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Issue 7, December 2009

A celebration of

the Season

AOGP will be closed to the public from
21 December 2009–4 January 2010
Issue 7, December 2009

                              Yes, as the picture declares it was recently my birthday and
                              I have now entered my 5th decade. I was born on the cusp
                              of an era where society’s rules were starting to be openly
                              challenged; the impossible was thought to be possible.
                              I am certain that this environmental backdrop during my
                              upbringing flavoured my approach to dealing with matters.
                              I was never going to be a passive passenger of life! I would
                              like to think that this augers well for the interesting next
                              phase in GP Training and the increasing use of the General
                              Practice community environment for broader medical

                              Acknowledging GPET’s new national responsibility for the
                              distribution of the prevocational funding, AOGP, together
Happy 50th Birthday Linda!
                              with Sturt Fleurieu, recently co-hosted an information day.
                              This event achieved its goal of allowing new and not-so-
                              new PGPPP providers to share their models of training and
                              education delivery for this cohort of fledgling doctors. The
                              importance and relevancy of this program is perhaps best
                              expressed in the simple fact that more than 50% of AOGP’s
                              new Registrars come through the PGPPP program, and 100%
                              of the participants would recommend a GP prevocational
                              placement to other junior doctors, regardless of their career
                              aspirations. We need to ensure this General Practice-
                              based training, in private practice settings, continues to be
                              accurately funded. Equally, our aim will be to expand the
                              program so that an even larger percentage of Interns may
                              take up this important training opportunity.

                              In other sections of the newsletter, I have bid Alison
                              Marrinan a long-term adieu as she heads back overseas
                              to live, and Vanessa Ryan a temporary adieu as she heads
                              into motherhood. I want to reiterate our good wishes to
                              them both as they enter these new phases in their lives.
                              New personnel are currently being recruited to pick up the
                              responsibilities undertaken by both these able people.

                              As 2009 concludes—I think to the bemusement of a few—I
                              am really quite excited by the prospect of what this next
                              decade holds, both professionally and personally. This is, in
                              a major part, because of my family and the team I work with,
                              both within our organisation and more broadly in our region.
                              A big thank you to all, and may this season of celebration
                              unfold exactly as you wish.

                             Linda Black
                             Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                           A celebration of PGPPP                      04

 Contents                                                                                  IMG
                                                                                           Education update
                                                                                           SLO update
                                                                                           Prime your practice
                                                                                           From the RLOs                               10
                                                                                           AOGP’s night of nights                      11
                                                                                           Out-of-practice Education Calendar 12

From Alison                                                                                Farewell to a PGPPP
A fond farewell to all the wonderful                                                       champion
PGPPP Stakeholders and others
                                                                                           Alison Marrinan, AOGP’s indomitable
in AOGP’s broader community
                                                                                           PGPPP advocate, is leaving at year’s end to
with whom I’ve had the pleasure of
                                                                                           return to Singapore with her husband, Tony.
working with over the past four and
                                                                                           It is with mixed feelings that we bid a fond
a half years. It has been particularly
                                                                                           farewell to Alison.
rewarding to see the exponential
learning achieved by the junior                                                            AOGP, and specifically our PGPPP
doctors during their well supervised,                                                      stakeholders have been the major
well supported and confidence-                                                              benefactors of Alison’s sterling efforts. She
building PGPPP placements.                                                                 has approached her role with enthusiasm
                                                                                           and a determined endeavour that has
‘Alison to Outback’ has made a                                                             ensured PGPPP has translated into a
great contribution to GP education                                                         successful and well established landmark
by developing and fostering                                                                program that sits across the AOGP
an education team which has                                                                landscape.
successfully attracted junior doctors
to the specialty.’                                                                         We are truly grateful for all her great work
                                                                         Alison Marrinan
                                                               PGPPP Project Coordinator   and she will be very much missed. We wish
Dr Peter Donohoe, Supervisor                                                               her success and happiness in this next
                                                                                           important stage of her life.

