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Proposal Letter - DOC


									Hello sir! Greetings! I came across your email ad through the magazine, Western & Eastern Treasures and I just thought you might be interested to hear about us and even try to help us in our effort to unearth the World Ware II Japanese treasures buried in our very own land. My name is Julie, a resident of Agusan. Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines and the eldest of two siblings. I work in a car company and I just thought of making an effort to help my father recover the buried treasures in our land through the internet and by corresponding with you. The magazine was just given to me by my younger brother. He bought it at a very cheap price since it's already an old issue (February 2006). Thanks to this mag that I saw some emails to write to in an attempt to help my father. We've exhausted all our resources to fund this particular project. We have no questions to its reliability and certainty based on the signs and symbols we have recovered let alone the testimony of our late great grandfather who is a Chinese National who worked with the Japanese during World War I as well as some Japanese war veterans who visited our place. . Due to lack of funds and ability to acquire good and reliable gold detectors, we opted to keep silent about it but we are still very much willing to share this tremendous wealth to individuals willing to invest in this joint venture project. The ideal time for any operation would be from February to April since it's dry season in our place. Actually, there are several deposits within the range of our area not including the unfinished deep excavation in our land of about 57ft already which is pointing to one of biggest deposits ever buried in our place. History will show that our place (Agusan) had been a part of the battle which took place during World War II. The Japanese soldiers were known to have buried their treasures in so many places in Mindanao. In fact, some areas near our land have already been successfully looted out by different treasure hunters and we believe ours is one of those many sites which are rich in gold deposits. In behalf of my father, I would just like to open this opportunity for you to take as a challenge. Just take a very good detector with you and check it out. This is something you can just risk because we assure you a positive find. You will be awed by what you will find. This is far from a scam or anything. We have been fooled by scammers as well in the past so we are definitely not one. To be sure, we suggest you bring along any detectors or scanners with you. That's all that it takes. I hope you will take this seriously. We believe we have been entrusted by this great wealth for a reason and in our hearts, we really have the desire to help the Filipino people through this. Our country is such in a poor state and in this time and day where global crisis is a situation we must face, many families do not even have the food to eat to add to those families of many unemployed individuals. I just hope you have the desire such as ours. We look forward to your positive response. We would be happy to hear from you. We will provide you with more details and photos if you like. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Julie

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