Asbestos - Unions urge former Goliath Cement workers - Media Release

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					                                       Unions Tasmania
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Media Release                                            Monday, 18 May 2009

Asbestos - Unions urge former Goliath Cement workers
to be part of free health screening
Unions Tasmania Secretary, Simon Cocker is urging all Tasmanians who have ever worked for Goliath
Cement to be part of the lung health screening program Cement Australia is offering.

Cement Australia has begun advertising in all three Tasmanian newspapers inviting past employees of
Railton’s Goliath Portland Cement Company to participate in a health screening program.

Under the screening program workers will have the opportunity to have a free lung function test and
chest x-ray. The purpose of these tests is to make them aware of their lung health and in particular, to
determine if they exhibit any effect from asbestos exposure. These tests are at no cost to the former
employees and Cement Australia is coordinating all appointments by qualified medical specialists.

The Australian Workers Union and Cement Australia have put together a groundbreaking
research project looking into the health of current and former employees at the Railton
cement plant that produced asbestos cement products between 1947 and 1986.

Unions Tasmania Secretary Simon Cocker said:

“Over the last year we’ve had calls from all over the state by workers worried about their health and
concerned about asbestos exposure.”

“This is an opportunity for anyone who ever worked at Goliath to find out the facts about their heath
and if they have been exposed to asbestos. I urge them to get involved.”

Mr Cocker also called on other Tasmanian employers to take note of the significant site
mitigation work undertaken by Cement Australia.

“The prioritised asbestos removal program undertaken by Cement Australia represents a
significant shift in thinking when it comes to removing asbestos from our places of work.”

“Every piece of asbestos is a time bomb and it’s time we started planning prioritised
removal of this carcinogen from our worksites like Cement Australia have.”

To register for the health screening call Geoff Currie at Cement Australia on 1800 355 231 (toll free)
or email

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