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									                                       Auxiliarist                            Official Publication of The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

                                                                                                                   October 2009     Volume 1 Number 8

                   pcga, in the MidSt oF tragedy….
Medical & Surgical typhoonCabalde PCGA
                   By: Commo Danilo G
     MiSSionS          District Director, CGAD NCr-CL

                                          With the massive devastation brought about
                                       by Typhoon Ondoy in the morning of September
                                       26, 2009, hundreds of Manileños were
                                       displaced, lives lost, and material possessions
  international                        vanished. In a blink of an eye, our busy lives
 coaStal clean-up                      were put to a halt, facing an unknown tomorrow.
                                          Typhoon Ondoy, which international code
       day                             name is “Ketsana”, dumped 334 millimeters
                                       of rain in the first 6 hours which is double
                                       compared to the previous record of 341                          Marveled with the destruction around me and
                                       millimeters over a 24 hour period, 42 years ago.              seeing lives being swept away by the flood and
                                       The recent typhoon is the highest ever recorded               in lieu of the mission of the PCGA which is to
Meet our partnerS                      rainfall in the Metropolis.                                   assist the PCG in saving lives, I immediately
                                          Who would have thought that the Signal                     asked COMMO Joseph Dy PCGA, our Deputy
                                       Number 1 warning of the Philippine                            District Director for Operations, to activate
                                       Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical                     the CGAD NCr-CL’s eMerGeNCY reSPONSe
                                       Services Administration (PAGASA) would lead                   TASK FOrCe (erTF) under the command of
   coaSt to coaSt                      to such tragedy and submerged up to 80% of
                                       the city? Flooding areas that have never been
                                                                                                     CAPT Oscar T Garcia PCGA, be on standby
                                                                                                     in case our assistance is needed by the PCG.
                                       flooded before, bringing death and misery for                 True enough I got a call from COMMO Luis M
                                       both the rich and the poor and stranding people               Tuason Jr PCG, District Commander CGD NCr-
                                       on their rooftops.                                            CL, requesting us to help them in their search
       Junior pcga                                                                                                                            TurN TO PAGe 2

                                       international aFFairS
                                       directorate report
                                       By: COMMO Harold Wolf
                                           Director for International Affairs, PCGA
                                          The Philippine delegation of the PCGA

                                        represented by VADM eduardo r Alvarez,
                                        rADM Buddy Mendoza, COMMO Harold
                                        Wolf, COMMO Joey Dy, CDr Vanessa
is the Official Publication of          Garon and CDr William Isaga, PCG joined
The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary
                                        the festivities at the recent uSCGA NACON
                                        2009 at Oak Brook Hills Marriott resort in
Publisher : VADM Eduardo R Alvarez      Oak Brook, Illinois.                       From Left: Mariz Alvarez, CDr Vanessa Garon, VADM ed Alvarez,
Editor    : CAPT Alvin Milton S Co         At the conference, CDr William Isaga of uSCG Commandant Thad Allen, COM MO Harold Wolf, rADM
                                                                                   Buddy Mendoza and CDr William Isaga PCG
Layout : Matthew Lizares                the Philippine Coast Guard addressed the
                                        NACON attendees and delivered a message         all the attendees of the what transpired at the
for contributions, comments, and        in behalf of ADM Wilfredo Tamayo. VADM Asia-Pacific Conference on Maritime Safety
suggestion please e-mail to             eduardo Alvarez also addressed the delegates and environmental Concerns (APCMSeC) and          and spoke of continued cooperation between invited all to attend the next conference slated
                                        the PCGA and the uSCGA. He also updated March 25-27, 2010.
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from page 1...PCGA, In the midst of Tragedy

and rescue operations.                           call to all Squadron Directors to support      in the LrT/MrT compound at Santolan
  With water levels rising at an enormous        this task. They quickly responded and          station in Marikina, and make it a staging
rate as thousands of our fellow Filipinos call   sent forth relief goods that we distributed    point for relief operations, and our medical
for help, we immediately sent out trucks,        to those affected. I gave orders that all      team. The tents will be jointly manned by
rubber boats and rescue personnel that           relief goods be delivered to and stored        PCG/PCGA personnel and will be called the
were trained in these types of tragedies.        at the office of CAPT Garcia which was         DOTC/PCG/PCGA relief Operations Center.
Our rescue efforts fan out across the            used as our District’s Disaster relief and     We have agreed to continually deploy PCGA
sprawling city of hundreds of residents          rehabilitation Center for repacking. The       members, 8/7, at the relief Operations
to pluck people off houses and car roofs.        Squadron Directors and its members,            Center. each squadron had its own regular
Our rescue team, headed by no less than          and some of the District Central staff who     schedule to man the said Center and this will
COMMO Joseph Dy PCGA, bravely battling           braved the flood and reported at the relief    go on until we receive a deactivation order.
the raging river-like flooded streets, rushed    and rehabilitation center were with me         Last Friday, Oct 2, 2,000 pkgs of relief
to save lives while risking their own. The       and helped in repacking the relief items. A    goods, several cartons of medicines, and
6 hour deluge across Manila submerged            Temporary relief center was also stationed     bottled waters were delivered to the LrT/
houses, washed away shanties and turned          at COMMO emerita Garon’s residence             MrT relief Center ready for distribution to
roads into raging rivers forcing residents to    where they also repacked relief goods          the afflicted anytime.
seek refuge on top of their homes holding        before it is brought to the District relief       We are still accepting donations in cash
on to dear life.                                 Center for control and management.             or in kind, which will later on be transported
  The flood waters and the large numbers            A few days after the tragedy, after the     with the use of the PCG-PCGA trucks to
of stranded vehicles gave our rescue team        waters subsided, Metro Manila and the          those who are in need.
a difficult time in reaching those affected.     outlying regions were largely unprepared          It is during these difficult times that
COMMO Dy decided to set-up a temporary           to handle the evacuees, the injured, and       the utmost hospitality and bravery of the
Command Post at the Araneta Avenue               much less the contamination that the           Filipinos are revealed. That in spite of the
area in front of the National Children’s         floodwaters brought. Our efforts in helping    loss and misery, Filipinos from all walks
hospital in e. rodriguez where no Coast          our fellowmen bring their lives back           of life, rich or poor, Christians or non-
Guard Contingent was present. Despite the        together again have not stopped. CGAD          Christians help one another, even those
hardship encountered by our rescue team,         NCr-CL continues its efforts in rescuing       who have nothing to give but their time and
they made their day as they have rescued         and extends assistance to those who need       service.
several victims. Tired, exasperated, and         it the most. Last Wednesday, September            I personally, would like to thank all those
hungry, the team called off their mission        30, I called an emergency meeting that was     who have helped us in this endeavor.
Sunday morning, at around 4am.                   attended by all Squadron Directors and the        Let us all continue to help one another for
  relief operations followed the search and      District Central Staff. We focused on the      this is just one of the reasons why we thank
rescue as always, thus, I made an urgent         new request of the PCG to put up big tents     God for making us who we are….PCGA.

typhoon ondoy – poSt operation report
By: Commodore Joseph N. Dy

  At a little past noon of September 26,         CAPT Valentine Prieto Jr. and personally       wheeler to help out but this too developed
2009, at the height of Typhoon Ondoy, I          lead a very small contingent from the 101st    problems. After sometime, the elf’s engine
received a call from our National Director       Squadron: LCDr FLOreNCIO LITA, CPO             started running and my team was finally on
VADM ed Alvarez. He had just received            eDNAr BALDIVIA, PO3 LuMeN ANABAAB,             its way.
a call from The Commandant, Admiral              and new recruit eDSeL BALDIVIA. Together          While waiting for them, I was busy
Wilfredo Tamayo, requesting for PCGA”s           with my personal driver, they loaded a         negotiating the streets leading to Marikina.
assistance in conducting search and              boston whaler a rubber boat, ropes, life       I felt so frustrated that day because there
rescue operations, particularly in the area      vests, and flashlights on to our Isuzu elf     seems to be no opening at all for us to
of Marikina. Shortly thereafter, I received      truck. From our yard in Pasay, they started    reach Marikina. I then got a call from
another call, this time from our District        their journey towards Marikina. I was in       COMMO Cabalde asking me to proceed
Director COMMO Danny Cabalde, asking             my home in San Juan getting ready to           instead to Araneta Avenue area, where no
me to activate our emergency response            rendezvous with them in Katipunan.             coast guard contingent was present. I
Task Force.                                         Many of the roads in Metro Manila are       immediately contacted my men, who were
  Due to the emergency nature of                 either flooded or clogged with vehicles. In    still having difficulty navigating the streets,
the situation, I took it upon myself to          one flooded area in Pasay road, the engine     to proceed to Araneta Avenue/e. rodriguez
coordinate with 101st Squadron Director          of the truck conked out. I had to send a ten   area. We finally set up our command post
                                                                                                                                    TurN TO PAGe 6
            Official Publication of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