‘The success of PGPPP has          ‘Her commitment to the                ‘From the very first                 ‘Alison has a calm
been due not only to the           PGPPP has been very                   day Alison has been                 demeanour, but beneath
quality, enthusiasm and hard       inspiring. She is insightful          friendly, approachable,             that tranquil exterior is a
work of our GP Supervisors         and astute and will be greatly        compassionate and reliable.         powerhouse of energy,
but to the thoroughness            missed, both by the junior            My PGPPP experience is              directing, organising and
and efficiency of Alison’s          doctors whom she welcomes             that much more memorable            moulding the PGPPP into
administrative work. We’ve         warmly and the rest of the            due to her encouragement            a structure which will retain
really appreciated her             team, whom she values                 and support.’                       her imprint for many years.’
support and wish her all the       and pushes to continually
best in her new venture’           improve the implementation            Dr Angela Molga, Intern             Dr Don Clarkson, Supervisor
                                   of the program.’
Dr Ken Hand, Director Clinical
Training, Modbury Hospital         Dr Helen Mullner, Medical

Issue 7, December 2009

                                                                                       Rural Telehealth Education
                                          Educational                                  Two exciting telehealth pilot trials have
                                          Innovations                                  been run over the past year evaluating
                                                                                       initiatives for enhancing rural junior
                                          PGPPP at AOGP has made significant            doctor training.
                                          educational advances that also have
                                          potential benefits for the broader General    1) A very successful study involved
                                          Practice community.                             rural Interns performing follow-up
                                                                                          Rhuematology consultations in
                                          UpToDate                                        association with an Adelaide-based
                                          We performed a research evaluation study        specialist via videophone link-up.
                                          on the use of a leading online medical
                                          reference site, UpToDate, at PGPPP           2) The second study involves rural
                                          practices. The initiative concluded that        interns being observed while
                                          UpToDate:                                       consulting via virtual practice visits
                                                                                          utilising Skype technology by
                                              has a significant impact on patient          Adelaide-based educators.
                                              management, in keeping with other
A celebration of                              independent research;                    Telehealth is emerging as one of
PGPPP                                         is a valuable resource to efficiently     the fastest growing areas in modern
                                                                                       medicine. Our pilot studies are
                                              provide answers to clinical questions
Background                                    in General Practice;                     important bodies of work for AOGP
                                                                                       to further progress with potential for
The federally funded Prevocational            has been enthusiastically adopted by     enhancing PGPPP, Registrar and IMG
General Practice Placements Program           our PGPPP practices aspiring to best     education.
(PGPPP) commenced in January                  practice;
2005. The program enables junior              enhances Junior Doctor training in       Core Tutorial Package
doctor training in rural, regional and        General Practice.                        We’ve developed a Core Tutorial
metropolitan general practice and                                                      Package to assist PGPPP Supervisors
community health service settings.        An Australian first joint-site subscription   with their mentoring and in-practice
In the start-up phase, support from       for a training provider and associated       formal tutorial teaching roles. The
the Postgraduate Medical Council of       Practices was negotiated and arranged        Package of 20 clinical and 2 non-
SA (PMCSA) and SA Medical Board           for our PGPPP practices. AOGP                clinical topics facilitates core knowledge
allowed for the inclusion of General      Registrar training practices have followed   training and encourages intentional
Practice as a Core Term option for        suit as have other RTPs around the nation.   learner focused teaching.
Intern training to achieve full medical   A NSW RTP recently wrote:
registration.                                                                          Other RTPs are purchasing copies of
                                          ‘We are also planning to provide             the Package for their PGPPP training
Over the past five years AOGP              UpToDate for our practices, and they         practices and we are also looking to
has trained 164 junior doctors in         have offered the same deal that you have     incorporate this resource into Registrar
association with our outstanding          negotiated—thanks for leading the way        training at AOGP.
PGPPP practices and feeder tertiary       for us!’
hospitals. This has involved Interns                                                   See below for details.
(PGY 1) since 2005, currently with
three rural and three urban practices
and Trainee Medical Officers (TMO-
PGY 2+) since 2008 with two urban
practices.                                Get your                                     A unique resource produced by
                                                                                       the PGPPP team to assist busy
                                                                                       Supervisors deliver in-practice

