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Getting a Quicker Windows Startup on Vista


									For anyone who has a lot of work to do on the computer with little time to spare, you
would probably want a quicker Windows startup so that you can get onto your work
right away. Depending on the number of autoloading applications you have, this
would determine how soon you can get started. Basically, the more you have, the
slower it takes. Some of these autoloading applications are noticeable to you, like
those on your system tray, but there are also those that you would not notice; they
both contribute to the overall performance nevertheless. Thus, you would want to go
through your autoloaders and eliminate those that are unnecessary. This article teaches
you how to get your startup quicker on Vista.
  To rid some of the autoloaders, click the Start button, select Control Panel, and then
click System. On the right side of the window, you will notice Tasks. Click System
Protection under it. Then, the System Properties box will pop up, in which you will
need to click Create. Then, click the Start button again, and in the Search box, type
msconfig, and then press Enter. After this, click the Startup tab, in which you will be
able to see the list of autoloading programs you have. For the programs you want to
have autoload, leave the check in the check box. For the unnecessary ones, uncheck
them, and it would not autoload at startup.
  When it comes to deciding which autoloading applications to keep, you will need to
consider which you definitely need to have all the time. Such is your antivirus,
firewall and security programs. Although they do slow your PC, without them, you
may find more trouble as conflicts would occur regarding your PC’s security. Other
programs to consider keeping on autoload are those that you are definite to use all the
time, and not only on occasional times.
  After you have chosen which programs to keep in autoload, click OK and then
reboot your computer. A message from Windows that appears like an error message
will appear. However, just check the box to disregard the message and then click OK.
Your Windows startup should be quicker after this.

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