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					     Compliance & Validation Services
        Presents a 3-Day Training Course on:

Qualification of Manufacturing Systems
 & Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical
           Process Validation
           10, 11 & 12 May 2011
      Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam
                                               Planning, Approach and Early Project Life-cycle Activities:
                                               • Regulations, guidelines and current industry trends
                                               • Basing testing requirements on risk to GMP & Product Quality
                                                  (incorporating ISPE, ASTM E2500-07 and Quality Risk Assessment
                                               • Organisation and planning for validation (often overlooked)
                                               • Preparing effective verification /validation documentation
                                               • Design Review (Design Qualification)
                                               • Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) overview
                                               • GMP compliance during equipment system construction
                                               • Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Acceptance Testing
                                               • Mechanical completion, pre-commissioning and commissioning
                                               • Using FAT/SAT/commissioning testing documents for
                                                  qualification/verification (leveraging)
                                               Equipment System Verification/Qualification Activities:
                                               • Verifying the installation (Installation Verification)
                                               • Functional testing (Operational Verification/Qualification)
                                               • Verifying system performance (Performance
                                               • Process validation (Risk Based)
                                               • Maintaining the validated state (key supporting systems)
Qualification of Manufacturing Systems & Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Process Validation - Course Summary
This course provides delegates with an in-depth appreciation of all project life-cycle activities, ranging from early project planning/design through to the
verification/qualification of critical aspects of manufacturing systems /equipment and the final process validation stages. The course also provides up-to-date information on
current applicable regulatory and international standards and guidelines, together with a current industry approach to verification/qualification and validation. Key areas of
focus for the course include: linking equipment design/functionality to the process; ensuring the level and depth of equipment system testing is based on risk to product
quality, patient safety and system complexity/novelty; and process validation is performed on a well developed, documented and robust process.
The course will be presented by industry experts who, collectively, have worked within the vast majority of areas relating to equipment/manufacturing system
commissioning/qualification and process validation. Their considerable and recent hands-on experience/knowledge base will provide up-to-date learning on current industry
best practice, using practical real-life examples. There will be opportunities to put the learning into practice during carefully chosen interactive group exercises/case studies.
Day-time meals and refreshments together with a drinks reception and course dinner, held on the evening of Day 1, are included in the overall package.

                Mike James, Director, Compliance & Validation Services Limited.: Mike has over                  John Welbourn, Director, Compliance & Validation Services Limited: A validation
                17 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working in a variety of compliance          professional with over 18 years experience, John has been responsible for the management
                and validation roles. His experience includes preparation and delivery of national/client-      and execution of validation projects for many major pharmaceutical companies. He has
                based validation training courses, hands-on validation work, validation project                 broad experience in the qualification of equipment, utilities and computerised systems, and
                management and regulatory compliance consultancy. Previously, Mike spent four years             thermal mapping to support storage conditions. He has presented at conferences in the UK,
                as the Site Validation Manager for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) at Speke, where he was                 Europe and the US and has authored several articles on various aspects of validation. John
                responsible for all site validation activities, including the development and maintenance       has contributed to The University of Manchester’s, Pharmaceutical Engineering Advanced
                of the Site Validation Programme. Before moving to the pharmaceutical industry he               Training (PEAT) Course and Dublin Institute of Technology’s (DIT) MSc. course in
                spent 15 years as an industry chemist.                                                          Pharmaceutical Process Validation.
                Brian Collins, Global Operations Manager, GE Healthcare Life Sciences: Brian is                 Peter Whyment, Senior Scientist, Lilly UK: Peter has worked within Lilly, at the
                responsible for supporting the Global Scientific Asset Services (SAS) team by building          Speke Operations manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom for over 30 years.
                robust operational infrastructure, and enforcing adherence to processes to ensure and           During this time he has gained valuable experience within Quality Control Laboratories,
                improve Global Operational excellence in this business unit. He is also accountable for         Analytical Development and as a senior scientist in the Manufacturing, Science &
                the oversight of the implementation of new SAS programs into customer sites. Brian has          Technology (MS & T) department. As a key team member, Peter has overseen the
                held senior management positions covering a variety of quality and validation roles             successful technical transfer or commercial manufacturing of several biotechnology
                including responsibility for providing technical support to develop best practice, novel        processes, including Insulin and growth hormone products. Peter has recently received
                solutions and harmonized processes in cold chain and validation whilst working for              Eli Lilly’s "Polaris" award, the highest award granted to an individual in the MS & T
                Wyeth. Brian was also responsible for managing validation activities at Wyeth’s UK              organisation, recognising his outstanding technical contribution to Lilly.
                manufacturing site. He has developed extensive cross-functional experience through a
                number of quality, pharmaceutical technology and operations management roles

