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									                                                                        CFUW Saanich Peninsula
                                                                        Box 20062, Monks Letter Box
                                                                        Sidney, BC V8L 5C9

                                                                      November 2009

      November 24th Meeting, 2009                                         Christmas Luncheon
              Join us for                                                 December 7th, 2009
                                                                     Registration Deadline November 24th
      A-Musing Tales of Local Wines and
                  Vineyard                                            Pay at the November meeting or mail
                                                                      your cheque to:
                                                                      CFUW Saanich Peninsula
                                                                      Box 20062, Monks Letter Box
                                                                      Sidney, BC V8L 5C9

                                                                 Time: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                                                                 Place: Glen Meadows Golf & Country Club
                                                                 Price: $27.00

   Jane & Peter Ellmann bought 10-year-old                       Contact: Maggie DeYoung
   Chalet Estate Winery in 2008. With years of                   250-654-0757
   hospitality, food & beverage savvy betwixt
   them, the dynamic duo had found their
   dream. Peter’s homage to Jane, his life’s
   inspiration, was to rename the winery MUSE.

                        Your CFUW Executive 2009-2010
                                                                                         Inside This Issue
President           Eileen Grant           250-370-0547
                                                                                         President’s Message   2
Vice-President      Fiona Prince      250-727-6581
                                                                                         Minutes               3-5
Treasurer           Gail Argatoff    250-652-9604
                                                                                         Website News          5
Secretary           Linda Giles          250-656-5958

Membership          Sallie Scott       250-656-7010        Advocacy              6
Program             Kathleen Beauchemin         250-665-6566        Upcoming Events       7
Social/Facilities   Maggie De Young                250-654-0757
Interest Groups     Lynn Twardosky             250-656-6857        Interest Groups       8

Communications      Fiona Prince      250- 727-6581
                                                                                         Bits & Pieces         9
Past President      Judy Beinder          judy&         250-655-4958
Fundraising         Myrtle Siebert      250-656-7069
President’s Message...Eileen Grant

I am delighted to report, we are growing. At the November 3rd Executive Committee
meeting, Sallie Scott, our Club’s Membership Convener, reported that we now have 88 members, an increase
of 10% over our 2008/2009 total and a near record number. Of those 13 are new members.
Why do women join CFUW? I have asked this question of both renewing and new members. The answers vary,
but there are there two reoccurring themes: meeting and working with women who share our values and our
support of education and continuous learning through philanthropy.
Why do women renew their CFUW memberships? Some of our group have been CFUW members for 50 years
or more. One member told me that CFUW has seen her through most of life’s transitions. For many the
answer to that question will lie in their expectations of the national organization and more specifically the Club
and how well we as a Club, as an Executive and as fellow members meet those expectations. To that end, we
need to “talk”. We need to know “How we are doing”, and we need everyone’s ideas and thoughts on how
we can work together to meet those expectations. It will be through your participation that the Club will
remain relevant and vital.
Welcome everyone to CFUW Saanich Peninsula. We’re delighted that you’ve joined us this year and look
forward to getting to know you better as we meet throughout the year. To those new to the Club, we are
getting ready to publish our 14th edition of our Membership directory. This will be an invaluable resource to
use in being involved with this network of wonderful, accomplished and dedicated women.
My thanks to everyone who has promoted CFUW Saanich Peninsula in their community and a very special
thank you to Sallie Scott and Pat Dowdall, who have worked tirelessly to help the Club achieve this membership
In closing I want to leave you with part of a presentation made by Penny Rinald, CFUW’s regional Director for
Vancouver Island, a long-time member of CFUW, and a founding member of CFUW Saanich Peninsula, about
why she belongs to CFUW. These thoughts were part of her opening remarks to the October 24th gathering of
Island CFUW members at the Cowichan Golf Club:
What do I think of as I stand before you? Pride! Why pride you may ask?
Pride in an organization of women who over the past 100 years have fought for and seen universal rights for
women in Canada becoming not just a dream but a reality.
Pride in women who achieved their dreams of rights and education. The Famous Five, some of whom were
CFUW members and are now Senators, posthumously.
Pride in the fact we have supported and continue to support women at all levels of education, from high school
through college and university with scholarships and bursaries.
Pride for the care we focus on in our communities and around the world, helping where help is needed,
supporting where support is needed.
Pride in our advocacy – we take up the issues a nd act on them locally, provincially, nationally and
Pride in the fact we are members of a world-wide federation of women all working toward the betterment of
And most importantly, pride in our enjoyment of getting together at meetings, in our interest groups
and in our participation at CFUW Club meetings, BC Council, CFUW National and IFUW.
We have so many things to be proud of …