the 201St SQuadron-cgadceV

  The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary              come up with the screening check up of
Squadron 201st has just concluded the               possible recipients for the mission.
successful Surgical mission at Provincial              Volunteer doctors and nurses were
Hospital of Balamban, Cebu on September             organized by the 201st Squadron
26-27, 2009.                                        Commander-Dr. & CAPT FeLIX J VICuNA
  The Squadron Commander-CAPT FeLIX                 Jr PCGA. The Mission took place at the
J. VICuNA PCGA with volunteer doctors,              PrOVINCIAL HOSPITAL of Balamban in
anesthesiologist, nurses, and PCGA officers         two consecutive days.
worked hand in hand with the cooperation               The PCGA Officers was led by COMMO
of the Local Government of Balamban and             NOrMA Y POrTer PCGA, CAPT PABLO KO
the Masonic Lodge 128 to come up with               Jr PCGA, CAPT TeDDY Yu PCGA, CAPT
the operation of 16 patients for free.              GreGOrIO MerCADO PCGA, CDr TITA
  All the medicine and other medical needs          HerOSA PCGA, LCDr DAMIeN DuNPHY
were provided for free with the help of the         PCGA,eNS JeSSeL HerNANDO PCGA,
Masonic Lodge 128 and the PCGA officers             LTSG FATIMA LArOT PCGA, Mr. MICHAeL
of 201st Squadron.                                  PLANCHAK,       MS.      MArINA      rAYLA
  The PCGA Balamban Division under                  PLANCHAK AND MrS. NILDA MerCADO.
the 201st Squadron planned this activity               The Surgical Mission was a great            back to Cebu City.
for three months under the leadership of            success. No incident of infections and other     And as a commitment, more Medical and
the Division Commander-CDr GuNTHer                  complications was found up to this date.       Dental Missions are furthered planned for
VOMBerG PCGA. It was made possible by               The Mission started 25 September 2009          the next months of this year. Mabuhay po
the proper coordination efforts to the Local        from Cebu City to a 3 hours trip Balamban.     tayong lahat!
government of Balamban and Asturias to              It expires 27 September 2009 on the trip

Medical MiSSion 1001St SQuadron coaSt guard diStrict northern
By : CDr GABrIeL F ILAGAN Jr PCGA – Division Commander 1001.3

    A mass celebrated by the Northern               571 patients were treated
Mindanao PCG chaplain LCDr JuDe                     of various ailments,       for
THADDeuS BeSINGA PCG at 7:30 am,                    the dental there were 165
19 July 2009, at the basketball court of            tooth extractions and 384
Barangay Barra , Opol Misamis Oriental,             corrective    lenses     were
was the start of the MeDICAL / DeNTAL / &           given free to optical patients
OPTICAL Mission of the 1001st Squadron              courtesy of CAPT VIC CINCO
of the Coast Guard Auxiliary District               PCGA.
Northern Mindanao under the leadership of             There were 10 medical
CAPT FrANCISCO P DeSCALLAr PCGA its                 doctors     6    dentist     1
Squadron Commander.                                 ophthalmologist      and     4
  CAPT MAX SeNO PCGA the chairman                   optometrists who treated
of the mission provided the logistical              the patients, assisted by
requirements like tents, sound system, and          20 student nurses from the
most of all the Free MeDICINe that were             Capitol university courtesy
given to all the patients mostly indigents.         of rADM CASIMIrO JuAreZ
    Officers & members of the 1001st                Jr PCGA.
                                                                                                   District sent 6 enlisted personnel to help in
auxiliary     squadron     facilitated    the         The patients came not only from Barangay
                                                                                                   the mission.
registration & the orderly conduct of the           Barra Opol, Misamis Oriental but also from
                                                                                                     A similar mission as this is scheduled in
mission including the snacks & lunch.               neighboring barangays.
                                                                                                   October 2009.
  A total of 1,120 patients were given                COMMO eDuArDO B GONGONA PCG
medical / dental / optical assistance.              District Commander of Northern Mindanao

MaritiMe training ... the SolaS ‘73/74
By: Capt. Celso M. De Guzman, PCGA
Deputy Chief of Staff for Maritime education and Training National PCGA

  The International Convention for the                    handle safety drills and engine and
Safety of Life at sea (SOLAS), 1974,                      navigational watchkeeping. Likewise,
currently in force, was adopted on 1                      the competency of the officers in the
November 1974 by the International                        management and operational levels
Conference on Safety of Life at Sea,                      should be in place. The safety and
which was 19-2. 19-2, convened by the                     security matters are well observed
International Maritime Organization (IMO),                by the support levels.
and entered into force on 25 May 1980. It                    Safety of Life, Property, and the
has since been amended twice by means of                  Protection of Marine environment.                 It was followed by subsequent noise of
the following protocols:                                  This very essence of the Convention clearly       rushing surge of solid sea on deck. The Mate
  1. by the Protocol adopted on 17 February               states the prevention of sea accidents and        immediately sounded the general alarm,
     1978 by the International Conference on              the protection of marine environment, thus        alert everybody after calling the Captain,
     Tanker Safety and Pollution Prevention               SAFer SHIPS, CLeANer SeAS                         who upon reaching the bridge sounded
     ( 1978 SOLAS Protocol ), which entered                  There are three concerns, which defines        the abandon ship signal. Fortunately,
     into force on 1 May 1981; and                        the objective of the convention: LIFe,            everybody was mustered on the boat deck,
  2. by the Protocol adopted on 11                        PrOPerTY, eNVIrONMeNT                             assembled, all wearing life jackets ready to
     November 1988 by the International                      In which the regulations imposes upon          abandon ship. But, one was left inside his
     Conference on the Harmonized System                  seafarers full awareness with SAFeTY. One         cabin, trapped due to the pressure driving
     of Survey and Certification ( 1988                   mistake, careless act, or simple idiotness        his door pressed closed by the waist deep
     SOLAS Protocol ).                                    will lead to disaster that will defeat the        water rushing through the corridor. No
                                                          purpose of the convention.                        time left and nobody can rescue him. The
  The SOLAS ’74 with articles of Protocol                    An example is a pumpman, preparing             poor pumpman knowing he will die just
of 1978 contains two parts. Part 1 has 21                 the hose connection prior to loading at a         looked and tearfully prayed “Dear Lord, I
Chapters and Part 2 with 5 Annexes.                       terminal berth. For unknown reason, he            know I am dying, but please take my soul.”
                                                          got furious and mad. Holding a spanner to         Suddenly, he saw the porthole, he sensed
  Chapter includes                                        bolt the hose with the manifold, getting out
Part A.-
                                                                                                            this as one slim chance of survival, he
   1. Applications                                        of his mind, threw the tool he is holding         hurriedly clambered but he cannot push
   2. Definitions                                         unto the deck which causes spark of metal         himself out of due to the lifejacket wrapped
   3. exemptions                                          to metal contact. The ship exploded, the          around his body. With his instinct to
   4. exceptions
   5. equivalents
                                                          dirty residue of oil spilled all over the water   survive, he took off his life jacket and forced
Part B -                                                  that causes immeasurable pollution. In            himself out. That is the last occurrence he
   6. Inspections and surveys                             the event committed three lives of poor           remembered. The next scenario is when
   7. Survey of passenger ships
   8. Survey of Life saving appliances
                                                          seafarers. Three persons died, the ship was       he opened his eyes, and he witnessed the
   9. Survey of radio installations                       lost, and caused tremendous fishkill and          people gathered around the sick bed in a
 10.Survey of hull, machinery and equipment               disastrous effect to Marine Life.                 Hospital in Halifax. A priest, a BBC reporter,
 11.Maintenance of conditions after survey
                                                             SOLAS - Safety of Life and Soul - is           nurses, and a doctor. They asked him, “Sir,
 12.Issue of certificates
 13.Issue of Certificate by another government            another acronym in the real life scenario         do you know that you are the lone survivor
 14.Duration of validity of certificates 1                when seafarers are afloat in the middle of        in that ill-fated ship last night?” “That I do
 15.Form of certificates                                  the ocean.
 16.Posting up of Certificates
                                                                                                            not know.” He retorted. “Do you know that
Part C -                                                     Somewhere approximately 250 nautical           all of your peers perished and all of them
 17.Casualties                                            miles from shores of Nova Scotia, a rocky         were wearing life jackets, except you?” “
                                                          island off Canadian Atlantic Coast, on            That I also do not know” He mesmerized.
  Moreover, the whole coverage of the                     August 18,1987, a Panamanian bulk carrier         “What can you say, is that a miracle?” They
Conventions defines ship construction                     fully laden with ore cargo bound for Detriot,     asked. He assuringly answered them, “No,
and safety equipments to see to it that                   Illinois, met a tragic disaster at 2:00 o’clock   it is not a miracle, but what I can tell you
ships sailing at sea must be sea worthy                   in the morning. For every emergency drills,       in this very moment, if that lifejacket that
in all aspect and the safety regulations in               the captain never forget to emphasize             is supposed to save lives, particularly in a
each chapters mandate all ship masters                    the importance of “Do not forget your             rocky shore you have here in Nova Scotia
to see to it that safety requirements are                 lifejacket.” This is not a drill, and yes, this   is not the only way to survive. I must say,
met before setting the ship on sail. These                is a real accident. The Mate on watch while       and I know you will take my word, THAT
requirements include but not limited to                   the ship is steering on her course, in a flash    THe BeST LIFeJACKeT IN LIFe IS TO HAVe
the operational capabilities of the crew to               heard a loud thud on the starboard quarter.       FAITH IN GOD.”
                                                          The ship hit an iceberg just like the Titanic.
           Official Publication of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

