 13th September – Threeza                  met Pebbles (and Casper before he passed
Crowd. Live music 1-4pm                          away) and now Pebbles has a new partner
                                                 in crime – the unstoppable and totally
                                                 adorable Oscar. At 5 months old, Oscar
                                                 is quickly picking up all the tricks of the
                                                 trade and follows Pebbles everywhere!
                                                 We are hopeful he will also be included
                                                 in a future edition of ‘Wine Dogs’ one day.

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