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Meeting Minutes

General Meeting - October 27, 2009 Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney, BC
1.0 CALL TO ORDER by President Eileen Grant at 7:30 pm.
Eileen welcomed members and guests and invited Group #10 from the "Networking Mixer" - new member
Jeannette Beaudoin and Elizabeth Logan to introduce each other. Eileen then introduced the Executive (with
regrets from Fiona Prince and Judy Beinder) and requested that members with questions should feel free to
contact any of the executive for information. .
Eileen thanked those who had given feedback following September's meeting and pledged to try to keep the
business section of the meeting as short as possible by publishing background information pertinent to votes
in the Sphere and e-notes.
     Eileen then introduced Susan Murphy, Chair of the CFUW BC Council and asked her to address the
     meeting. Susan observed that while at a Leadership and Change Conference at UVic she had realized that
     we were having a General Meeting and was delighted to attend. There are 23 clubs in BC, all of whom
     further the aims of the organization. Susan concluded with words from William Arthur Ward, which
     began, "Do more than belong. Participate. Do more than Care. Help." . . .
     Eileen thanked BC Regional Director, Penny Rinald for organizing such a successful event on October
     24th's Fall Food Fun Gathering.
     She thanked Lynn Twardosky for her work with the Interest Groups and for holding the coffee morning
     for all the leaders.
     Eileen indicated that the date on which Executive Meetings will be held has been changed from the 3rd
     Tuesday of each month to the 1st Tuesday in order to give more time to prepare for the General
     She announced that the New Members Reception would be held on December 1at Pat Dowdall's,
     organized by Sallie Scott.
     The Christmas Luncheon will be held on December 7th at Glen Meadows Golf Club.
     National CFUW has proposed that there be changes to its governance model. Several members have
     provided feedback and Eileen requested that any others interested in giving input contact her so that the
     ideas can be incorporated into the club's submission.
     There are 2 nominees for National President. As our club has 3 votes, members will be asked to vote for
     their choice at the November meeting. The Club's national ballot will reflect the results of that vote.
     Information on each of the nominees has been included in the latest e-notes and will be included in the
     next SPhere.
     The National AGM will be held July 15 - 18 in Ottawa.
     BC Council is calling for nominations for positions such as Treasurer, Secretary. Forms are available in the
     SPhere and need to be signed by the President. The AGM will be held April 23 - 25 in Parksville.
     International CFUW AGM will be held in August in Mexico City.
     There are letters available for members to sign and forward to the appropriate MP, protesting the
     Government's environment proposals. These will also be in the November SPhere for member use.
     Eileen thanked members who had helped sell CFUW art cards at Sidney/North Saanich's Arts Council's
     Studio Tour.

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Meeting Minutes continued...

