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					Steam Boilers & Steam
 Distribution Systems
          Operation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Safety
   This educational program covers all facets of steam system care! Boiler auxiliaries,
combustion equipment, water treatment, steam traps, and much more are explained in detail.

 In this comprehensive program, you will:
       Learn how to reduce fuel consumption and costs
       Improve your understanding of boiler water treatment chemicals and
        their applications
       Learn proper methods of selecting, sizing, installing, and
        troubleshooting steam traps
       Learn how to recognize potential safety hazards and eliminate them
       Understand do-or-die piping practices that must be followed for the
        system to work correctly
       See how to eliminate many common steam system problems before
        they develop
       Gain tried-and-true tips and shortcuts to save money, time, and work

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                                             Course Outline
Steam Basics                                            (Hands-On Session - Burner System
Temperature vs. Heat                                       Troubleshooting)
Expansion and Specific Volume of Steam                  Flue Gas Analysis & The Need for Burner Tuning
Using Steam Tables in the Real World
                                                        Boiler Operation & Maintenance
Boiler Theory of Operation                              Accepted Operating Procedures
Steam Boilers - Overview                                Maximizing Boiler Efficiency
Operating Principles                                    Safe Responses to Emergencies
(Live Experiments & Demonstrations)                     Boiler Inspection – What to Look For
Primary Safety Issues                                   Common Boiler Repairs
                                                        Boiler Plant Safety Practices
Boiler Construction and Code Requirements               (Feedback Session – What’s the Right Way?)
How Design Influences Operation
ASME & National Board Codes                             Steam Distribution
UL Listings & Insurance Requirements                    Potential Problems Associated with Pipe Sizing
                                                        Velocities and Pressure Drop
Steam-Side Accessories & Controls                       Avoiding Water Hammer
Steam Valve Considerations                              Maintaining Steam Quality
Steam Quality Control – Carryover, Foaming, Air         The True Cost of Steam Leaks
Steam Pressure Controls and How They Work               The Unappreciated Importance of Insulation
    On-Off Systems
    Off-Low-High Systems                                Pressure Reducing Valves
    Modulating Controls                                 Principles of Operation
    Metering Controls                                   Proper Selection
(Live Experiments & Demonstrations)                     Correct Installation and Typical Mistakes

Water Supply Systems & Controls                         Steam Traps
Water Level Controls & How They Work                    How Various Steam Traps Work
   Latest Designs                                       (Live Experiments & Demonstrations)
Level Alarms & Safety Devices                           Trap Selection and Sizing
(Feedback & Discussion – Accident Case                  Critical Piping Configuration Issues
   Histories)                                           Trap Testing and Troubleshooting

Water Treatment Systems & Chemicals                     The Condensate System
Scale Prevention                                        The True Value of Condensate Return
   Water Softening Equipment & Chemicals                Common Condensate Receiver Types
Corrosion Prevention                                    Motive Fluid Condensate Units
   Deaerators & Oxygen Removal                          Condensate Return Piping – Why Size Does Matter
   Carbonic Acid in Condensate Systems                  The Various Kinds of Condensate Pipes
Blowdown Methods & Considerations                       Flash Steam and Its Recovery
                                                        Cavitation and Other Common Pump Problems
Fuel Systems & Controls
Gas Train Devices
Fuel Oil Train Devices
Fuel Train Configuration
Flame Safeguard Controls & Fuel Safety Devices
Safe Burner System Troubleshooting

                 3063 Amity Rd. Hilliard OH 43026   Phone 614-878-3100
                                                                           Fax 614-334-3222

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