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PRAK I Conversation

  General information
  Faculty           Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE) of the Czech
                    Technical University (CTU)
  Department        Language
  Intended for Students who have passed successfully their school-leaving
                    examination in English or completed a course with a similar
  Class contact     2 hours per week
  Classes per       see White book
  Self-study        at least 1 hour per week
  Assessment        Each course (semester) is concluded with a "započet" and 1 credit.
                    After the 3 rd course there is a written and oral examination

  Instructor          Dunstan Clarke BA Dip. TEFL
  Office              Rm. 69 Dept. of Languages
  Office Hours        M 13:00-15:00
                      W 13:00-15:00
  email               dunstan.clarke@,
  Phone number        224 358 596


  The course is based on the general state examinations in English. The course is aimed to
  prepare students for taking this exam and attempts to cover all the topics present on the
  exam. Students should gain the ability to speak at length on any topic covered and should
  learn the vocabulary needed to do so.

  Family/Course of Life, Home and furniture/Housing/House and Home, Towns/Life in a
  town/Village Life, Shopping and Services, Jobs and career/Professions and
  occupations/Trades and professions, Daily program/routine/Leisure
  time/activities/hobbies, Finance and Communication, Sports and Games, Human body/
  Health and sickness, Clothing/Dressing/Fashion, Food/Meals, Culture and entertainment,
  Education, Sightseeing/Holiday, Travel and transport, Climate and
  Weather/Farming/Gardening, Environment/Nature, Media, Holiday and Festivals, and
  Problems in society/Science and technology

  Conditions and requirements:
To be awarded a zapocet, the student is expected to
 work for continuous course assessment and master the semester
programme - be active in class
 attend classes (see absences)
 be prepared for every class; in case of non-attendance the student will be required to
    prove he/she has mastered what he/she has missed
- have a semester test paper grade of at least 60%, the test may be retaken once

The student will be prepared for class even in case of previous non-attendance. To achieve
good results, the student will have the required materials and texts. Self-study will
require at least 1 hour/week.

The final exam test can be retaken twice. After getting a passing mark on the written
exam, the student will take the oral exam (20-30 min in length).

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