Getting Celebrity Autographs at Memorabilia Shows or Autograph Convention by hkksew3563rd


									Over the years I have found it very useful in my hunt for celebrity autographs to visit
memorabilia shows and conventions. There are many shows across the UK and it’s
well worth a visit if you are selling autographs or buying autographs to take a
weekend out and visit a show or autograph convention. In November I will be going
to the Memorabilia show at the N.E.C. in Birmingham. The main reason for my visit
is to collect sporting memorabilia, namely golf memorabilia, tennis memorabilia and
to increase my collection of historical autographs. If I have any money left over after
my search for the above I will more than likely spend it on vintage autographs as there
are several renowned dealers of very high standing at this show.

  The November show also has several boxing world champions who will be there to
autograph sports memorabilia and I will be paying them a visit to increase my stock
of boxing memorabilia and boxing autographs. I will definitely be increasing my
collection of signed boxing gloves and signed boxing photos, as Thomas Hearns and
Iran Barkley are attending. At the show it is not all sports memorabilia, there are lots
of stands that sell collectible memorabilia, autographed posters, movie autographs and
even authentic autographed beatles autographs! I would exercise caution when buying
a beatles autograph and suggest that you only buy beatles memorabilia from a
reputable dealer, namely a UACC registered dealer or an AFTAL approved dealer as
AFTAL and the UACC are always checking the dealers stock to make sure that there
items are genuine. For those of you who like to get an autographed photo,celebrity
memorabilia or sports autograph in person the show gives you many opportunities to
do this as there is a vast choice of sports memorabilia stores, f1memorabilia stalls,
stalls dedicated to Star Wars memorabilia not to mention Star Trek memorabilia and
of course Hollywood memorabilia. So it’s advisable to bring lots of money with you. I
am not only going to the show to get celebrity memorabilia or rare autographs, I will
be calling in past my friends at the show to see how they have been keeping and to
catch up on all the celebrity gossip. Many of them sell sports autographed
memorabilia such as autographed footballs, signed shirts, but my favourite stall of my
friends is Gary Harvey’s who sells autographed music memorabilia, I have bought
several items of Queen memorabilia and have even purchased a Bob Marley
autograph to add to my personal collection of black music stars. The dates for the
show are November 20th and 21st. If you are a collector of movie memorabilia,
whether it be signed movie posters the occasional actor autograph or Frank Sinatra
memorabilia, this is the place to be on this weekend as there will be loads of
celebrities and a great chance for you to get them to autograph photos or even signed
jerseys as I forgot to mention there will be stars of the football world attending and
you can even collect autographed football memorabilia!
  So be there or be square!!!!!!
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