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									                                                                                            ra c
                                                                              Ca ll for Abst ts
The Australasian College of Phlebology
14th Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops
30 March – 3 April 2011 • Sofitel Melbourne on Collins • Australia

We invite you to submit an abstract to be presented        3. Enter your presentation: You will be asked to enter the
during the 14th ASM of the Australian College of              following details for your presentation. You can enter
Phlebology. Abstracts can be submitted for:                   multiple presentations.
• Oral Presentations                                          • Presentation title
• Posters                                                     • Preferred presentation type
All abstracts are to be submitted electronically via the      • Name of authors
Conference website’s Presenter’s Zone using the provided      • Affiliation of authors
abstract template. All abstracts are to be submitted by
15 November 2010. Abstract guidelines are also available   4. Enter your abstract: You will be asked to enter a
on the website.                                               200-word text only abstract. Research abstracts
                                                              should include the headings Aims, Materials and
1. Access the website and proceed to the Presenter’s
                                                              Methods, Results and Discussion.
   Zone www.cdesign.com.au/ACP2011
                                                           5. Publications: All accepted abstracts will be published
2. Register your presentation: Go to the Presenter’s
                                                              in the ASM Proceedings and in the journal Phlebology
   Zone to enter your contact details and the
                                                              as received. Please ensure that you include the
   presentation details.
                                                              information provided on the abstract template
                                                              including the presentation title, all authors and their

Call for Abstracts

Presentation Formats
Oral Presentations
Keynote and Invited lectures are allocated 30 minutes
(25 minutes + 5 minutes question time). Other oral
presentations are allocated 15 minutes (12 minutes +
3 minutes question time).

Posters                                                      Topics
Each poster will be allocated a 1800mm x 1200mm panel        When submitting your abstract please choose one of the
and the poster must fit within this area. Presenters will     following topics
be asked to attend their poster to discuss the poster with
other delegates at a designated time during the meeting.     1.   Basic Science Research
                                                             2.   Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency
Presenter Registration                                            (CCSVI) and Multiple Sclerosis
1. Presenter Registration                                    3.   Complications of Sclerotherapy
   All presenters including invited speakers must
                                                             4.   Compression Therapy
   register by 14 January 2011. It will be assumed any
   presenter not registered by this date has withdrawn       5.   Deep Vein Incompetence
   and their abstract will be removed from the               6.   Dermatology in Phlebology
                                                             7.   Endovenous Ablation
2. Registrations fees for Presenters
                                                             8.   Foam Sclerotherapy
   Registration fees for invited international speakers
   are waived. Registration fees for the invited local       9.   Fibrinolysis and Thrombolysis
   faculty are waived for the day of the presentation.       10. Interventional Techniques
   All other presenters must register and pay the
                                                             11. Lymphology
   appropriate registration fees by 14 January 2011.
                                                             12. Phlebectomy
   Presenters need to meet their own travel and
   accommodation costs.                                      13. Sclerosing Agents
                                                             14. Ultrasound
                                                             15. Vascular Malformations
Important Dates                                              16. Venoactive Agents
Abstracts due:                      15 November 2010         17. Venous Haemodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Provisional program available:      1 December 2010          18. Venous Surgery
Abstract acceptance advised:        1 December 2010
                                                             19. Venous Thromboembolism
Early-bird registration closes:     14 January 2011
                                                             20. Ulcers and Chronic Venous Hypertension
Presenters registrations due:       14 January 2011

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