                                          hands                                        teaching.
                                                                                       The package has online resources,

                                          on our                                       incorporates different learning styles
                                                                                       and suits Junior Doctors, Registrars
                                                                                       and Medical Students.
                                          Package.                                     Contents:
                                          Core Tutorial Package                           Small Group teaching
                                          now available from AOGP                         Asthma
                                                                                          Back Pain
                                                                                          Breaking Bad News
                                                                                          Breast Lumps
Urban Group PGPPP tutorials                                                                Interactive virtual consulting and training for
PGPPP is active in multi-level learning/
                                              Conference                                   interns
teaching for interns and TMOs in              Presentations                                Marrinan A, Mullner H, Kelly T, Donohoe P.
the practice environment including
coordination of:                                                                           Refining the Gold: Urban PGPPP
    Practice-based urban PGPPP                                                             Marrinan A, Meertens S, Pryzbylko J.
    Group Tutorials
                                                                                           International Conference on Successes
    North-East Division of General                                                         & Failures in Telehealth 2009
    Practice PGPPP Group Session                                                           Brisbane, Nov 2009
These initiatives have been successful                                                     Interns facilitating specialist consults via
and stimulated interest for similar                                                        videophone technology in rural general
educational opportunities in the                                                           practice.
Registrar training community.                                                              Kelly T, Burnet S, Marrinan A, Donohoe P,
                                                                                           Wade, V.
Indigenous Chronic Care
Management                                                                                 ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting
AOGP support an outreach initiative                                                        Philadelphia, PA, Oct 2009
for rural Interns to have an opportunity                                                   Rheumatology telemedicine in rural
to accompany a Clare-based GP on a                                                         Australia.
                                              PGPPP Supervisors, practices and             Burnet S, Kelly T, Marrinan A, Donohoe P,
3-day trip to Wilcannia to participate        the AOGP team have engaged in
in an Indigenous chronic health care                                                       Wade V.
                                              numerous conference presentations at
strategy. This initiative provides a unique   both national and international levels       General Practice Education and
educational opportunity and exposure          recently during 2009, reporting on the       Training Convention
to the possibility of multiple and varied     ongoing innovative and dedicated work        Adelaide, Sept 2009
work opportunities for GPs.                   of our training collaborations with Junior   Virtual Education Visits in PGPPP: Reaping
                                              Doctor training. As well as reports on       Rewards.
                                              the previously mentioned initiatives, we     Mullner H, Marrinan A, Kelly T, Donohoe P,
                                              presented a review of the multi-faceted
                                              role of PGPPP Supervisors at an urban        Dynamic Digital Innovations Linking
                                              practice, and an overview of five years       Specialists and PGPPP. Marrinan A, Kelly T,
                                              of experience with PGPPP training.           Burnet S, Donohoe P, Wade T.

                                              ‘Coasting to Gold’                           PGPPP: Our Glass is more than half full!
                                              14th National Prevocational Medical          Marrinan, A, Donohoe, P.
                                              Education Forum
                                              Gold Coast, Nov 2009
                                              Interns at Wilcannia: An Outback Venture
                                              Haydon D, Marrinan A, Nugent M.

                                                                                                              A Core Tutorial Package
                                                                                                              To inform in-practice teaching during PGPPP terms


                                                                                              Outreach                              Official
                                                                                              Activities                            Tutorials

    Dementia                                  Price                                                              Organisation

    Depression                                $250 per package, including hard copy,         Opportunistic



    Dermatology                               online access, postage & handling.
                                                                                                             The 7 ‘O’s Framework

    Diabetes Diagnosis
                                              For more information and to purchase
    Falls in the Elderly                      the Package, please contact:
    Infectious Diseases                       Keith Saggers
    Lifestyle Changes                         keith.saggers@adelaide.edu.au
    Menopause                                 (08) 8366 3140
    Over the Counter Pharmaceuticals
    Pregnancy Concerns                                                                                                                                                         Authors
                                                                                                                                                                     Ms Alison Marrinan
                                                                                                                                                                     Dr Christel Burton