reViSed neW SetS oF pcga oFFicerS Standard

  The PCGA Standard uniforms have               unit of the Philippine Coast Guard. During
undergone a lot of changes in the past years    that time, the PCG was still a major unit
This is so because the past PCG and PCGA        under the Philippine Navy which in turn
leaderships had different views about the       was under the AFP and under the Dept.
PCGA history and evolution as a volunteer       of National Defense (DND). Therefore the
uniformed organization. The periodic            Manila Yacht Club Auxiliary Squadron (the      PCGA Standard uniforms should conform
changes of uniforms naturally resulted          first Auxiliary Squadron later on becoming     or follow closely as possible the PCG
in some confusion and embarrassment             the 101st Auxiliary Squadron, and nucleus      Standard uniforms. After a thorough review
with officers wearing different style and       of the PCGA) naturally donned the similar      and deliberation using the PCG uniform
texture of uniforms during meetings and         uniform of the PCG (which was the uniform      Manual, the committee finally agreed to
activities. And naturally it goes without       of the PN), that is white uniforms (dress      adopt the following uniforms as PCGA
saying that these constant changes also         and undress white) with even the same          Standard uniforms: 1) The present Service
entailed additional expenses to PCGA            ranks, shoulder boards and insignias.          Blue Alfa (GOA “A”) – worn with shoulder
officers having to buy the latest sets of       Moreover, since the Navy and the Coast         board, badges and ribbons. The present
uniforms, while discarding the former sets      Guard were also using the khaki uniforms       headgear, Pershing Cap with white cover
of uniforms which are still fit for use but     then this khaki uniform’ including the rank    shall be changed to blue cover like that
had to go to the closet for keeps. And to       insignias became part of the PCGA uniform      of the regular PCG. The Shoulder Boards
top it all, thirty five years ago to date, we   then. Simply said, this is the basic reason    for Flag officers shall have chrome stars
are still completely overhauling the PCGA       why PCGA has been donning the uniforms,        (depending on rank) and the PCGA Coat of
uniforms and paraphernalia.                     rank and insignias similar to the Coast        Arms/ Insignia replacing the present AFP
  Having these all in mind, and the fact        Guard, Navy and the other branches of the      Coat of Arms. For non-Flag officers, the
that the present PCGA uniforms, rank and        AFP as well. It is no surprise then that the   present stripe ranks shall be maintained
insignias are very much similar, or frankly     PCGA officer is being mistaken as a navy or    but the AFP Coat of Arms/insignia shall
said, the same as those used by the AFP         AFP officer.                                   be changed to PCGA Coat of Arms 2) The
particularly the Philippine Navy and the           But when the PCG, through an executive      present Service Blue Bravo (GOA “B”) –
Philippine Air Force, the PCG Commandant        order of then President Fidel ramos was        worn with shoulder loop, no ribbons only
advised the PCGA National Director, VADM        transferred from the DND to the DOTC           badges. The shoulder loop rank insignia
eD ALVAreZ, to form a PCGA Committee            and therefore became a separate civilian       shall be changed to gold stripes instead
to review and recommend the standard            government maritime enforcement agency,        of the AFP rank insignia with PCGA name
sets of uniforms for the PCGA. VADM             it was by law detached from the AFP and        embroidered in the loop. Headgear shall
Alvarez then immediately formed the PCGA        the Philippine Navy itself. And no longer      be the same as Alfa. Since PCG officers
Ad-hoc uniform Committee composed               being in the armed forces, the PCG made        are also using the pershing cap in all
of rADM ADONIS DONATO as chairman               its own standard uniforms distinct from        their GOA (General Office Attire) uniforms
with COMMO DANNY CABALDe, COMMO                 the Navy and the AFP. unfortunately, the       A,B, & C, the Committee also agreed that
GeOrGe CHuA, COMMO LeN BAuTISTA,                PCGA for sometime were still maintaining       PCGA officers shall adopt the same. The
COMMO reNe AQuINO and COMMO eMMY                the navy uniforms, especially the shoulder     Oversea Cap then worn by PCGA with
GArON. CDr WILLIe ISAGA PCG, AC of S,           boards and shoulder loop rank insignias        Bravo uniform shall be optional, on certain
CG-7 was invited as adviser/consultant.         which created some sharp criticisms and        occasions, like travelling , field activities,
  The committee Chair, rADM Donato,             displeasure from the Navy and AFP officers.    and when specifically prescribed; 3) the
immediately convened the committee              And although the PCGA has lately started to    third Standard uniform is the Working Blue
last August 6, 2009 in his office at OSM        do away with the white uniform (Dress &        (GOA “C”, This is another standard uniform
Maritime Services, Inc. Pedro Gil, Manila       undress white) and khaki uniforms of the       of the regular Coast Guard which is new to
to start the work. Chairman rADM Donato         Navy and adopt some of the PCG uniforms        PCGA). Worn with dark blue shirt and blue
gave a brief background why the PCGA            like the Service Blue Alfa & Bravo, it has     pants with rank, name and the letters PCGA
has been donning the uniforms, rank and         still today maintained some paraphernalia      all sewn on the shirt. Same blue pershing
insignias similar to the AFP. He went back      of the AFP like shoulder boards/ coat of       cap is the headgear (the ball cap shall also
to the history of the creation of the PCGA      arms, and the shoulder loop ranks.             be optional and worn when prescribed
upon the invitation of the Philippine Navy         With these backgrounds in mind, the         only).
Chief Admiral Ogbinar to the Manila Yacht       uniform Committee buckled down to work            For formal dinner occasions, it was also
Club officers to be an Auxiliary volunteer      with the underlying guideline that the         agreed by the committee that the present
                                                                                                                                 TurN TO PAGe 6...


White Mess Jacket being worn by the PCGA               the uniforms of the Sea Scouts
officers especially in attending uSCGA                 (primarily school-based from
annual conventions shall be maintained.                grade school ages 13-16 years
There is also the clamor of majority of the            old) should follow that of the Boy
committee to adopt the Formal Blue Dinner              Scouts mandated under the MOA
suit of the regular PCG officers as additional         with the BSP, DeP eD, and PCG.
dinner suit in due time. Finally, it was also          While the junior PCGAs (primarily
agreed by the committee that while the GOA             community-based/out-of-school
“A” can be used during formal meeting and              youth, but can also be school-
ceremonies, there should be a different                based, with age ranging from
uniform to be used by the principal actors             16-21 years old), the uniforms
as the outgoing and incoming Directors,                shall be white T-shirt with collar
say, in turn-over ceremonies. In this                  with PCGA Patch, Maong or dark The PCGA uniform Committee in session chaired by rADM Donato
regard, the Service Blouse being used by               pants and white rubber shoes.
the regular PCG has been agreed by the                   During the National Command Meeting A), GOA BrAVO (Service Blue B) GOA
committee to be adopted by the PCGA.                   of the PCGA held last 19 September 2009 CHArLIe (Working Blue C) GOA DeLTA
This uniform has long-sleeve blue jacket               at Cagayan De Oro, the Committee Chair (White Mess Jacket) and GOA eCHO
with shoulder boards used to indicate rank             rADM Donato presented the output and           (Service Blouse e). The proposed
instead of the usual stripes placed on the             recommendations of the Committee and         uniforms for the Sea Scouts and Junior
arm-sleeves.                                           after some discussions and exchanges PCGAs and Auxiliarists were also adopted
  As for the Sea Scouts and Junior PCGAs,              of opinions, the command meeting by the participants in the command
the committee has agreed to follow the                 participants unanimously agreed to adopt meeting.
recommendations of COMMO rene Aquino                   the following as the PCGA Standard
(Director for Youth Development) that                  uniforms: Code GOA ALFA (Service Blue

1007th MangroVe planting
by: Capt eDGArDO S. SANTIAGO PCGA, Squadron Director, 1007th PCGA Squadron

  Inset is the on-going project of the                 supporting and implementing unit ( PCGA
1007th PCGA Squadron “ADOPT A                          Squadron Director with Bukidnon State
BArANGAY PrOGrAM II” (Mangrove                         university external Studies.
Tree Planting) held last September 6,                    eNS rAuL D CONDeZA PCGA, Chair
2009 at Barangay San Juan, Gingoog City,               Officer, lectures on the Marine environment
under the supervision of LTSG rOBerT                   Protection along the coastal area before the
C BONDAL PCGA, Operation Officer of                    mentioned above activity to be done and
the said Squadron, CAPT edgardo S                      accomplish for the day.
Santiago PCGA Squadron Director with the

from page 4... TYPHOON ONDOY – Post operation report

in front of the National Children’s hospital             We were then directed to a partly            a lot of rescue missions could not reach
in e. rodriguez.                                       submerged auto shop where employees            targeted areas mainly due to the uncaring
   Doing heroic rescue mission there was               were trapped. We were able to extract          attitude of a lot of motorists who do not
a certain Mar Flordeliza, a former fire                about six persons from the shop where          care what happen as long as their vehicles
volunteer now with the DILG task force.                motor oil was leaking all over the place.      are safe from floods. Parking their vehicles
Our arrival, although a bit late, was timely           Our rubber boat was all covered with oil.      in floodless streets is understandable,
because they just lost their rubber boat,              What an environmental disaster on top of       but blocking the entire street is criminal
most probably through theft. I was told                this terrible calamity!                        already! In some areas, the MMDA had to
that the rubber boat was just being used                 After a couple of hours, we decided to       manually “lift” obstructing vehicles, just to
by anyone brave enough to go out into                  call off the mission since there were no       allow passage of its rescue teams.
the dark, flooded street. After about three            more distress calls. It was already 4:00          I hope a campaign is waged against the
trips out and rescuing a number of trapped             am. everyone was hungry and tired.             conscience of these uncaring people.
people, the rubber boat did not return                   This experience serves as an eye opener
anymore.                                               for everyone. I have been informed that
             Official Publication of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

