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					                                                                                                         ISSUE 10 SEPT 2010

                       CELEBRATING 50 YEARS! (1960 - 2010)
                             777 EAST MAIN STREET                 S UPERIOR T REATMENT A ND R ESPECT
                  T ORRINGTON , CONNECTICUT 06790                 WWW . TMTFCU . ORG
               P HONE (860)489-2212 FAX (860)496-7024

                                                                                                   LOAN RATES:
                       STAR LINE 860-201-0002                                                       New Vehicle Loans: as low as
In order to provide a more secure service to our members we are happy to introduce our              3.99% APR to qualified borrow-
new STAR phone line. This is an automated phone service available 24 hours a day 7 days a           ers
week. This provides secure access to your accounts so that you may check balances, with-            Home Equity Loans/Line of
                                                                                                    Credit Please call for rates &
drawals, deposits, cleared checks and VISA check card transactions and any and all recent           info.
transactions. Please call 860-201-0002 to start receiving these benefits immediately.               Used Vehicle Loans: as low as
                                                                                                    3.99% APR to qualified borrow-
If you prefer our internet access is also available. You may visit us at www.tmtfcu.org and         ers
check your accounts on line and see our current rates and specials.                                 Signature Loans: as low as
                                                                                                    5.0% APR to qualified borrow-
                                                                                                    Share Secured Loans:: 3%
                                                                                                    APR over current savings & CD
                                  CHECK SCAM…                                                       rates
Beware of fake check scams! In September the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) launched          Minimum rate is 3.99% APR
                                                                                                    VISA CREDIT CARDS: 11.9%
a program to protect consumers and financial institutions from fake check scams. You’d be           APR Fixed rate.
amazed at the number of scams out there. The next time you are in the credit union, ask your        No annual fee.
member service representative for a copy of the “Don’t Become a Target” brochure. The bro-          Check out our website at
                                                                                                    www.tmtfcu.org for a com-
chure provides information on some of the most common types of scams which may be of inter-         plete list of rates.
est to you or a family member. If you are one of our members that rely on your computer for
transactions, go to www.consumerfed.org/fakecheckscams.                                                 OFFICE HOURS:

                                                  WIN A NEW JACKET!                            M ON , TUES , WED -
                                                                                               8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM
                                         Is your birthday 11-27? If so please stop             T HURS -
                                                                                               8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM
                                            by the lobby and pick up your new                  D RIVE - THRU TELLER TIL 6:30
                                            jacket available in a variety of sizes.            PM
                                                                                               F RI -
                                           This birthday was chosen at random                  8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM
                                           and the first 5 members to claim the                D RIVE THRU TELLER TIL 5:30
                                                   date will be winners!                       S AT -
                                                                                               9:00 AM TO 12:00 NOON
                                                                                               C LOSED S UNDAY
   No need to wrap your loose coin                                                             H OLIDAY CLOSINGS :
                                                                                               10-11-10 - C OLUMBUS D AY
              anymore.                                                                         11-11-10- V ETERANS D AY
                                                                                               11-25-10- T HANKSGIVING D AY
Bring your coin filled buckets, jars, bags, banks,                                             12-24-10-O PEN 8 AM -12 PM
etc. to the TMTFCU coin counting machine. No                                                   12-25-10-C HRISTMAS D AY
  fee is charged to our members. Fast and easy.                                                12-31-10-O PEN 8 AM -12 PM
                                                                                               01-01-11-N EW Y EAR D AY
 Cash in your coins or deposit your money into
 one of your TMTFCU accounts. You may even
       leave with a credit union piggy bank!