    Referral Writing                                                                                                            Adelaide to Outback
                                                                                                                                GP training program
                                                                                                                                                                      Dr Peter Donohoe
                                                                                                                                                                     Dr Sarah Meertens
                                                                                                                                                                       Dr Helen Mullner
                                                                                                                                                                       Dr Brenton Wait

    Sexual Health
    Tired Patient

Issue 7, December 2009

IMG Fellowship                        International                                In 2009, AOGP supported 34 IMGs who
                                                                                   are preparing for their Fellowship exams
Honour Roll                           Medical Graduate                             by engaging in the variety of set education
                                                                                   and support, provided to them through the
The following lists those who have    Fellowship Exam                              AOGP Fellowship support program.
participated in the AOGP Fellowship
Exam Support Program and have since   Support Program:                             Most recently, IMGs have been involved
                                                                                   in an online exam preparation group
gained their FRACGP 2004-2009
                                      A Historical Journey                         together with rurally-based GP Registrars.
Dr Shahabudin Abdullah                AOGP has supported International
                                                                                   The ongoing challenge for AOGP is the
Dr Aruna Abeyratne                    Medical Graduates (IMGs) to prepare for
                                                                                   tension between the complex needs of
Dr Manique Abeyratne                  their Fellowship via the practice-eligible
                                                                                   IMGs and tailoring education to meet
Dr Sikiru Adedeji                     route since 2003. During this time, AOGP
                                                                                   these needs in an uncertain financial
Dr Humphrey Adzanku                   has supported a number of IMGs, from 8
                                                                                   environment. Despite this, AOGP
Dr Farooq Ahmad                       IMGs in 2003 to 34 in 2009. This support
                                                                                   continues its commitment to address
Dr Sheeper Ahmed                      has been made possible through funding
                                                                                   the learning needs of IMGs through a
Dr Olukayode Ajao                     provided by the Rural Doctors Workforce
                                                                                   personalised approach to the individual.
Dr Tewogbola Ajisebutu                Agency (RDWA).
Dr Mohammad Al-Kamil
                                                                                   The dedication of the Medical Educators,
Dr Robert Armstrong                   This funding enabled the Fellowship Exam     International Medical Graduates and the
Dr Muhammad Asif                      Support Program to achieve the following     IMG team has enabled another great year
Dr Zak Baig                           education and support to IMGs:               in the life of the IMG Fellowship Support
Dr Shyam Bhaksar                                                                   Program. We would like to take this
Dr Seshu Boda                             Provide tailored educational support     opportunity to thank all of the people who
Dr Manesh Chhanabhai                      for IMGs based in rural regions of the   have been dedicated to the program and
Dr Henry Dibiamaka                        AOGP training program                    would like to wish you a wonderful festive
Dr James Francis                          Develop and support a rurally            season and safe and happy new year.
Dr Manoj George
                                          located, hub-based team of Medical
Dr P.K. Georgelin
Dr Nasreen Ghouse
Dr Christopher Gora                       Improve exam preparedness and pass
Dr Judith Grobler                         rates among IMGs
Dr Nouman Iftikhar
                                      However, for the program to better
Dr Chandra Jinabhai
                                      address identified challenges and improve
Dr Willem Joubert
Dr Prabh Jyot Singh
                                      sustainability of support, further funding
Dr Sarfraz Kailani
                                      was required. AOGP was successful
Dr Shanthi Kandasamy
                                      in obtaining additional GPET funding
Dr Iram Khawaja                       through the Rural Outreach Vocational
Dr Indra Kuhanandha                   Education (ROVE) pilot program. The
Dr Maxwell Lartey                     ROVE funding enabled the Fellowship
Dr Abdul Matin                        Exam Support Program to provide
Dr Charles Meribole                   additional support to IMGs, professional
Dr Muhammad Mughal                    development for Medical Educators,
Dr Johanna Muller                     Supervisors, and formally involve other
Dr Suja Mundattu                      key stakeholders including Divisions of
Dr Iram Nouman                        General Practice.
Dr Igwe Nwachuku
                                      During the ROVE funding period, 30
Dr James Ogundipe
                                      IMGs were supported in their preparation
Dr Sam Olaiya
                                      for Fellowship exams. The ROVE funding
Dr Uchechukwu Onwuchekwa
Dr James Otiende
                                      was available to the IMG program from
Dr Hemant Patel
                                      October 2006 to September 2007.
Dr Reuben Phiri
                                      Despite the success of the ROVE pilot
Dr Sheilnin Pisani
                                      funding period, ongoing enhanced
Dr P.V. Pradeep
Dr Asif Rasheed
                                      funding was not made available beyond
Dr Santhosh Retnaswamy
                                      September 2007. Since this time, AOGP
Dr Fazal Shabudin
                                      support for IMGs, although continuing,
Dr Simon Stilgoe                      has been reduced to fit within the funding
Dr Muhammad Tariq                     available.
Dr Dinesh Trehan
Dr Geeta Trehan
Dr Jagdish Trivedy
Dr Michael Voin
Dr Paul Wolf