6th pcga national coMMand Meeting in cdo
By Commodore George S Chua PCGA

   Last September 19, 2009, the PCGA held          After hours of deliberation and hearing
it’s 3rd National Command Meeting for 2009      out each and every one’s opinion, idea,
(and 6th from the time VADM Alvarez took        sentiment and recommendation, a
over as PCGA National Director) in Cagayan      large majority of the National executive
de Oro at the Pryce Plaza Hotel. This is        Board, the official body that selects the
the first time that a Command Meeting           National Director for the approval of the
was held outside of Metro Manila (other         PCG Commandant, as well as the other
than the 5th which coincided with the 25th      officers present, decided to broaden the
PCGA National Convention) under the term        qualification to all flag rank officers with
of our National Director VADM eduardo           certain conditions.      The two primary
r Alvarez PCGA. In spite of the location,       conditions are that the nominee must have
the meeting was very well attended with         been a dues paying officer of the PCGA, in
more than 40 officers from the different        good standing for the past 6 years and has
Districts and National Command, including       served as a flag rank officer for at least 2
observers from CGAD Northern Mindanao.          years. This gives the PCGA the flexibility
Coming from all over the country, the           of selecting the most qualified officer
attendees came via air, land and sea and        among its ranks and with the tenure and
in some cases combinations thereof, and         rank requirement gives the assurance of
some were on the road for close to a whole      knowledge and familiarity with the PCGA
day!                                            organization.
   The meeting started on time at 1400. Given      rADM Buddy Mendoza, our host for the          festivities were prepared by our host but
the numerous important issues that needed       next National Convention in Palawan, gave        some of them had to bypass due to the
to be taken up as well as the presentations     us more updates on the various special           lateness of the hour. At any rate National
of the different accomplishments of the         activities he has prepared for us. Plan to       Director VADM ed Alvarez took the time out
Districts, the marathon session was             arrive on March 25, 2010 and depart on           to thank everyone, including our guests
scheduled to have finished by 1800 but          March 28, 2010. If you book early enough         from the PCG headed by CDr Willie Isaga.
ended at past 2100. Among the items             maybe you can buy cheap airline fares, like         To round off the affair, a group of
taken up were the accomplishments of            I did, round trip Manila to Puerto Princesa      intrepid golfers played at the Pueblo De
the different committees such as the            only cost me P2,392.00, well worth it.           Oro Golf and Country the following day
uniform Committee, the Awards and               Of course this is also critical in that in       before heading back home. The golfers
Decorations Board, the Promotions Board         this National Convention we choose our           were VADM Alvarez, COMMO Oca Orbeta,
and the Committee formed to determine           nominee for the incoming National Director.      COMMO Harold Wolf, COMMO George
the qualifications for the nominees to             Our special thanks to our host COMMO          Chua and CAPT Oca Garcia. everyone had
be the National Director, the 2 Deputy          Bernasor who had prepared a sumptuous            a grand time and we accomplished quite a
National Directors, and the 4 major support     feast for everyone, and as expected the          lot. Thanks to the leadership of VADM ed
commands Directors.                             special lechons were sold out! More              Alvarez.

releif Operations Center
(MrT / LrT Santolan
Station, Marikina

                                                                         COMMO Harold Wolf joins the turnover of command of the PCGA 406th Squadron at
                                                                         Calamianes Islands where CAPT Alex Matheiu Safyurthu took over

the international coaStal clean up day
SePTeMBer 19, 2009
  every year on the third day of September,        and the Philippine Coast
the best people have the same social               Guard      District   Palawan
engagement: Get together and clean up the          (PCGDPALN) joint hand in
beaches around the world. The event is the         the celebration of this event.
International Coastal Clean up (ICC), and this     The work that happens on the
year, that date is September 19, 2009. The         day of the clean up is just the
ICC is a global event with people from all over    tip of the iceberg. There were
the world pitching-in to clean their shorelines.   24 PCGAs and 10 Sea Scouts
In doing so, they not only learn more about        participated in the collection,
their local environment, but also about their      segregation, packing and
relationship to it and their neighbor’ as well.    loading to the garbage truck
  We, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary         collector.
(PCGA) together with the Seas Scouts

814th pcga SQuadron leadS daVao city hS StudentS
during 24th int’l coaStal cleanup
by LTJG JMD Abangan PCGA
  Davao City (25 September) -- Living up           the Philippine Information
to the spirit of Sea scouting, more than 150       Agency XI.
high school students in Davao City picked up         Organizing the Sea scout is
coastal trash and planted mangrove trees in        part of the initiative of PCGA
observance of the 24th International Coastal       814th Squadron to mobilize
Clean up Day on September 19. Davao City           high school students and
National High School (DCNHS) mobilized             make them actively take
about 100 sea scouts and would-be Sea              part in protecting the
scouts while the rest were coming from             coastal environment. Ocean
Bangoy and erico Nograles national high            Conservancy data says that
schools. The Sea scouts cleaned up the             the single-day event has
sea-sides of Sitio Malambuon along with            drawn more than six million                   marine mammals and turtles each year
officials and members of the rotary Club of        volunteers from 127 countries worldwide       through entanglement and ingestion. In
east Davao, CAPT efren F elbanbuena PCGA,          in an effort to free the oceans and coastal   2007, volunteers found 237 ocean animals
814th Squadron Auxiliary Director of the           areas of trash. Trash in the ocean has been   entangled in fishing line, plastic bags, six-
Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) and        reported to have killed countless seabirds,   pack holders and rope. (PIA XI)

pcga 304th SQuadron JoinS the
int’l coaStal clean-up eFFortS in
  In joint efforts with the PCG, several           through coordination and
agencies, and the city of Cawa-Cawa, the           cooperation.
PCGA 304th Squadron participated in the              Working members of
Clean-up operations held last September 19         the PCGA-SWM 304th
along the coast of Cawa-Cawa.                      Squadron     were   CAPT
  Officers and personnel of the PCGA-SWM           DOMINGO r CALISANG,
and the PCG demonstrated their love and            LTCDr JAIMe V SArCON,
concern for the community and environment          LTCDr LeAH D CALISANG,
by braving the heat and collecting an              LTSG HADJAD T JAMerI,
estimated amount of 250 kilos of coastal           LTSG     ALeXANDrA     V
garbage, rotting sea grass and other waste.        SArCON, LTJG ALBerT A rOSArOSO,
  This project not only aimed to clean up          eNS ALICIA O MArTIN, eNS GONZALO
the environment it also strengthened the           B BANDOLeS Jr., AND eNS ANDreS A
relationship between the PCG and the PCGA          DOMINGO.
           Official Publication of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

one Ship earth, one Bay, one pcga
  underscoring its commitment to promote          (126th Squadron),    together
environmental protection, various squadrons       with 1,000 other volunteers,
of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, Coast    pooled their “time, treasure,
Guard Auxiliary District National Capital         and talent” -- the PCGA’s
region-Central Luzon, (PCGA CGAD NCr-CL)          three T’s – in the annual
Task Force joined hands to observe the 2009       cleanup. The group picked
International Coastal Cleanup last September      up plastic bags, bottles, and
19 at the Baywalk, roxas Boulevard, Manila.       cigarette butts, and placed
The event was simultaneously held worldwide.      them in sacks. A worldwide
  Spearheading the team were Task Force           effort to address and combat
Commander CAPT Marivic Jong Briones               the problems brought about
(130th Squadron), Deputy Task Force               by marine debris and coastal
Commander CAPT Valentin Prieto Jr. (101st         pollution, the International                  Philippines. It is being coordinated by the IMA
Squadron), COMMO Luis M Tuason, and               Coastal Cleanup (ICC) focuses on the          – Philippines and Conservation International
CAPT Salvador G Tiangco Jr, CAPT estelito         need for marine conservation awareness        – Philippines (CI-Phils) in partnership with
Bagunas (106th Squadron), COMMO emerita           and education among different sectors of      DeNr, Philippine Ports Authority, Philippine
Garon (116th Squadron), CAPT ernesto              society, particularly, coastal communities    Coast Guard, PCGA, Phil. Navy, Phil. Army,
Alvarez, Jr. (119th Squadron), CAPT ramon         who directly benefit from marine resources.   Phil. Marines, Deped, DILG, DPWH, LGus,
ungco (124th Squadron), CAPT Antonio Ladera       The ICC is observed in 36 states of the uS,   NGOs, PCSD, civic organizations, diving and
(125th Squadron), CAPT Larry Dimagiba             and more than 100 countries, including the    business communities.

the 205 SQuadron international
coaStal clean up
Operations Officer, 205th Squadron CGADCeV
   The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary           DeNr PerSONNeL. LOCAL
Squadron 205th has just concluded the             reSIDeNTS AND BArANGAY
uP OPerATIONS along the Shorelines of             TALISAY. Special thanks to
Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines.     205th Division Commander-
It was attended by composite Teams of PCG.        CDr      MArIANICO        e.
Fe NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL FACuLTY AND               the Principal of the Santa
STuDeNTS, LOCAL GOVerNMeNT uNITS OF               Fe National High School,
SANTA Fe, rurAL HeALTH uNIT, BureAu               Adding the strength were the
OF INTerNAL reVeNue PerSONNeL,                    SFNHS Faculty and staffs.

pcga-nlZ participateS in the 24th
international coaStal clean–up
  The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary-          and      Natural     resources
Northern Luzon under the command                 region 1        thru regional
of COMMO Pablo C Ortega, District                executive Director Corazon
Director actively participated in this year’s    C. Davis awarded them a
International Coastal Clean-up Day, with the     Certificate of Appreciation,
theme: Katubigan, Linisin! Alagaan! This         for their dedicated efforts
is in response to the commemoration of           and invaluable support to the
International Coastal Clean-up Day (ICCD)        success of the activity. CAPT
as embodied in Presidential Proclamation         Lourdes P Calacal, CGAD-
No. 470 signed by PGMA declaring every           NLZ Chief of Staff received
3rd Saturday of September as ICC Day.            the certificate on behalf of the
  Further, the Department of environment         District Director.