          Big Enough to Serve You, Strong Enough to Support You, Small Enough to Know You.
                                                               C REDIT U NION N EWS & E VENTS
                                                                                     LOAN SPECIALS
                                           50th Year Celebration Loan Special - Let TMTFCU help you pay off your high inter-
                                           est credit card charges or take the vacation of your dreams!
  REG SHARES*           .551%APY
  IRA SHARES            .551%APY            - Borrow up to $10,000 for a rate as low as 5% APR for a up to 36 months.
  CLUB SHARES           .501%APY
  MONEY MKT**           .561%APY                   (Cost per $1,000 based on a 36 month term is $29.98)
  MM PLUS **            .621%APY
  MM ADV**              .732%APY            BLOWOUT Vehicle Loan Special - “New or Used”

  Dividends on all above shares are          - Finance a vehicle for a rate as low as 3.99 % APR for as long as 60 months.
  declared & paid at the end of
  each quarter. Dividends are              (Cost per $1,000 based on a 60 month term is $18.41)
  calculated on average daily bal-
  ance.                                                          **NO REWRITES ON CURRENT TMTFCU LOANS**
  *Minimum average daily balance
  to earn dividends on regular                                       LOOKING TO REBUILD YOUR CREDIT?
  shares is $100.01.
  **MM is for personal accounts
  only. Minimum deposit & bal-        See our loan department today for a SECURED LOAN for $500.00 to start. Stop by or apply by
  ance for MM is $1000.01, MM
  PLUS is $10,000.01, MM ADV                                                phone or online.
  is $50,000.01.
  Rates are accurate through                                  This just may be the second chance you are looking for!!
                                                             DISCOUNT POWER
  Share Certificates (Regular                                                                     10 DEBIT CARD SAFETY TIPS…….
  and IRA):                                       TMTFCU has partnered with Discount
                                                  Power to help members reduce the cost       1. Never give anyone your pin number. No
   6 mos($500 min)     .602%APY                   of their electricity by up to 20%. There       one including your financial institution needs
                                      is free enrollment, no fees, no credit checks and
  12 mos ($500 min) .904%APY                                                                     your pin number.
                                      service and billing are still provided by CL&P or UI.
  18 mos ($500 min) 1.257%APY
                                      To find out more information click on the icon the      2. Memorize your pin number and do not
  24 mos ($500 min) 1.561%APY         Discount Power Icon located on our website                 write it down anywhere.
  30 mos ($500 min) 1.612%APY         www.tmtfcu.org
  36 mos ($500 min) 2.171%APY                                                                 3. After a sale, be sure your card is returned to
  60 mos ($500 min) 2.795%APY
  Share certificate dividends are                                                             4. Sign the back of your card or make a note to
  accurate as of 9/30/10. There                       Help support our troops. In                ask for ID.
  may be a penalty for early with-                    the spirit of people helping
  drawal. STAR MEMBERS
  add .25 basis points.                                people TMTFCU will be                  5. Cover the key pad with your free hand when
  Your shares are insured                            sending care packages to our                entering your pin number in public.
  federally by NCUA to at
  least $250,000.                                      members who are serving                6. Use the credit key if you do not want cash
                                                        overseas in the military.                back.
                                          Some suggested items include non-
                                        perishable foods, soaps, shampoo, sun                 7. Report a lost or stolen card immediately.
                                       block, chap stick, books and magazines.                8. Look for the padlock or website address that
                                       Aerosol cans and anything that may melt                   begins with https://, or the words Secure
                                       cannot be sent. If you know of a member                   Sockets Layer (SSL) when using the internet.
                                      who is serving overseas please provide us
                                      with his or her name so that we may send a              9. If you leave the country call the credit union
                                      package to them. Thank you for your gen-                   to open your card for international transac-
                                       erosity for these brave men and women.                    tions.
THINK TMTFCU FIRST!                      ______________________________                       10. Check your account online or your monthly
Don’t forget your credit                                FLU CLINIC                                statements for any erroneous transactions.
union should be your first                            THURSDAY                                    Call the credit union immediately if you find
stop when you are looking to                       OCTOBER 28, 2010                               one.
finance a purchase or invest
                                                    4:00pm to 6:00pm
some money!!
                                              All major insurances accepted.

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