                                                                     It is always wonderful to work with GP
                     The season for                                  Supervisors in their practice, through
                     celebrations                                    the sharing of resources during out-of-
                                                                     practice training. At the recent Supervisor
                     In this season of celebrations, it is good      workshop series, at Moonta Bay, this
                     to recognise achievement and celebrate          was well illustrated as we shared ideas,
                     with this year’s FRACGP and FACRRM              learned new concepts and encouraged
                     graduates that have come through the            each other in our role as teachers.
                     Adelaide to Outback (AOGP) program.
Dr Lawrie McArthur   There have been countless hours of              As an education team we are looking
  Medical Director   hard work and sacrifice, by the individual       to further build and incorporate the in-
                     doctors, and their families. There is a         practice teaching with the out-of-practice
                     much wider medical education team—              training and continually ensure this aligns
                     which includes the Supervisors and              with the RACGP and ACRRM curriculum
                     Practice Managers—that is also involved         and learning needs. To this end members
                     in the planning, facilitation, support,         of the Medical Education Team have
                     mentoring, and training that has also           recently completed a review of the AOGP
                     contributed to this success. So well done       Education Framework. The enhanced
                     to one and all!                                 version of the framework will more clearly
                                                                     articulate to the Registrar what they need
                     As you are aware, at all times AOGP             to learn and enable better monitoring
                     aims to promote and celebrate                   of progress throughout training by the
                     high quality General Practice. This             Registrars and AOGP Medical Education
                     includes introducing medical students           team. It will also provide Supervisors and
                     and junior doctors to what is often             Medical Educators with refined prompts,
                     their first exposure to primary health           guidance and resources to value-add
                     environment/s and general practitioner          to their teaching. This version of the
                     work, through new programs like First           framework will be introduced during the
                     Wave Scholarships, the GP Student               first semester of 2010. Watch this space!
                     Network (GPSN) and the upcoming GP
                     Compass program. Equally over the last          As we celebrate this year, we look
                     five years AOGP has been instrumental in         forward to the next, and continuing to
                     consolidating the prevocational placement       work with you, and others, collaboratively,
                     of interns in General Practice, and more        and passionately, to inspire the next
                     recently post-intern junior doctors as well.    generation of General Practitioners.

                     We also celebrate the changing face of
                     General Practice through the diverse
                     group of International Medical Graduates
                     whom ably service our rural communities.
                     We are intent on continuing to be able to
                     assist in supporting and facilitating their
                     efforts to successfully sit the RACGP