Who Should Attend
Individuals to benefit from attending this course include anyone involved directly or indirectly in equipment system verification/qualification and process validation activities.
The course is ideally suited to people who are new to validation roles or people whose job roles require them to have a general understanding of validation activities
throughout a project life-cycle. This will involve personnel from production, quality assurance, validation, technical support and engineering departments.
On leaving the course delegates will: have a broad and detailed understanding of the activities involved in the commissioning/verification/qualification of equipment systems
and process validation; be able to apply and share their new knowledge; improve their individual effectiveness; and look back on an enjoyable experience.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam: Ideally situated in the historical heart of Amsterdam, close to the main tourist attractions, museums, theatres, shopping areas, red-light and business districts.
The hotel has a fitness centre and excellent conference and banqueting facilities.
Address:                                 Rusland 17, NL-1012 CK Amsterdam, Netherlands                                                       Click on image to visit
Tel:                                     +31 20 623 1231                                                                                     the hotel’s website
Fax:                                     +31 20 520 8200
Reservations (email):                    reservations.amsterdam@radissonblu.com

Delegates are kindly requested to arrange their own accommodation. Course fees are £1,295.00 (GBP) per delegate. Accommodation is NOT included in the course fees.
               Qualification of Manufacturing Systems & Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Process Validation - Course Programme:
               Registration (08:30 to 09:00) – Delegates arrive at the meeting room and sign the attendance register. Each day will include at least one detailed interactive group exercise.
                        DAY 1 (10-May-2011)                                                       Day 2 (11-May-2011)                                                       Day 3 (12-May-2011)

09:00 Opening/Welcome [Mike James]                                          Day 2 Introduction (09:00)                                                   Day 3 Introduction (09:00)
General Introduction [Mike James]:                                          Title Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) [Mike James]:                         Performance Qualification [John Welbourn]:
 Course structure and content explained                                     Why is acceptance testing performed at the vendor’s site?                   System hand-over
 Brief overview of current applicable guidelines and regulations            What are the differences between FAT and Site Acceptance testing            What is its purpose/scope and how does it differ from process
 Icebreaker exercise                                                           (SAT)?                                                                       validation
                                                                             Key components of FAT and working effectively with vendors                  Typical Approach
                                                                             Documentation requirements and integrating FAT with Qualification           Sampling and sampling plans (Utilities/Process system AQL’s )
                                                                                activities (use of vendor’s documentation)                                Overview of testing carried out (using example systems)
                                                                             Execution and close-out                                                     Documentation involved and protocol requirements