    There had been general agreement not to create formal committees but Eileen urged members to
    step forward if asked to help, since it would be a short-term commitment. She observed that Robyn
    Evans was helping with the SPhere and Pat Dowdall with Membership.
3.1 By-law amendments
Motion 1: Given that the proposed changes to the CFUW Saanich Peninsula by-laws are required either by
the Canadian Federation of University Women or intended to bring the Club in line with generally
accepted accounting and business practices, that the requirement of 30-days' notice be set aside for this
one time. Moved: Vincenza Cameron Seconded: Gail Argatoff              Motion Carried
Motion 2: That the following changes be made to the by-laws and take effect immediately.
        That by-law 1 be changed to read:
        1.1 Membership shall be open to all women who meet the membership requirements set out in
        the Constitution, By-laws and Standing Rules of the Canadian Federation of University Women.
        1.2 Every paid Club member is entitled to all the privileges associated with CFUW membership.
        including voting privileges on all motions brought to the Club membership.
        That by-law 5 be changed to read:
        5.1 The fiscal year shall be from the first day of May to the thirtieth day of April.
        That a new by-law be added under the heading, 6. Signing Authorities, and that the numbering
        of the remaining by-laws be adjusted accordingly:
        6.1 All Club cheques and contracts require the signatures of two designated Executive Committee
        Moved: Donna Miller Seconded: Vincenza Cameron
There was concern that the membership requirements ran contrary to those previously voted on by the
Club but it was emphasized that the new requirements had been passed at the National AGM following
spirited debate. It was recognized that the general nature of our new by-laws regarding membership will
accommodate any future changes National might make. It was also acknowledged that there will be other
connected issues needing to be dealt with in the future, including the name of the organization. To
provide information, there was general agreement that membership requirements would be reprinted
from the National by-laws in the Club's Directory.       Motion Carried
CFUW - SP Resolution to BC Council
Motion: That CFUW Saanich Peninsula submit a resolution to BC Council which asks CFUW BC Council to
urge the Ministry of Housing & Social Development and /or BC Lottery Corporation, to continue, as a
minimum, to maintain its current financial support for PEERS.
Moved: Edie Dittman      Seconded: Donna Miller
There was concern as to whether or not PEERS experiences success in its work with prostitutes. There was
confirmation of this. It was pointed out that the motion is actually a notice of intent to send the Club's
proposed Resolution to BC Council.        Motion Carried .

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Meeting Minutes continued...

5.1 Membership Sallie Scott indicated that there are 73 renewed members and 10 new members for a total
of 83. She introduced guests Debbie Sherwood and Joanne Murphy who are thinking of joining the Club and
new members Noreen Campbell, Elaine Berthelet, Peggy Bernard and Jeannette Beaudoin.
Coffee Fund Draw Myrtle Siebert won the 50/50 draw, Judy Wolff the basket of jelly, pickles, and chutney,
and Lorrene Soellner the Hallowe'en arrangement. Prizes provided by Myrtle and Linda Giles.
Adjournment at 7:40pm
Speakers: Kathleen Beauchemin introduced the evening's speakers, J Robert Whittle and Joyce Sandilands,
Victoria area authors and historians.

CFUW Saanich Website—Learning Opportunity
Fiona Prince, Vice-President & Communications, continues to update our website to make it a place where
we can go to find the latest club news, upcoming meetings and events, links to advocacy issues, and the
CFUW Constitution and Bylaws.
She’s learning some new software and hopes that in the future other members will learn how to update the
website and share the work with her. If you’d like to learn with Fiona, or if you have some suggestions for the
website, please give her a call at 250-727-6581 or email