                     A new chapter                                   As part of her role, Vanessa has had
                                                                     specific responsibility for the IMG
                     for mother-to-be                                Fellowship Exam Support Program
                     Vanessa                                         portfolio together with Ahna Holland as
                                                                     the Education Officer.
                     Thankfully we are bidding Vanessa Ryan,
                     one of our Education Team Coordinators          We would like to take this opportunity
                     (ETC – Program Delivery) only a                 to thank Vanessa for her dedication to
                     temporary adieu. Early in the new year          ensuring that this somewhat beleaguered
                     Vanessa, together with husband Peter, will      program has maintained its focus and
                     be heralding the arrival of their first child.   intent. Our aim is to continue to support
                     Vanessa will then be taking maternity           our IMG doctors to the best of our
                     leave for the majority of 2010. We wish         abilities and financial capacity, in their
                     her and Peter many good times ahead as          pursuit of the FRACGP.
                     they get to know their new babe over the
                     upcoming months.
Issue 7, December 2009

                                                                                        This study group uses a platform called
Exam success!                             Virtual study: Sound                          Elluminate, which is hosted by ACRRM.
Congratulations to the following people
who have just recently passed their       good?                                         The program has assisted our RLOs,
                                                                                        Drs Lexi Yuill and Jennifer Roberts to
RACGP Semester 2 2009 exams.              We recommend that when you                    expertly guide the group through a
                                          are preparing for your summative              number of practice Multiple Choice
Dr Heidi Arellano                         assessments, you join a study group at        Questions and case studies. The group
                                          least 6 months prior to the exam. While       has also shared resources and discussed
Dr Jemma Elliott                          face-to-face study groups are fabulous,       exam hints and tips.
                                          and we know a number of AOGP
Dr Vishi Goonewardene                     Registrars are already involved in these,     The group is for Registrars, and IMG
                                          they can be particularly difficult to access   doctors in our Fellowship Exam Support
Dr Katherine Lypourlis                    for rural-based Registrars.                   Program, who are studying for their
                                                                                        summative assessments in Semester
Dr Tonia Mezzini                          To overcome the ‘tyranny of distance’ that    1 2010. The group meets weekly on
                                          rural Registrars sometimes feel, AOGP         Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm. If you have
Dr Stella Prescott                        has recently initiated a new format for our   not yet joined up and would like to, please
                                          virtual study group.                          contact Ahna Holland on 8366 3101.
Dr Collette Richards

Dr Adam Storey

Refer to the article below to see how
you too can achieve the same success
in your exams!

      AOGP Exam                           If you are you thinking about sitting for
                                          your RACGP exam, or your ACRRM
                                                                                        The Exam Preparation Handbook is
                                                                                        available on GPRime under iForms
      Preparation                         summative assessments next year, your         and Documents for download.
      Handbook                            first port of call should be the AOGP
                                                                                        A specific handbook for the ACRRM
                                          Exam Preparation Handbook. This
                                          recently updated handbook takes you           summative assessments preparation
                                                                                        will be released in 2010.
      New and                             through what you need to do, and the
                                          resources you need to use in the 12
                                          months leading up to your exam. It is
      improved!                           written by those who have successfully
                                          completed their exams.

A time to celebrate!
Recently while in Paris and London, I
was surrounded by wonderful Christmas
lights, displays, decorations and an
air of joyful celebration. This time of
the year is great for reflecting on what
has transpired over the previous 12
months and AOGP has many things to
celebrate in 2009.
At the November meeting, the RACGP
Council endorsed a pilot trial of SA-
related RTPs to self-accredit training
practices within their regional footprint.
This exciting innovation is an example
of collaboration between SA, NT and
the RACGP, and will streamline the
accreditation and re-accreditation
process for Supervisors and practices.
We are currently in discussion with
ACRRM to mirror this trial for the
training posts delivering their program.
We celebrate the addition of two new
training posts: Streaky Bay Medical
Clinic and Tranmere Village Medical
Centre, who will be having a Registrar
for the first time next semester. There
are additional Supervisors being
accredited in a number of our existing
training practices and we warmly
welcome them to the team. We also
welcome practices who are in the
process of coming on board later in the
year. These additional training posts
have been selected to complement
our existing training posts, both from
a clinical environment and regional
A big thank you to all for your ongoing
contributions to the program.