                                                                       Meet our Partners
                                                                        srentraP ruo teeM
coMModore rolando Montoya diZon
30th Commander of the Coast Guard District Central eastern Visayas,
assumed the position last 15 August 2008.

   COMMODOre           rOLANDO      MONTOYA       Fabian C Ver, learning first hand security and
DIZON, is a graduate of the Philippine            security operations under the direct tutelage
Military Academy (PMA) belonging to the           of the CS, AFP. In this assignment, he gained
“DIMALuPIG” class of 1981, is of Pampango         the whole picture, insights and what security
heritage. His elementary and secondary            and operations are all about.
education were completed at the Paco                 His relief from the PSC as the result of the
Catholic School in 1974. He then attended at      edsa I revolution gave him the opportunity
the university of the east (ue) for his college   to hone on his other skills as an educator/
studies but was not able to complete his          trainer, by being assigned to his alma mater,
electronics and Communications engineering        the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). This        Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP),
(eCe) course as he entered as a cadet of the      assignment exposed him to all the facets of        the regular Field Training exercises (FTX),
Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City        military training and education. He spent five     the regular “coup-d-etat” during the term
and graduated with a Bachelor of Science          (5) years in the PMA, his duties known as          of President Corazon C Aquino in the late
(BS) degree and subsequently commissioned         sound system in the entire Academy’s Groups,       ‘80s, the Bombing of the PMA Grandstand
as an ensign of the Philippine Navy. He is the    as a Tactical Officer and Military Instructor      in March 1989 and in July 16,1990 known
first member of the class to don the stars        in Tactics Group, an Academic Instructor in        as the “Killer earthquake” among others.
on his shoulders when he was promoted             the Academic Group in the Department of            He then culminated his stint in PMA, as the
Commodore on 18 January 2007.                     Mathematics and engineering, and a Training        Academy’s Operations Chief of the Military
   Commodore Dizon (s a coastguard officer        Support Officer in the Support Group.              Academy Operations (MA-3), the heart of all
from the start of his naval career. His first     Although performing duties as an educator,         the academy operations.
assignment is with the Philippine Coast           his keen sense for security and operations            Commodore Dizon prepared himself
Guard (PCG) and assigned onboard a Coast          stands out and was noticed, allowing him to        academically and professionally in handling
Guard Presidential escort Vessel, BrP Bataan      be assigned Staff Officer for Intelligence (S-2)   positions with of greater responsibilities. He
(SAr 77). He assumed an initial billet aboard     of Support Group; Commanding Officer of the        underwent and finished his required service
said vessel as Presidential Service Officer       PMA Security, the unit providing the security      schooling as stipulated by service regulations,
and Mess Officer. From then on, he rose up        to the three (3) camps administered by PMA.        the last of which is the Naval Command
the ranks to become Commanding Officer of         He was also designated as Confinement              and General Staff Corps (NCGSC), all in the
the Coast Guard’s new ships, the BrP llocos       Officer of the 100 confined prisoners of the       Philippine Navy Schools. These provided him
Norte (SArV 3501) and the BrP Batangas            NBP in the PMA Prison Colony, because              the tactical and strategic education needed in
(SArV 004). Successfully finished his billet      of the security problems with the Insular          his chosen fields of service. His education was
as Commanding Officer in the different            Prisoners (IPs). During his stint in that          supplemented by numerous training here and
categories of coastguard vessels and was          position, he was able to solve prison-inmate       abroad, and vast experience in the different
awarded the most coveted Command at Sea           problems, eliminating the regular gang wars        fields of assignments in various capacities in
Badge.                                            and fugitives of the IPs by improving their        the Military/Navy and Coast Guard service.
   While still a junior officer, Commo Dizon’s    morale and living condition, and creating             Commodore Dizon is with the Philippine
service direction was inclined towards            harmonious relationship between the                Coast Guard (PCG) by choice, starting his
security and operations. His ability for this     different IP gangs inside the PMA stockade.        naval career in the Coast Guard Service and
was early recognized with his assignment          He also became the Officer-ln-Charge of the        stayed on up to the present. He grew from the
with the Presidential Security Command            PMA Band which by him, the unit developed          lowest position in Coast Guard administration
(PSC), to provide security to the President       and improved further their music being             and operations, as duty officer, staff officer
of the republic of the Philippines, the Seat      provided. His assignments in PMA, gave             of the HPCG and CG District, CG Station
of Government, and the First Family. His          him more experience in the field of security       Commander, Chief-of-staff of a CG District,
assignment with PSC also allowed him to be        and operations. He was exposed further to          Deputy Commander of a CG District and finally
assigned at the Tactical Operations Center        different security activities/incidents, such      as District Commander. Most noteworthy
(TOC), Community Hall, Malacanang Park,           as the annual Academy activities/schedules         of these positions are his Acting District
the operations center personally under the        and the almost weekly visits of VIP’s in PMA,      Commander of Coast Guard District Northern
Chief-of-Staff, AFP (CSAFP), the then General     the troop movements of the Cadet Corps             Luzon in a very junior rank of Commander,
                                                                                                                                       TurN TO PAGe 13...
           Official Publication of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

From           Coast
By: VADM eduardo r Alvarez PCGA
                                                                       to          Coast
  Allow me to start this column                                                                        not go. This may be partly my fault. I had a
by congratulating Admiral Wilfredo                                       International      Coastal    business trip to San Fernando, La union last
D Tamayo PCG and all the officers and                                  Clean-up Day                    September 25 for the blessing of our newly
enlisted personnel of the Philippine                                     Last September 19, we         established branch, and since I have to stay
Coast Guard on your 108th founding                              had coastal clean-up activities all    overnight as San Fernando is six hours drive
anniversary. I also wish to congratulate all the            over the country as all the Districts      from Manila, I requested COMMO Ortega if he
awardees, which includes the PCGA 605th             responded to my request for day long clean-        can organize a District meeting the following
Squadron as PCGA Squadron of the Year.              up activities in as many areas possible during     morning so that I can also meet other PCGA
                                                    this International Coastal Clean-up day. I was     officers in that region, to which he consented.
SAR and Disaster Relief Operations due to           hoping to announce the volume of the trash            Our command meeting was indeed the
Typhoon Ondoy                                       we were able to accumulate but not all the         longest we had so far, having started on time
   September 26 was supposed to be a                data cards are in yet as I write this article.     at 2pm and ended at 9:15pm. That is a 7.25
big day for CGAD NCr-CL under COMMO                 Will let you know in due time. Actually, some      hours meeting without any break. We just
Danny Cabalde as they have scheduled a well         of the Districts started their clean-up the        had sandwiches and plenty of super sweet
planned emergency response task Force               weekend before and some even the weekend           lanzones from Camiguin brought by rADM Jun
Simulation exercise at Manila bay near Mall of      after to coincide with the National Maritime       Juarez. It was indeed a very fruitful meeting
Asia. Because of the very heavy rains which         Week. In fact, CGAD Northern Luzon did a           and I was impressed with the various reports
caused floodings in Metro Manila which was          first part the day before, September 18, and       presented by the District Directors, especially
never experienced before, they had to forego        such activity appeared in the front page of        that from COMMO Cabalde of CGAD NCr-CL
with the planned exercise, and instead went         Manila Bulletin as lead story complete with        which was like a full movie production. The
on actual search and rescue operations              a picture which occupied nearly half page. I       various functioning Boards also gave very
initially in Marikina and Araneta Avenue in         tried to gather as much photos from all over       good reports on their accomplishments,
Quezon City that same day but closer already        the country for this publication, unfortunately,   as well as the ad hoc committees I created.
to midnight, which continued for several days       I did not get some of the reports/pictures         Copies of the reports of the Promotions
more in Cainta. Disaster relief operations          in time. Again, let me thank all the District      Board, the uniform Committee, Awards
immediately followed which was still ongoing        Directors for their kind cooperation. Please       and Decorations Board, and the Ad Hoc
as I write this column. Let me, therefore,          take note that most of these clean-ups took        Committee on Standardization of PCGA ranks
congratulate COMMO Cabalde and all the              place when the District Directors were not         were given to the District Directors who were
officers and auxiliarists of CGAD NCr-CL for a      in their localities as we had a PCGA national      supposed to give their feedback by month-
job well done. Please refer to a relevant article   command meeting at Cagayan de Oro City             end. At this time, the respective Chairs are
written by COMMO Cabalde elsewhere in this          that afternoon of September 19. What was           already finalizing their reports for submission
publication. Let me also thank all the donors       interesting is that some reports presented by      to the PCG Commandant for approval. Also,
of all sorts of relief goods which including        the District Directors already included their      we have finalized our suggested minimum
food items, clothes, blankets, and medicines.       coastal clean-ups done that same morning…          qualifications for my successor, as well as
I also wish to personally thank COMMO Joey          thanks to modern communications.                   those for the two Deputy National Directors
Dy for spearheading the search and rescue                                                              and Directors of the four major support
operations that late Saturday evening. He           PCGA national command meeting                      commands, as well as the selection process.
was giving me progress reports up to 3am              I wish to thank all those who made it to         everyone in the meeting which numbered
of Sunday, when he temporarily terminated           our PCGA national command meeting held             close to thirty expressed their respective
operations that morning. Let me also thank          at Pryce Plaza Hotel in Cagayan de Oro             opinions, and we came up with a consensus
rADM Boy Tronqued and other officers of the         City which was hosted by CGAD Northern             on the following minimum qualifications for
Manila Yacht Club for their various assistance      Mindanao under COMMO Ferdie Bernasor.              all the above mentioned positions: 1. active
to the victims of the floodings especially in       We had very good attendance with eight of          membership of PCGA for at least six (6)
providing rubber boats. Similar thanks to           the ten Districts represented. Only CGAD           years; 2. Must have been a PCGA flag officer
rADM Dick Gordon and his staff from the             Southern Tagalog and CGAD Northern Luzon           for at least two (2) years; 3. Must be on active
Philippine National red Cross who also              were not represented. COMMO Jess Villarosa         status for the past two (2) years prior to the
provided the well needed assistance. He even        could not attend as the meeting coincided with     start of his term (active was further defined
called me up close to midnight that Saturday        the first birthday of his only grandson, while     as having attended at least 50% of the PCGA
offering some more rubber boats for the use         COMMO Pablo Ortega was busy preparing              national command meeting during the past
of our PCGA members in our search and               for their own District Command meeting             two years); 4. Physically fit and of good moral
rescue operations.                                  the following Saturday, and therefore, could       character; and 5. Must be a Filipino citizen.


