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Getting To and Around Stoke


									Couples who wish to explore the fascinating city of Stoke should have no problem
getting to and around the area. The city offers varied means of transportation for
locals and visitors alike.
  By rail Many tourists have attested that travelling by train is much more pleasant
than travelling by car, especially if Stoke is your destination. Not only is the trip a
scenic one, but it offers plenty of opportunities to relax and mingle with other
travellers eager to get a taste of the city.
  The city has a small mainline railway station that connects to numerous intercity
destinations. Regular railway services start from the Manchester Piccadilly Station,
which provides direct access to the Manchester International Airport.
  From the Birmingham International Airport, travellers can also hop on a train to get
to Stoke quickly and non-stop. Meanwhile, from London, tourists can take the
London Euston railway station, which has a service heading to Stoke every 30
minutes. It's one of the fastest ways to get to Stoke, with the ride lasting about an hour
and a half. By road If taking the train is not your cup of tea, then you might consider
travelling to Stoke by road. Many travellers prefer renting a car to get to and around
the city. The best way to drive to Stoke is via the two main roads, the A500 "D-Road"
and the m6 Motorway. Visitors from Manchester travel to Stoke by going south while
Manchester residents get to Stoke by taking the Northern route. By car, driving to
Stoke from either destination will take about 45 minutes.
  And how can you tell if you're already in Stoke-on-Trent? Easy, just look for the
signs that say "To Hanley" upon entering the city and you know you're there.
  By bus The bus is always an attractive option when one wishes to explore Stoke. It's
a nice and relaxed way to see the city, especially if you're new in town and don't know
your way around.
  Coach services from the National Services have routes going to Stoke. First PMT,
the main bus operator in the city, can take you to destinations throughout South
Cheshire and North Staffordshire.
  To explore Stoke by bus, the starting point is the Hanley Bus Station located at the
centre of the city where most of the buses and the coaches come and go.
  There are also bus services that go to Newcastle-Under-Lyme. From Hanley, the trip
will take about fifteen minutes.
  By bicycle Once you're comfortably settled in Stoke and would like to explore
nearby areas, try renting a bicycle. Stoke is a bicycle-friendly city, with more than 100
miles of off-road paths that you can ride through at your leisure.
  By taxi To make sure that you get to the right destination within the city, taxis are
your best bet. There is never a shortage of taxis in Stoke.
  By boat It's also possible to reach the city by taking the narrow boats, particularly on
the Trent and Mersey and Caldon Canal. There are free moorings for canal narrow
boats at Westport Lake, Longport, and Harecastle Tunnel.
  Once in Stoke, travelling lovers should make it a point to visit other places of
interest near the city. These include the following destinations:
  Birmingham Birmingham is home to one of the oldest football clubs in England, the
Aston Villa Football Club. If you want to catch some of their matches, you can go to
Villa Park, located in Aston. Shopping will never be a problem, not with the nearby
Bull Ring Shopping Centre, one of the largest shopping centres in Europe. Browse
around the more than 100 stores and have your fill of retail therapy.
 Manchester Manchester is the third largest city in the UK, after London and
Birmingham. The city is known for good shopping and the largest gay and lesbian
communities in the country. This is the home of the famous Manchester United
Football Club, whose headquarters are in Old Trafford.
 Liverpool Liverpool is located north of Manchester. From Stoke, you can get to the
city in less than two hours. The city is home to the historic Liverpool Football Club,
as well as historic birthplace of The Beatles. Get your fill of enjoyable museums and
docklands scattered around the city.
 Nottingham This historic city is easily accessible from Stoke by train or car. Couples
will have a great time strolling around the city because of its natural beauty and
romantic ambience, a perfect backdrop against houses of medieval architecture
present in the area.
 Stafford If you want to experience traditional British life and culture, Stafford is the
city to visit. It takes less than 30 minutes to get to the city from Stoke. At first glance,
tourists will instantly fall in love with the city's great architecture and magnificent

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