                                                                               Together, the Medical
                                                                               Education team thank
                                                                               everyone for your
                                                                               commitment and
                                                                               dedication throughout
                                                                               the year, and wish you
                                                                               all a relaxing, safe and
                             Roberta Morris                                    happy holiday season.
                          Medical Education
                                              ‘Galeries Lafayette’ in Paris.
                                              Photo by Roberta’s son, Tim.
Issue 7, December 2009

                                                                                        The PMLOs have also used the email
SLO Update                                    Prime your practice                       distribution functions to send out emails
As most of you would be aware, there          Over the past couple of years, AOGP       to all Practice Managers on a variety
has been a report commissioned on             has been implementing a transition from   of subjects. This has become a useful
our health system, undertaken by the          a paper-based information management      networking tool and through this process
National Health and Hospital Reform           system to an online system.               we have been able to link Practice
Commission (NHHRC). A number                  The roll out of GPRime has been a         Managers with other practices dealing
of leading people in the health area          challenging and sometimes frustrating     with similar issues.
were involved, including Prof Justin          process for all parties involved, but     The iForms section is a great repository
Beilby. The report, ‘A healthier future       perseverance has been rewarded and        of useful documents for managing the
for all Australians’, has made many           most practices are now using GPRime       training program in your practice.
recommendations to the Health Minister        successfully.                             For example:
with regard to the direction our health
system may be taking in the future.           GPRime has become a very useful tool           Training Post Placement Needs
                                              for Practice Managers, enabling them           Checklist
The AOGP board have been, and will            to;
continue to consider the implications of                                                     AOGP Education Calendar
                                                   Review their practice’s details
these recommendations for GP training                                                        Terms & Conditions
                                                   Access the Address Book
and the GP education community. The                                                          Summary of Registrar Activity
                                                   containing the contact details for
SLOs are looking forward to being
                                                   AOGP Registrars, Supervisors,
actively involved in these ongoing
                                                   Education Team, Practice
deliberations. As part of his duties with                                                        Mr Danny Haydon
                                                   Managers & Training Practices
the Adelaide Western General Practice                                                               PMLO - Rural
Network, Roly recently attended the                Check on the progress and status
AGPN National Fourm in Sydney. This                of Summary of Registrar Activity
forum focussed on this report, and                 reports (SORAs)
allowed GPs, as Supervisors, to convey
to the government how they feel about
the health system and it’s future, as well
as their involvement in post-graduate
education. Roly is looking to provide
AOGP management with a briefing on
the outcomes of this forum in 2010. He
is also happy to be contacted by any
Supervisors interested in discussing this                                               From the RLOs
further.                                             Dr Lexie Yuill
                                                    Rural Registrar
Both SLOs have been facilitating the          Liaison Officer (RLO)
                                                                                        Many changes have occurred on a
SLO forums as part of the Supervisor                                                    national level this year. 2009 saw
workshop series. Issues raised from                                                     the RACGP exams ‘uncoupled’ and
these discussions will be addressed as                                                  a substantial increase in exam fees.
part of their ongoing work in 2010.                                                     GPRA successfully lobbied the
                                                                                        RACGP to secure financial rebates
                                                                                        for RACGP members who faced
                                               Dr Jennifer Roberts
                                                                                        increased exam fees with little notice.
                                                   Urban Registrar
                                                                                        There have also been changes to the
                                              Liaison Officer (RLO)                      Rural Registrar Incentive Payments,
                       Dr Roly Vinci
                                                                                        with more Registrars now eligible to
                       Urban Supervisor
                                                                                        receive payments for time spent in rural
                       Liaison Officer (SLO)                                             areas, and increased reward for long
                                                                                        term dedicated service to rural areas.
                                                                                        The possibility of accelerated part
                                                                                        time training remains a topic of debate
                                                                                        at present, and there is continued
                                                                                        discussion about the compulsory rural
                                                                                        terms in GP training verses outer
                       Dr Ben Abbot
                                                                                        metropolitan terms and work in areas
                       Rural Supervisor
                       Liaison Officer (SLO)                                             of workforce shortage. Stay tuned as
                                                                                        more developments roll out!