Risk-Based Approach to Equipment System Verification/                       GMP Compliance During Construction & Construction Verification               Process Validation [Mike James]:
Qualification [Mike James]:                                                 [John Welbourn]:                                                              Process development and how this critical activity fits in to
 Purpose and timings                                                          Control of materials, fabrication processes and work practices              validation
 Defining systems and their boundaries                                        Consequences of poor practice                                                      Defining the product and process
 Importance of understanding the process                                      Construction testing/checking (welding QC, line slope, deadleg)                    Concept of Operating, Design and Characterisation Spaces
 System Impact Assessments and Component Criticality (includes                Materials of construction verification (traceable)                                 Quality by design/design of experiments
    worked examples)                                                                                                                                        Process robustness and process capability
 Documentation (procedures and reports)                                                                                                                    Regulatory expectation (includes draft FDA Guide)
 Equipment system verification in accordance with ASTM E2500-07 and                                                                                        Process validation data and regulatory submission requirements
    its impact on what we do now                                                                                                                            Does the 3 consecutive batch model still apply?
                                                                                                                                                            Typical approaches
Organisation for Validation [Brian Collins]:                                Mechanical Completion, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning                      Sampling (Acceptable Quality Levels)
 Chronology of events                                                      [John Welbourn]:                                                                Documentation requirements
 Different ways validation documentation can be structured (modular           Construction/mechanical completion process                                  Drug product filling example
   and non-modular approaches)                                                 Stages/activities associated with pre-commissioning                         Small molecule API example approach
 Validation project planning                                                  Commissioning activities and examples of the type and level of testing      Process Analytical Technology and how this can be used in
 Key resource considerations                                                   carried out                                                                  Process Validation
 Engineering documentation / systems and procedures                           Vendor Package Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)                                On-going requirements
                                                                               Integration with qualification (Leveraging)
                                                                               Documentation involved

Quality Risk Assessments (QRA) [Mike James]:                                Installation Verification/Qualification of Equipment System [Mike            Process Validation - Biopharmaceutical API Manufacturing
 Purpose, scope and timing                                                 James]:                                                                      [Peter Whyment]:
 Risk assessment process and associated documentation                         Overview of testing/checking carried out                                    Real-life case study
 How risk scores for risk scenarios can be linked to the level and depth      General documentation requirements (includes example testing                        Process definition
   of testing                                                                   documents)                                                                          Critical process control parameters
 Reports (includes worked examples)                                           Leveraging of information from FATs & SATs                                          Sequence of events involved in a complex project
 How QRA’s can be used to support validation/verification plans and for       Supporting documentation and procedures                                             Process validation testing strategy
   a key rationale for the validation approach                                 Discrepancy management                                                              Resolving issues

Preparing Protocols, Reports and Validation/Verification Plans              Functional Testing of Equipment Systems (Operational                         Maintaining the Validated State [Mike James]:
[Brian Collins]:                                                            Verification/Qualification) [John Welbourn]:                                  Change Management (Change Control)
     Procedures (numbering, document control, data management and           Overview of testing carried out                                             Importance of good failure investigation processes
      documentation standards)                                               Testing based on risks to patient safety, GMP and equipment system          On-going risk management and how this integrates with
     Effective discrepancy/deviation management                                complexity                                                                  validation + other supporting systems (e.g. calibration)
     Validation (Master) Plans, summary reports and protocols / reports     Leveraging of commissioning documentation                                   Periodic Validation Review
      (typical content, format, watch-outs and standards)                    Documentation requirements (includes examples of testing                    When is revalidation required?
                                                                                documentation)                                                            Other important supporting systems

Design Review/Qualification [Mike James]:                                   Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) [Mike James]:                   Course Closure [All]:
 Importance of Design Review (why carry it out)                             GAMP 5 approach to the validation/qualification/verification of              Questions and answers
 Vendor assessments and audits                                                computerised/automated systems                                              Course evaluation
 GMP review of design                                                       Integration of automated systems and equipment system qualification          Certificates
 Links to impact assessment and Quality Risk Assessments                      (avoiding duplication of effort) and documentation requirements
 Compilation of key documentation into a design dossier

    Finish: 17:00; Drinks Reception & Course Dinner (Early Evening)                                      Finish: 17:00                                                             Finish: 16:00
 BOOKING DETAILS:                           Qualification of Manufacturing Systems & Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical Process Validation
                                            10, 11, 12 May 2011 – Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam
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