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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review Must Read

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The Official Green Smoke electronic cigarette review. If you are going to buy Green Smoke electronic cigarettes you need to read this review first. In this Green Smoke electronic cigarette review we go into detail on weather Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are really worth the money. We go into detail about the cost and quality of Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. The conclusion just might shock you. So before you buy Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, make sure to read this Green Smoke electronic cigarette review.

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									Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review Brought to you by Perfect Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes
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Green Smoke electronic cigarettes really stand out in the electronic cigarette crowd. However is Green Smoke electronic cigarettes the right electronic cigarette for your? Continue reading this Green Smoke electronic cigarette review to find out. When you think of electronic cigarettes you think of words like economic, environment friendly, and going green. When Green Smoke was thinking of their name they must have been taking all of that into consideration. Because Green Smoke is the name that perfectly describes all electronic cigarettes. When it comes to price Green Smoke is fair. There are some lower cost electronic cigarettes on the market but they really do not measure up to Green Smoke when it comes to quality and originality. However there is one place the Green Smoke falls short but we will get to that later. First lets talk about their refill cartridges. Green Smoke electronic cigarette refill cartridges are a little pricy, but there is a reason for that. See Green Smoke electronic cigarette refill cartridges, unlike any other electronic cigarette on the market, have a built in atomizer. So you will never have to worry about your atomizer dying. Your Green Smoke electronic cigarette will smoke good the first time and every time. Another reason that Green Smoke's electronic cigarette refill cartridges are a little more expensive ($14.75 for 5) than most of the other companies is that they are over filled. While most electronic cigarette refill cartridges only give you 15 cigarettes worth of liquid Green smoke give you a whole pack and then some. But to be safe they seem to have went with the wording “at least a pack of cigarettes”. So when you think about it by using a Green Smoke electronic cigarette you are only going to pay half of what you would smoking tobacco cigarettes. When you buy your Green Smoke electronic cigarette starter kit you can expect to pay around $139. When your Green Smoke starter kit arrives you will receive two rechargeable electronic cigarette batteries. You will also receive both a USB and home charging unit to keep your batteries recharged no

matter where you go. Last but not least the Green Smoke electronic cigarette starter kit comes complete with 5 refill cartridges which equal to around six packs of cigarettes. Now everything that I have experienced with Green Smoke has been charming and they do offer a really good product. However I do have one gripe. When you take a drag off your Green Smoke electronic cigarette it lights up red. Yeah pretty petty right. But when I use an electronic cigarette I really like the idea of NOT looking like I am smoking. Maybe I just like the attention. None the less that is the only bad thing I could come up with about Green Smoke. But don't just take my word for it. Here are some testimonials I snagged from Green Smokes site. My girlfriend likes it "My girlfriend used to hate the way my breath smelled from smoking, and I couldn't quit, I tried a few times, never lasted more than a week. Since I got the greensmoke starter kit, I'm happily puffing away and my girlfriend totally stopped bitching at me about my breath, and I still can get my fix whenever I need it. We can go to restaurants and bars now without me having to step outside for a smoke, which she also used to hate. We used to really fight about this, now she rewards me for greensmoking! thanks!" May 10 2009, 06:38 AMby Carl A++++ "Best electronic cigarette on the market! I even made my own review site because I love it so much!" May 03 2009, 17:44 PMby Jake Falcom Great stuff! "I love greensmoking! i hated the anti-smoking law in NYC bars and now i can smoke again inside when i go out. it's a huge difference, so much better. i like the tobacco flavor the best-- the other ones don't feel like smoking as much. and i can smoke in my girlfriend's car without pissing her off!" May 03 2009, 05:45 AMby Anonymous Works every bit as well as advertised! "Having seen a few different brands/varieties, I made my choice for Green Smoke because of the ease of use. Just charge, screw on your "filter" and go. Two packs later, toss the old filter, screw on another, it's just that simple. After receiving it this morning, it really is that simple. I've just ordered several boxes of cartridges now that I know it really is true, and really does deliver nicotine. There's no smell, no smoke, and my clothes won't smell anymore at the end of the day. Thank you Green Smoke!" Mar 14 2009, 15:39 PMby Darryl

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