Our key messages:
1. GPRime is the place to go for the
   latest, most up to date information
   for how to manage the training
   program in your practice.
2. If you want to ensure that you
   receive all the information sent out
   to Practice Managers, we advise
   you to log on to GPRime and
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GPRime is available at:

                      Deb Docking
                      PMLO - Urban

                                          AOGP’s night of                           Congratulations
                                          nights!                                   to the 2009
                                          On Friday 11 December, the 2009           AOGP Graduands
                                          Graduands’ Dinner was held for the
                                          first time, at the beautiful Mortlock      Dr Talal Baaj
                                          Wing of the South Australian Library.     Dr Faisal Bachok
                                          This new, larger venue perfectly          Dr Kris Bascomb
GPRA Future Series                        complemented this prestigious event.      Dr Adrienne Burchard
Jen recently had the opportunity          Congratulations goes to all Registrars    Dr Don Cameron
to attend the GPRA Future Series          who have now attained their FRACGP.       Dr Sonia Ciccocioppo
in Sydney. GPRA put together a            Special mention goes to Drs Philippa      Dr James Doube
fantastic program of speakers from all    Harris and Kate Le Cong who won the
over the country, with topics ranging                                               Dr Kerrie Francis
                                          Justin Beilby medals for the highest
from business skills and practice                                                   Dr Philippa Harris
                                          AOGP RACGP exam scores in
management to self-care and legal         2008.2 and 2009.1 respectively.           Dr James Herbert
issues. Everyone is encouraged to look                                              Dr Jalal Khasanov
out for future GPRA offerings such        Congratulations also to those who         Dr Andrew Kuliwaba
as this, particularly those who may be    attained their FACRRM. Special
post-exam and starting to think about                                               Dr Kate Le Cong
                                          mentions go to Drs James Doube and
‘where to next?’. It may be a good use    Simon Wilson who won the                  Dr Sarah Lucy
for your Professional Development         Jack Shepherd medals for the highest      Dr Geoffrey Menzies
stipend once you have finished buying      AOGP ACRRM exam scores in                 Dr Rebecca Moore
text books for a while.                   2008.2 and 2009.1.                        Dr Helen Mullner
Changeover                                Due to the timing of this December        Dr Hien Ong-Dinh
Both of us are completing our terms       newsletter, we have been unable to        Dr Angela Retchford
as RLOs at the end of the semester.       share photos of the event in print, but   Dr Corina Sims
We have enjoyed our time immensely        look out for them online at               Dr Alex van Rooijen
and have gained insight into Registrar    www.adelaidetooutback.com.au              Dr Kathy Wallace
training on an RTP, state and national
level. Thanks to all at AOGP for their    More details about the event will also    Dr Simon Wilson
support. Watch this space for an          be included in the March 2010 edition     Dr Alexandra Yuill
announcement regarding fresh new
RLO faces in 2010!

Out-of-practice Education

January 2010                                       March 2010

4       AOGP reopens to the public                 3      Combined Rural/Urban      GPT1 & GPT2
                                                   4      Hospital RDL              Hospital
February 2010
                                                   4-7    Radiology course
2       Semester 2 2009 ends                       6      RACGP Written exam
3       Semester 1 2010 begins                     15-17 Education Block Release    GPT1
3-5     Education Block Release      GPT1          16     Education Block Release   GPT2
10      Education Block Release      GPT3          18     Hospital RDL              Hospital
11      Education Block Release      GPT2          19     Supervisor Workshop
12      Education Block Release      GPT1          31     Urban RDL                 GPT1 & GPT2
13-14   ELS course
17      Urban RDL                    GPT1 & GPT2
18      Hospital RDL                 Hospital

     The Barossa beckons!

      Education Weekend 2010
      14-16 May 2010
      Novotel Barossa Valley Resort

                                                          Lower Level            Tel +618 8366 3100
                                                          183 Melbourne Street   Fax +618 8361 8967
                                                          North Adelaide         info@adelaidetooutback.com.au
                                                          South Australia 5006   www.adelaidetooutback.com.au

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