It was also decided that only the incumbent        (please see sample in
National Director, the two Deputy National         pictures taken during the
Directors (Administration and Operations) and      uSCGA NACON printed
the ten (10) District Directors are qualified to   elsewhere in the publication.
vote for the incoming PCGA National Director.      Finally, we will have our
It was further agreed that the two Deputies        “echo” uniform which will be
and Directors of the four major support            a light blue long sleeves shirt
commands will be nominated by the incoming         with dark blue necktie, dark
National Director subject to confirmation          blue pants and dark blue coat
of the National executive Board and further        (similar to what the PCGA
approval by the PCG Commandant. It was             senior officers are wearing
also decided that the PCGA National executive      during their formal events).
Board would now also include the Directors         Again, all these require
                                                                                     VADM ed Alvarez and COMO ray Campbell sign the Terms of reference of the
of the four major support commands. They           final approval by the PCG         Asia Pacific Network of Search and rescue Organizations which was witnessed
are non-voting members though, similar             Commandant. Thus, please          by COMMO Joseph Dy PCGA, rADM Buddy Mendoza PCGA, Coast Guard New
to the Chief of Staff and the past National        limit uniforms worn during        Zealand CeO Bruce reid, CDr Jose William Isaga PCG, Canadian Coast Guard
Director when it comes to the selection of         PCGA affairs to our service       Chairman Malcolm Dunderdale, CDr Harold Wolf PCGA, and CDr Al Verdee,
                                                                                     Past National COMO ev Tucker, COMO ed Lott and CDr Felix Lopez, all of the
the incoming National Director. rADM Noel          blue alpha and service blue       united Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Laman, whom I designated as Chairman of            bravo until further notice.
the Technical Working Committee, is now                                                                   recognitions.
finalizing the draft of the amendment to the       USCGA National Convention and activities                  I also had two opportunities to address
PCGA regulations Manual for final approval         of International Affairs Directorate                   the body. First was during the round table
by the PCG Commandant.                                I led the lean delegation of the PCGA to            discussion among the delegates from other
   Of course, it was not all work, as COMMO        united States Coast Guard Auxiliary National           countries wherein I explained our new
Oca Orbeta, COMMO George Chua, COMMO               Convention last August 27 to 29, 2009. With            organizational set-up with the four major
Harold Wolf, CAPT Oca Garcia and I had a           me were rADM Buddy Mendoza, COMMO                      support commands which they said is worth
chance to play at the famous Pueblo de Oro         Harold Wolf, COMMO Joey Dy and CDr                     considering for their respective organizations.
Golf Club the following morning.                   Vanessa Garon. Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo                 My second talk was during the opening
                                                   was originally speaking at the convention but          ceremonies and I took the opportunity to
Standard PCGA Uniforms                             he had to cancel his trip at the last minute           report on our very successful hosting of
  The Committee of rADM Bong Donato                due to the ongoing Senate hearings on the              the Asia Pacific Conference on Maritime
also presented their proposed standard             PCG Bill. His speech, which was incidentally           Safety and environmental Concerns, and
PCGA uniforms which we have unanimously            well applauded, was read by CDr William                also invited them to our next conference in
approved. I have endorsed their proposal to        Isaga, who was able to attend the convention.          Puerto Princesa, Palawan next March 25 –
the PCG Commandant and I am just awaiting          I am happy that CDr Isaga was there to                 27, 2010. We also took the opportunity to
his approval. Basically, we will have five sets    witness the very good relationship we have             hold a meeting of the Asia Pacific Network
of uniforms. First is our Service Blue Alpha       with the united States Coast Guard Auxiliary           of Search and rescue Organizations since
uniform (light blue blouse with dark blue          and other similar organizations. He also saw           all of the uSCGA, the PCGA, the Australian
pants with shoulder boards and all badges          the cohesiveness and respect for each other            Volunteer Coast Guard Associations and
and earned ribbons) which will soon be             between the united States Coast Guard and              the royal New Zealand Coast Guard were
known as “Alpha”. Then, our Service Blue           the united Coast Guard Auxiliary who now               represented. We also invited Mr. Malcolm
Bravo uniform (same as alpha except that we        call such partnership as “Team Coast Guard”.           Dunderdale, President of the Canadian Coast
wear soft shoulder loop instead of shoulder           COMMO Harold Wolf and I were surprised              Guard Auxiliary, Mr. Adrian van der Hoeven
board plus nameplate, squadron badge, and          by the uSCGA when they presented to us                 and Mr. Curd evertsz, President and Vice
command badge only) will now be known as           Honorary Life Membership to the united                 President respectively of the Citizens rescue
“Bravo”. Our working uniform will be “Charlie”     States Coast Guard Auxiliary in appreciation           organization Curacao who gave us very good
which is dark blue blouse and pants with           for our hosting of the Asia Pacific Conference         advices based on their experiences. rADM
nameplate and ranks only sewn using gold or        on Maritime Safety and environmental                   Sally Brice - O’ Hara, Deputy Commandant
yellow thread. The above three uniforms will       Concerns last March and the formation of the           for Operations of the uSCGA was also there
be our standard uniforms and all PCG officers      Asia Pacific Network of Search and rescue              to give us pointers.
are required to have all three. Auxiliarists on    organizations. I was personally so touched                Having received the approval from Admiral
the other hand will only wear white T-shirts       with such kind gesture. I was also advised by          Willy Tamayo a few days earlier, I also signed
with collar and with PCGA logo printed on left     past NACO ev Tucker that a similar honorary            the Terms of reference of the Asia Pacific
pocket plus any dark pants including jeans.        life membership was arranged for VADM                  Network of Search and rescue Organizations
Then, for more formal occasions, we have           Joselito Aseniero which will be presented by           together with COMO ray Campbell, National
two more uniforms. The “Delta” will be our         CDr Felix Lopez when he visits Manila this             Commodore of the Australian Volunteer
white “tuxedos” with black pants which we          December. Congratulations, VADM Aseniero               Coast Guard Associations, as well as our
wear during the uSCGA National Convention          and COMMO Wolf for the well deserved                   Memorandum of understanding with both
           Official Publication of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

