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Southampton Unity Statement

We the undersigned strongly oppose plans by the “English Defence League” — a racist group with links to
the fascist British National Party — to hold a demonstration in Southampton in January.

The EDL has a track record of whipping up race hatred against Muslims and against Asian people in
general. Its members have been filmed making Nazi “sieg heil” salutes and shouting disgusting racist
slogans at previous demonstrations.

Islamphobia — bigotry against Muslims — is as unacceptable as any other form of racism. It divides and
weakens our society by making scapegoats of one community, just as Hitler’s Nazis did by targeting Jews
in the 1930s. Today the EDL threatens Muslims, tomorrow it could be Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, black people,
lesbians and gay men, travellers or Eastern Europeans.

Southampton has a proud history of solidarity with refugees, including coming to the aid of those escaping
from Nazism in the 1930s and children fleeing the horrors of the Spanish Civil War in 1937. Many of these
refugees remained here and now contribute to the cultural and religious diversity of our city.

There is no place for racists or fascists in Southampton's multi­racial, multi­cultural and mutli­religious
community. That is why we stand in solidarity with Southampton's Muslim community and against the
poisonous bigotry of the EDL.

Signatories include,
Anne Balloch, Hampshire UNISON                         Louise Daniel, Southampton
Sarah Bogle, Labour Councillor Bargate Ward            Amanda Drabble
Geoff Breeze, CWU Rep, Hedge End                       Sarah Evans, Labour's Prospective
Kelly Bristow, UCU, Henley College                     Parliamentary Candidate for NW
Derek Burke, Labour Councillor Bevois Ward             Hampshire
Geoff Carey                                            Martin Giddey, Portsmouth UCU
Adnan Chaudry, Dorset Race Equality Council            Nick Goodbourne
Sally Churchward, Rockstone Lane Resident's            Simon Hardy, Southampton
Associqation                                           Christina E Hoare
Abelardo Clariana­Piga                                 Bob Hope, Chair, Solent Branch CWU
Paul Collins, Hampshire UNISON                         Brenda Howell, Women's Officer,
Bob Cox, Southampton Unite Against                     Hampshire UNISON
Fascism                                                Paul Jenks, Housing Consultant
Jason Cridland
Jan Cuerden, NUT Southampton
Pete Kitching, Lead Convenor / H&S Rep,    Jacqui Rayment, Labour Councillor Bevois
National Probation Service, Hampshire      Ward
UNISON                                     Anna Ridehalgh, Southampton
Marius Kwint                               Rolli Rowlands, Deputy Branch Secretary,
Simon Letts, Labour Councillor Bitterne    Hampshire UNISON
Ward                                       Dr Tammi Sinha
Drew Mackay, Deputy Head, Swaythling       Dr Suleiman Sharkh, Chair, Palestinian
Primary School                             Solidarity Campaign, Southampton
Simon Magorian, Portsmouth Unite           David J Smith, Southampton UCU
Against Fascism                            Roger Southard, Wiltshire College
Peter Marsh‐Jenks, Labour Councillor       Southampton City College Branch of the
Redbridge Ward                             UCU
Kevin McCartney, Steward, Hampshire        Steve Squibbs, Secretary, Hampshire
UNISON                                     UNISON Library Shop Stewards Cttee.
Cathie McEwing, Labour Councillor          Ciara Squires, Secretary, Portsmouth
Redbridge Ward                             District Woodcraft Folk
Sharron Merrick, NUT Representative        Don Thomas, Labour Councillor Coxford
John Molyneux, Senior Lecturer             Ward
University of Portsmouth                   Matt Tipper, Unite the Union, Regional
Dr Paul Morris                             Industrial Organiser Southampton
Terry Mould, Hampshire UNISON              Mike Tucker, Branch Secretary, UNISON
Ian Mullan, Wiltshire College, Salisbury   Southampton District Branch
Bobby Noyes, President, Southampton &      Gina Turner, Branch Secretary,
South West Hampshire Trades Union          Hampshire UNISON
Council                                    Linda Webster, Hampshire UNISON
Alison O’Hara, Hampshire UNISON            Vicky Weir
Glyn Oliver, NUT Representative            Gary Williams, Secretary, Solent Branch
Lucyna Palmer, Secretary, Palestine        CWU
Solidarity Campaign, Southampton           Richard Williams, Labour Councillor
Hassan Parchizadeh                         Woolston Ward, Leader of the Labour
Jen Parker, Regional Industrial Officer,   Group
Unite the Union                            Ian Woodland, Regional Officer, Unite the
Mary Pearson, Convenor & International     Union
Officer, Hampshire UNISON                  Jon Woods, Portsmouth City UNISON
Mike Perkins, Secretary, Southampton &     Branch Chair
South West Hampshire Trades Union          Hadi Zarbafi, Steward UNISON,
Council                                    Brockenhurst College
Tony R Pickett

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