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					Abbreviations and acronyms

Some entries relate to abbreviations or acronyms
used in previous editions of Fishery Status Reports

  A                                               B

A$       Australian dollars                   B              Biomass

A AT     Australian Antarctic Territory       B TA R G E T   Biomass target level

ABARE    Australian Bureau of Agricultural    B THRESHOLD    Biomass limit level
         and Resource Economics
                                              BAP            bycatch action plan
A F FA   Department of Agriculture,
         Fisheries and Forestry – Australia   BRD            bycatch reduction device
         (previously Department of
                                              BRP            biological reference point
         Primary Industries and Energy,
         and now the Australian               BRS            Bureau of Rural Sciences
         Government Department of                            (formerly Bureau of Resource
         Agriculture, Fisheries and                          Sciences; Bureau of Rural
         Forestry)                                           Resources; and Bureau of Rural
AFMA     Australian Fisheries Management

AFZ      Australian Fishing Zone

AQIS     Australian Quarantine Inspection

ARF      AFMA Research Fund

Aust.    Australia

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     C                                             E

CCAMLR      Commission for the Conservation     E M SY         fishing effort producing maximum
            of Antarctic Marine Living                         sustainable yield
                                                EEZ            Exclusive Economic Zone
CCSBT       Commission for the Conservation
            of Southern Bluefin Tuna            EFP            experimental fishing programme

CITES       Convention on International Trade   EGAG           Eastern Gemfish Assessment
            in Endangered Species of Wild                      Group
            Fauna and Flora
                                                E P B C Act    Environment Protection and
cm          centimetre                                         Biodiversity Conservation
                                                               Act 1999
CPUE        catch per unit (of) effort
                                                ETBF           Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery
CSIRO       Commonwealth Scientific and
            Industrial Research Organisation
            (formerly CSIR
            —the Council for Scientific            F
            and Industrial Research)
                                                FA D           fish aggregation device
CTS         Commonwealth Trawl Sector (of
            the SESSF)                          FA G           fishery assessment group
C’wealth Commonwealth                           FA O           Food and Agriculture Organization
                                                               of the United Nations

                                                FRDC           Fisheries Research and
     D                                                         Development Corporation

DA N I DA   Danish International Development    FRRF           Fisheries Resources Research Fund
            Agency                              FRV            fisheries research vessel
ºC          degrees centigrade                  F LIMIT        limit fishing-mortality rate
ºE          degrees east                        F TA R G E T   target fishing-mortality rate
ºN          degrees north

ºS          degrees south

ºW          degrees west

DNA         deoxyribo-nucleic acid

                                                               Abbreviations and acronyms       265
    G                                                 K

g          gram                                  kg           kilogram

GABMAC     Great Australian Bight                km           kilometre
           Management Advisory Committee
                                                 km2          square kilometre
GABTF      Great Australian Bight Trawl

GABTS      Great Australian Bight Trawl               L
           Sector (of the SESSF)

GIS        Geographic Information System         LCF          length to caudal fork

GPS        global positioning system


    H                                            ´            minutes of latitude or
                                                              longitude (for example 34˚20´S)
h          hour
                                                 m            metre
HIMI       Heard Island and McDonald
           Islands                               [A$…]m million Australian dollars

                                                 m3           cubic metre

                                                 mm           millimetre
                                                 MAC          management advisory committee
I AT T C   Inter-American Tropical Tuna
           Commission                            MAFRI        Victorian Marine and Freshwater
                                                              Resources Institute
I OT C     Indian Ocean Tuna Commission
                                                 MOU          memorandum of understanding
ISMP       Integrated Scientific Monitoring
           Program                               M SY         maximum sustainable yield

I T LO S   International Tribunal for the        M U LT I FA N – C L  a length-based, age-
           Law of the Sea                                     structured model for fisheries
                                                              stock assessment
ITQ        individual transferable quota

IUCN       International Union for the
           Conservation of Nature

IUU        illegal, unregulated and unreported

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     N                                             Q