the royal New Zealand Coast Guard and the        several PCGA events.                                Luzon under COMMO Pablo Ortega who had
Wellington Coast Guard.                             On August 1, I was guest speaker during an       impressive accomplishments the past months,
  Talking about New Zealand, COMMO               induction ceremony of new PCGA members in           particularly during the National Maritime Week.
Harold Wolf represented PCGA in the national     Puerto Princesa at the headquarters of CGAD         I then had to rush back to Manila since VADM
convention of Coast Guard New Zealand in         Palawan in the compound of rADM Buddy               Mon Liwag already asked me to mobilize our
Christchurch late last month, and brought        Mendoza, where I also had a chance to meet          assistance to the PCG on the ongoing floodings
back the signed MOu with both the royal          with CAPT Joel Garcia who reported the very         in Metro Manila. I immediately called COMMO
New Zealand Coast Guard and the Wellington       good cooperation between the PCG and PCGA           Cabalde and COMMO Dy who immediately
Coast Guard.                                     in the whole of Palawan.                            mobilized the emergency response Team of
                                                    On August 17, I attended the 10th year           CGAD NCr-CL. I received so many requests for
National Maritime Week and PCG                   anniversary celebration of the PCGA 116th           assistance particularly from Marikina, Cainta,
Commandant’s Cup                                 Squadron under COMMO emmy Garon which               Pasig, Quezon City and Mandaluyong, but since
   I wish to thank all the District Directors    was well attended by senior officers from both      I was still traveling to Manila, I only could pass
who mobilized their members in participating     the PCG and the PCGA. Among the attendees           all those requests to both the PCG Action Center
in the weeklong activities initiated by the      from PCG were VADM ramon Liwag with                 and the PCGA Maritime Search and rescue
Philippine Coast Guard all over the country      spouse Mafe, COMMO Louie Tuason and                 Command. I had to stay overnight in Clark that
which included blood letting, mangrove           COMMO Cecil Chen. even former Commandant            Saturday since NLeX bound for Manila was no
planting, coastal clean-up, medical and dental   Admiral Danny Abinoja graced the occasion.          longer passable.
missions, among many others. Some PCGA              While in Cagayan de Oro, I was able to attend
officers also participated in the ceremonial     also the tail-end of the District Command           December 5 national command meeting
program and motorcade last September 25.         meeting of CGAD Northern Mindanao under             and Christmas fellowship
I was unable to join Admiral Tamayo that day     COMMO Ferdie Bernasor and heard reports               Let me end this article by reminding
as I was then traveling to San Fernando, La      from the Squadron Directors who traveled long       everyone that our next national command
union that morning.                              distances to be able to attend said meeting, and    meeting will be on Saturday, December 5, in
   Let me also thank COMMO Danny Cabalde         the fellowship dinner wherein I was also the        Metro Manila and I have requested COMMO
and the CGAD NCr-CL for representing the         guest of honor and speaker.                         Danny Cabalde to organize this event which
PCGA in the PCG Commandant’s Cup which              I was also able to meet the members of the       will also be our Christmas fellowship event
included many sports. My gratitude also          Squadron in Dumaguete headed by CAPT edith          with our counterparts in the Philippine Coast
goes to the other nine District Directors who    Vera, and I wish to thank COMMO Norma Porter,       Guard. We will again start the command
agreed to share the cost of the uniforms and     Director of CGAD Central eastern Visayas and        meeting at 2pm and the fellowship will be at
other expenses of our PCGA teams.                her Chief of Staff, CDr Neil Montemar, for          7pm. Given the very long meeting we had at
                                                 coming all the way from Cebu in joining said        Cagayan de Oro, I am now allotting up to five
Visits to various Districts and Squadrons        meeting last September 22.                          hours for this last meeting for 2009.
   During the past two months, I was able to        Lastly, I was also able to attend the District
visit some of our operating units and attended   Command meeting of CGAD Northern

and the Assistant Chief-of-Staff for             (IMO) and the PCG was given reward money            Maginoo), three (3) Coast Guard Distinguish
Operations (CG-3), during the change of the      in the amount of fifty thousand dollars             Service Medal, one (1) Gawad sa Kaunlaran
century, better known as the Y2K. He was also    ($50,000.00) for the accomplishment. He was         Medal, one (1) Coast Guard Cross Medal,
privileged to be designated as Commander,        also responsible in neutralizing coastguard         three (3) Bronze Medal, five (5) Coast Guard
Task Force 51 (MArPOLeX SOrONG) for a            personnel who run amok, killing an officer and      Merit Medal, six (6) Military Merit Medal,
three (3) years regular Member, Philippine-      two (2) enlisted men, and securing the district     twenty-eight (28) various Military/Coast
Malaysia     “PHILMAL”      Boarder     Patrol   headquarters which was completely occupied          Guard Medals, Badge and forty one (41) other
Operations and Area Commander of one (1)         by the amok personnel. He also underwent            commendations, plaques and appreciations.
of the five (5) Coast Guard Area Commands,       many Search and rescue (SAr) missions,                A decisive and hands-on commander,
as a Commander, Coast Guard Mindanao             risking life and limb in many occasions. Most       he gets the job done immediately and with
Command (CGMINCOM) even for a short              worthy mentioning is the SAr on the much            defined results. A balance of competence
period of more than a month from 14 August       publicized MV Princes of the Orient, Super          and openness has proven to be his edge for
- 19 September 2007.                             Ferry 14 which was bomb by the Abu Sayaf            success. Still, while he can be downright
   In the PCG, he can be best remembered as      extremist terrorist group during height of the      practical and strictly professional, there is
the District Commander who led his men in        worldwide terrorist activities.                     always his engaging private side.
the recovery of a pirated international vessel      In recognition of his competence and               Commodore Dizon and Maria Lourdez
MV Inabukwa and cause the apprehension           leadership, he was entrusted the responsibility     Navarro is blessed with two sons and a
of nine (9) Indonesian pirates. Said feat        to lead four (4) Coast Guard Districts up to        daughter namely; Capt Jose roy Manuel,
was recognized internationally by no less        the present. He is also a recipient of three        rufino Miguel and Michelle Veronica.
than the International Maritime Organization     (3) Coast Guard Legion of Honor (Degree of

the Junior pcga
Bantayan Island “SeA SCOuTS”

   It was a bright summer day when the          necessary meetings to
cheers and the shouts of the running            prepare the necessities of
students crossing the sandbar and long          the program. After several
stretch of the beach of the town of Santa Fe    meetings and planning,
that reminds me of how this little but strong   the group has tapped
scouts break through my thoughts…               SANTA        Fe NATIONAL
   The Philippine Coast Guard with the          HIGH SCHOOL under its
Directives to conduct Sea Scout Training to     Principal Mr. MArIANICO
all its PCGA assets has earned the heart of     e. ILuSTrISIMO and his
the Coast Guard Auxiliary District–Central      Faculty members to host
and eastern Visayas under the leadership        the event.
of COMMO NOrMA Y POrTer PCGA.                      The school welcomed
   It was a long preparation for the planning   the       program       and                   Santa Fe National High School.
which took about three months for the           suggested students from senior high              The start commenced from the March
Coast Guard District Central eastern            school to be recruited. The CGADCeV           from Sports Complex to the Santa Fe
Visayas under the command of COMMO              ordered CDr MArIO NeIL T MONTeMAr             National High School classrooms for the
rOLANDO M DIZON PCG and the Coast               PCGA to conduct coordinated preparations      Briefing instructions towards the Start
Guard Auxiliary District Central eastern        to the 205th Squadron and the School for      of the Lectures. The whole course was a
Visayas to cope up with the necessary           the Physical screening which was initiated.   painstaking preparations and dedications
plans for the Sea Scout Training Class 01-         It is composed of 50 meter free style      which includes proper coordination and
2009.                                           swimming, 100 meters road run, sit ups        commitments to develop the youth in this
   Composing the Training Staffs from the       and push ups. More than one hundred           field of concerns. The courses were BASIC
PCG with the corresponding orders for the       students try out for the screening but only   FIrST AID, BASIC SurVIVAL SWIMMING,
weeklong Training Course is worth a big job     fifty were chosen. Medical exam was also      LIFerAFT HANDLING, BOATING SAFeTY,
for the officers and men of the CGDCeV.         initiated through the coordination with the   VeSSeL IDeNTIFICATION AND DISTreSS
Movement         Plans,     Accommodation       Local Government led by Honorable Mayor       rePOrTING, BASIC MArINe POLLuTION
Plans, and Training Schedules were part         Jennifer I. Ilustrisimo and the Municipal     CONTrOL, BASIC OIL SPILL reCOVerY
of the Preparations plus the security           Health Officer Dr. rowena D. Manalili M.D.,   WITH THe uSe OF INDIGeNOuS
and Mobilization Plans. The PCG Team            and results reveals four students unfit to    MATerIALS, AND VALueS FOrMATION
was led by CDr ANeLITO D GABISAN                undergo the Training.                         AND CHArACTer BuILDING.
O-114812 PCG as the Course Director,               The proper procedures and the successful      The students were housed in the Santa
LTJG MICHeLL V urSABIA O-0433 PCG               Implementation Plans from CGDCeV under        Fe National High School and were supplied
as Assistant Course Director, eNS JeZreL        COMMO rOLANDO M DIZON PCG and                 with the necessary food, clothing and
J GeSuLGON O-0462 PCG as Tactics                CDr ANeLITO D GABISAN PCG led to the          supplies during the five days training. At
Officer, CPO CArOLINO L LerIO 691212            convening of the PCG-PCGA SeA SCOuTS          Day 1- in the morning they were brief of the
PCG as POIC for Academics, PO1 ALLAN            CLASS 01-2009 in the morning of April 28,     course overview by both PCG officers and
B CABeGuIN 644809 PCG as Assistant for          2009 at the Santa Fe Sports Complex which     PCGA-School Faculty Staffs for the start
Academics, PO2 FeLIX B BArAJAN 699872           was witnessed by the parents, School          up. In the afternoon, the group led by Mr
PCG as POIC for Tactics, PO2 Aldrin A Cabo      Faculties, CAPT PeTer HOLAYSAN PCGA           NeIL ANGeLO SANCHeZ from the Office
793016 PCG as Assistant for Tactics, SW1        and the members of the 205th Squadron-        of the regional Disaster Coordinating
Janice G Barcelona PCG, SN2 Chester Allan       Bantayan Island, the Local Government         Council-Office of the Civil Defense region
M Ampongan 003546 PCG, SN2 reynante             officials and the local residents of Santa    7 taught the students on the Basic First
C Alao 003809 PCG and ASN erwin F Libron        Fe. The simple program started the proper     aid. Students were divided among groups
004410 PCG as members to completes              training with the turnover of the forty-      to catch up the lectures easily. They were
their team.                                     six students to the PCG-PCGA Training         able to train the students about First aids
   The PCGA, in our part, has also done our     Staffs. CDr ANeLITO D GABISAN PCG was         for wounds, fractures, burns and other
share in the preparations. COMMO NOrMA          designated as the Course Director from the    common problems encountered at sea and
Y POrTer PCGA has chosen the 205th              PCG Training Staff, CDr MArIO NeIL T          land respectively. It was continued until
Squadron PCGA as the host for the activity.     MONTeMAr PCGA as the Course Director          Day 2. The Students were not as relaxed
CAPT PeTer L HOLAYSAN PCGA was more             from the PCGA, and Mr. MArIANICO e.           as they get in normal schools, they started
than happy to accept the proposal and made      ILuSTrISIMO as course Director from the       to wake up at 5 AM and have calisthenics
                                                                                              and road run until 6 AM. Then they have
          Official Publication of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