CFUW National—New Website/New Member Log-in
To: ALL CFUW Members
From: CFUW National Office
Subject: Members Only area Log-In for new member accounts
There have been several inquiries each day concerning the login for accessing the 'Members' area of the
website so, I decided it was time for a quick update.
All members who had a member account on the old website can now login to the new website's
'Members' area. You will have to reset your password (use your old one if you like) in order to reactivate
your account. If the email address that you used to setup your account is old and unused and you have a
new email address, this will not work for you because the system will send out a confirmation message to
the email on file. If this happens to you or you think it will, please contact me at National
Office before proceeding.
The web developers are continuing their work on various areas of the website and we at National Office
continue with the massive task of populating the site with all the documents and material accumulated
since June 2009. Part of the work the developers have on their plate is creating a new 'sign-up' feature for
new members to make an account for access to the 'Members' area. We do not, at this time, have an
expected delivery date for this feature. We are asking everyone to be patient and understanding until this
is ready. National Office will contact you again as soon as this sign-up feature is ready.
Forums are now available to those members with an existing account so that you can get in on the
Governance discussion. Please contact Elizabeth Haynes, Director Strategic Planning directly for assistance with the Forums.
Thank you for your continuing patience and understanding.
Gailene Green, Administrative Support
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Advocacy—Make Your Voice Heard
One of the purposes of our club is to “stimulate an intellectual interest in public affairs, in the political, social
and cultural fields, and provide an opportunity for concerted action”.
In each issue of the Sphere we will list some local, national and/or international issues for you to consider and
act upon. Go to the websites to find instructions on how you can make your voice be heard.

Local Advocay
    Cuts to psychiatric and community mental-health care: Please consider voicing your protest.
    Take a few moments to send an e-mail to the Premier, Health Minister and CEO of VIHA, as well as your
    local MLA, voicing your protest at these cuts. Just think about how hard it would be if your partner, parent,
    friend or child developed a mental illness and you were told that services to support them no longer
    existed--in fact, that they would have to wait for help until their problem was severe.
    Send emails to Hon. Gordon Campbell, Premier of BC ; Hon. Kevin Falcon, Minister of
    Health ; Howard Waldner, CEO of VIHA

    Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC
    BC government inaction invites big box, corporate child care at University of Victoria
    Read about this issue and what you can do about it at

    JOIN THE “STOP BC L IBRARY C UTS” POSTER CAMPAIGN! The government has cut the $17.7 million
    operating grant that funds province-wide library programs and services – literacy programs for children;
    inter-library loans; equal access from remote areas; free help with research from experienced librarians. To
    take part in a campaign demanding that the government restore this essential funding, visit your library to
    pick up a post card, or go to

  International Advocay
  IFUW's email networks are an excellent way for members to learn about what is happening at the
  international level and in other countries. To join one or more of these networks, complete the on-line
  form available at
      IFUW Update Network—monthly IFUW Updates and official announcements
      IFUW Advocacy Network—information on what is taking place at the UN & other international
      IFUW Discussions Network—thematic discussions on key issues of concern to women and girls,
      from education and economic empowerment, to sustainable futures and political participation
      IFUW Young Members Network —linking IFUW members under 40 years of age
      IFUW Connections Network —a space where individual members can introduce themselves, share
      information and establish contacts with members in other countries
      IFUW Environment and Development Network —linking members interested in environment and
      development issues, especially those related to women and environmental education, whether
      from volunteer activist or professional viewpoint

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                         CFUW Upcoming Events 2009/10

2009/10 Program—Upcoming Meetings
Date            Speakers                     Topic

November 24     Peter Ellmann, Owner         A-Musing tales of local wines and vineyard
                Muse Winery                  Jane & Peter Ellmann bought 10-year-old Chalet Estate
                (formerly Chalet Winery)     Winery in 2008. With years of hospitality, food &
                                             beverage savvy betwixt them, the dynamic duo had
                                             found their dream. Peter’s homage to Jane, his life’s
                                             inspiration, was to rename the winery MUSE.

Dec ember 7     Christmas Luncheon           Glen Meadows Golf Club
                                             Tickets - $ 27.00/person
                                             For tickets contact: Maggie DeYoung

January 26      Dr. John Cassidy             Living on the Edge: Earthquakes on Vancouver Island
                Research Scientist           Members and their partners and friends welcome.
                Natural Resources Canada     Please bring donations of tinned or packaged food or
                                             cash for the Sidney Food Bank.