(n)        number                                Q FJA      Australian Government –
                                                            Queensland Fisheries Joint
n.mile     nautical mile                                    Authority
NMFS       United States National
           Marine Fisheries Service

NOAA       United States National
           Oceanic and Atmospheric
           Administration                        RBC        recommended biological catch

NORMAC     Northern Prawn Fishery                RV         research vessel
           Management Advisory Committee

NPF        Northern Prawn Fishery
N P FA G   Northern Prawn Fishery
           Assessment Group
                                                 S M SY     spawning stock producing
NPRAG      Northern Prawn Resource                          maximum sustainable yield
           Assessment Group
                                                 S 2003     2003 spawning biomass
N T FJA    Australian Government—Northern
                                                 SBT        southern bluefin tuna
           Territory Fisheries Joint Authority
                                                 SCTB       Standing Committee on
NWSTF      North West Slope Trawl Fishery
                                                            Tuna and Billfish

                                                 SCUBA      self-contained underwater-
                                                            breathing apparatus
                                                 SDF        Western Australia Southern
OCS        Offshore Constitutional Settlement               Demersal Gillnet and Longline
ORAG       Orange Roughy Assessment Group
                                                 SEF        South East Fishery (now expanded
                                                            as the Southern and Eastern
                                                            Scalefish and Shark Fishery)
                                                 S E FA G   South East Fishery Assessment
p.         page
                                                 SENTMAC    South East Fishery Non-trawl
PIRVIC     Primary Industries Research                      Management Advisory Committee
                                                 SESSF      Southern and Eastern Scalefish
pp.        pages                                            and Shark Fishery
P Z JA     Torres Strait Protected Zone Joint                        and Eastern Scalefish and
                                                 S E S S FA G Southern
           Authority                                        Shark Fishery Assessment Group

                                                 SETF       South East Fishery trawl sector

                                                            Abbreviations and acronyms        267
SETMAC     South East (Fishery) Trawl               T
           (Sector) Management Advisory
           Committee                            t            tonnes (metric ton, 1000 kg)
SFR        statutory fishing right              TA C         total allowable catch
SharkFAG   Southern Shark Fishery               TA E         total allowable effort
           Assessment Group
                                                TA P         threat abatement plan
SharkRAG   Shark Resource Assessment Group
           (formerly SharkFAG)                  TCL          trigger catch levels
SouthMAC   Sub-Antarctic Management             TED          turtle excluder device
           Advisory Committee
                                                TP           trigger point
sp.        species (singular)
                                                TRAFFIC      Trade Records Analysis
SPC        Secretariat of the Pacific
           Community (previously South          TSFSAC       Torres Strait Fisheries Scientific
           Pacific Commission)                               Advisory Committee

SPF        Small Pelagics Fishery               TSPZ         Torres Strait Protected Zone

spp.       species (plural)

S P R AT   Small Pelagic Research                   V
           Assessment Team

SquidFAG   Squid Jig Fishery Assessment         V PA         virtual population analysis

SquidMAC   Southern Squid Jig Fishery
           Management Advisory Committee            W
SquidRAG   Squid Resource Assessment Group      WAJANSF      Western Australian Joint Authority
           (formerly SquidFAG)                               Northern Shark Fishery
SRP        Scientific Research Programme        WA N C S F   Western Australian North Coast
           (on southern bluefin tuna)                        Shark Fishery
SSF        Southern Shark Fishery               WCPFC        Western and Central Pacific
SSJF       Southern Squid Jig Fishery                        Fisheries Commission

STR        South Tasman Rise                    WCPO         western and central Pacific Ocean

SWTBF      Southern and Western Tuna            WDTF         Western Deepwater Trawl Fishery
           and Billfish Fishery                 WPYRG        Western Pacific Yellowfin (tuna)
                                                             Research Group

                                                WTBF         new management plan for
                                                Management   Southern and Western Tuna
                                                Plan         and Billfish Fishery

                                                W TO         Wildlife Trade Operation

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