a 30 minutes Personal Admin time before         scientific swimming and actual practical        the students group themselves into an
Chow at 6:30 AM. Briefing for classroom         swimming at the KOTA BeACH reSOrT in            operational group which will cope up the
instructions follows by 7 AM then the           Santa Fe, Bantayan Island beach. They were      needs of the scenario. On May 1, 2009,
lecture proper from 8 AM to 12noon and          also trained to carry drowning victims from     with the presence of our PCGA National
1 PM to 5 PM in the afternoon. During the       sea to shore rescue.. It was very interesting   Commander-VADM eDuArDO r ALVAreZ
Day, only 15 minutes break were given in        topics wherein students were getting fun in     PCGA, DCS for CG7 & PCGA Affairs
the morning and another 15 minutes break        learning how rescue swimming is.                CDr JOSe WILLIAM u. ISAGA PCG, and
in the afternoon.                                  The 205th Squadron, under CAPT PeTer         CGADCeV District Commander COMMO
   After Classroom Instructions, classes        L HOLAYSAN PCGA also assigned PCGA              NOrMA Y. POrTer PCGA witnessed
continue to the Tactics group. Here they        members of the Squadron to counterpart          the Practical exercise. The students were
were taught proper marching, parade             the duty details of the PCG and hand            able to perform Vessel identification in
formations, and strict discipline. Dinner       in hand worked out the success of the           distress, Search and rescue Formation,
were served at 6:30 PM, then 15 minutes         Training course. The PCGA officers from         Practical rescue swimming, First aid at sea
Admin Time follows. And at last but not         205th were CDr CeLSO A. eSPINOSA                and Marine Oil Pollution Control. It was
the least- Values Formation follows until       Sr PCGA, LCDr ePIFANIO L. NAPALLA               a big success and big Pride of the 205th
9PM under the Faculty Staffs of Santa           PCGA, LCDr reNATO A. eSPINOSA PCGA,             Squadron- Bantayan Island.
Fe National High School under Mr.               LTSG rANDY S. BOHOL PCGA, LTSG LeVI               On May 2, 2009, the Commencement
MArIANICO e. ILuSTrISIMO, Mr. NOeL              e. eSPINOSA PCGA, LTSG eXPeDITO L.              exercise was finally made at Santa Fe
L. NerVIDA, Mr. LINMAr CAYSON and               JIMeNeZ PCGA, LTSG PePe GueNAreZ                Sports Complex with the Guest of Honor in
the PCGA officers of the 205th Squadron         PCGA, eNS GerArDO G. MuANA PCGA                 the person of COMMO rOLANDO M DIZON
led by CAPT PeTer L HOLAYSAN PCGA.              and the new recruits of the 205th Squadron      PCG- District Commander of the CGDCeV.
   COMMO rOBerT D INOFerIO PCGA                 PCGA. These officers were in charge of          The 205th Squadron was lauded for the
also taught the students on the matters         the coordinating efforts with the Local         very nice accommodating atmosphere
of PCGA organization and functions. He          Government, PNP-Santa Fe, and other             and the elements of the wonderful training
further taught values formation and good        institutions necessary for the conduct of       Course. COMMO NOrMA Y POrTer PCGA
conduct as PCGA scouts.                         the Training Course. Further officers also      Congratulates and commended the Officer
   each day becomes exciting to the             contributed food and efforts to make this       and men of the PCG CGDCeV for a job well
students, they were brought to the Sports       course a success.                               done. It was the first and most successful
complex for the Practical First aid tests          After     the    extensive     classroom     Training Course ever had this PCGA District
and Practical exercises which caught up         instructions and Practical Lessons, the final   has done before. These efforts could
very much attention and satisfaction for        exercise was done at the beach of Santa Fe,     not have been done without the proud
the course. Later by the afternoon, a new       Bantayan Island, Cebu. The PCG created          sponsors, and efforts of the Officer and
lesson were introduced and taught by no         a scenario which will allow the students        men of the PCG and PCGA this District-
less than CDr ANeLITO D GABISAN PCG             to use their new skills and knowledge in        CGDCeV & CGADCeV.
about vessel safety, Identification of Vessel   reaction to the subject exercise.                 And in this Coast Guard Anniversary we
in Distress and reporting of same. It was          The scenario includes a motorized Banca      would like to congratulate and salute all
another exciting topic since the Island of      which encountered an engine problem             Officers and Men of the untiring Philippine
Bantayan is part of the Nautical highways       at sea. It was drifted towards a certain        Coast Guard….Mabuhay Kayo! At Mabuhay
in the Philippines that has been witness to     direction. It has 15 passengers, men            and Auxiliary! More Power to us all.
numerous sea mishaps in the vicinity.           and women and were
   Marine Pollution Control was another         suffering from hunger
topic discussed and taught by CPO               and colds. Then the
Carolino P. Lerio PCG and CPO Alinsub           motor Banca capsized
PCG. Students were taught how to identify       at the vicinity off the
oil spills in the area and make use of          beach of Santa Fe.
indigenous material such as Coconut             Some passengers were
Husks, palms. Corn stalks and other             bitten by some sharks,
materials to contained and retrieved oil        others got bends, some
at sea. They were taught how to organize        were drowned, some
themselves in case of an oil spill incident.    were exhausted from
   Tactics Group led by PO2 Felix B Barajan     swimming and others
PCG and PO2 Aldrin A. Cabo PCG from             were        non-swimmers.
PCG-SOG test and trained the students in        Then the Banca spilled off
the Basic Survival Swimming. The were           oil at sea.
taught in the classrooms for the proper            In     this    scenario,


     The International round Table                    recognized for the many contributions he                 The terms of reference were also signed
discussion was a closed door meeting and              gave to increasing safety of life at sea.              by representatives of Australia and the
was attended by the Australia Volunteer               COMMO Wolf on the other hand, was cited                Philippines for the Asia Pacific Network of
Coast Guard Association, the Canadian                 for his active commitment to increasing                Search and rescue Organizations. Most
Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Canadian Power             SAr response along the Pacific rim and                 members are from Asia, but the Canadian
and Sail Squadrons, the Curacao Citizen               his devotion to duty toward preserving the             Coast Guard Auxiliary expressed their
rescue Committee, the royal New Zealand               safety of life at sea.                                 interest to be part of the newly formed
Coast Guard, the Philippine Coast Guard                 In return,VADM ed Alvarez and CDr                    organization. COMMO Harold Wolf is the
and the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary.             William Isaga PCG presented Admiral Thad               current Chairman and the 2nd Annual
  In behalf of the uSCGA, COMO Nicholas               Allen, Commandant of the uSCG with a                   Meeting will be held in Puerto Princesa,
Kerigan, presented both VADM Alvarez                  PCG Commandant’s Plaque representing                   Palawan, Philippines in March coinciding
and COMMO Wolf with honorary life                     the Admiral Tamayo’s appreciation for                  with the PCGA National Convention.
memberships to the uSCGA. VADM Alvarez                his continued support, cooperation, and
was cited for his devotion to duty and was            collaboration with the PCG and the PCGA.

Attendees to the International round Table Meeting                                     VADM ed Alvarez receives life membership to the uSCGA from uSCGA NACO
                                                                                       Nick Kerrigan

VADM ed Alvarez presents the PCG Commandant plaque to Admiral Thad Allen (Commandant   COMMO Harold Wolf also receives plaque from NACO Nick Kerrigan
of the uSCG) while CDr William Isaga PCG looks on

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