February 23     Sidney Sailing Chicks        Sailing away: A Mid-life Adventure Around Vancouver
                Cathy Harris and Alison      Island

March 23        Janice Simcoe                Education and First Nations Women: Issues on the
                Camosun College              Island

April 27                                     Resolution Night

May 25                                       Annual General Meeting

Other CFUW Events
CFUW SaltSpring: Christmas Luncheon and Auction, Harbour House
Saturday December 5 @11: AM. All CFUW members welcome. Please phone Ruth Burstahler 250-537-1724
CFUW Victoria: Christmas Luncheon , Victoria Golf Club 1110 Beach Drive
Saturday December 5 @ 11:30a.m. — 3:30 p.m.
BC Council AGM: Parksville April 23-25
Ottawa AGM, Conference and Centennial: July 15-18, 2010 See
IFUW AGM and Conference: Mexico City, Mexico 2010

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                           Interest Groups

 Interest Group Notes:
 We endeavour to provide you with an accurate list of event dates, times and locations.
 If you have any questions about a specific group, please contact the appropriate convener

Group                      Meeting Times                     Convener

                                                             Rosemarie Gage 250-655-9569
                           3rd Monday of each month
                           2:00 pm

                                                             Myrna Holden 250-656-1109
Book —Circle               Three times per year

                                                             Peggy Bourne 250-652-8296
                           1st Thursday of each month
                           7:30 pm

                           1st Monday of each month          Jean Weller 250-656-6547
                           2:00 pm

                           Second and fourth Monday of       Sheila Hockey 250-652-1144
                           the month 1:00 p.m

                                                             Sylvia Page 250-655-3052
                           every Thursday A.M. Weather

                                                             Rosemarie Gage 250-655-9569
                           Every Tuesday           
                           1:30 p.m.

                           last Friday of each month         Carole Bawlf 250-655-2026
Out for Lunch                                      
                           12:30 pm

                                                             Beth Trawick 250-658-2258
                           3rd Wednesday           
                           2:00 pm                           Barbara Wade 250-590-5414

                           2nd Thursday of each month        Margaret Little 250-655-9398
                           11:30 am

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Bits & Pieces

                      Are you Tweeting on Twitter yet?
                      If yes, follow us at We’ll be posting upcoming
                      events, issues for advocacy and other items of interest to club members.
                      Why are we doing this? One of our goals this year is to increase the ways we deliver
                      information to members and to attract new members to our club. What better way
                      than to help people find us on the internet. Try if for yourself. Google CFUW Saanich
                      and see how many hits you get.

 Advertising Opportunity for Members & Your Families
 Over the years, members have asked about advertising opportunities. Other clubs have classified ad
 sections in their newsletters. Now we’re doing the same. This is an excellent opportunity for you or
 someone in your family. All ads will appear in the SPhere, the website and the enotes.
 This is a great opportunity because when your ad is on the website and someone searches for what you
 are offering, the search engines will find it (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
 How to Submit Your Ad
             Email up to 140 words and a logo or picture to
             Send your cheque to Treasurer: CFUW Saanich Peninsula, Box 20062, Monks Letter Box,
             Sidney, BC V8L 5C9
             When your cheque is received, your ad will appear.
 Advertising Rates: All monies raised will go to our club operations.
             $20—One time ad—good for selling items such as furniture, vehicles, etc
             $15/mo up to 7 months or $100/year—good for business ad

 Contact Fiona Prince for more information 250-727-6581

    Don’t forget to buy your
    tickets for the Christmas
                                                        Sending cards this holiday season couldn’t be easier. I love
            Luncheon                                    how I can send real cards from my computer in a few
                                                        minutes! No more forgetting them in my purse or loosing
    Time: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.                       them on my messy desk. Every card gets mailed!
    Place: Glen Meadows Golf Club                       SendOut Cards prints, stuffs and sends it for me.
    Price: $27.00                                       Call Fiona for more information 250-727-6581 or
    Contact: Maggie DeYoung                                              TRY IT YOURSELF FOR FREE

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