Getting a Grant for Home Improvements

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					Living on a tight budget doesn't mean you can't improve your home. A home
improvement loan grant from the government may be the perfect solution and most
American citizens are eligible to apply for one. Here are a few tips for getting a home
improvement loan grant from the government that you should keep in mind.
  Some home improvement loan grants are based on income level and ability to
qualify for a loan. Many low income families may meet this qualification. Other
grants may be based on geographical location and many times rural locations are
given preferential treatment. Some home improvement loan grants require that you
own your home and that you will not be selling it for a minimum of three years.
Elderly home owners may qualify easily if their home needs improvements or
renovations to adapt the home to a medical condition. Always read the qualifications
of the grant for which you are applying to save yourself time, effort and unnecessary
paperwork. You don't want to apply for a grant if you don't meet the basic
  Some grants require that the home improvement to be done be in a certain area of the
home or that the improvement is designated to a certain aspect of the home. A valid
reason must be given for the home improvement in question. Home improvement loan
grants for the elderly are a good example of a valid reason to do a home improvement.
Other valid reasons for receiving a home improvement loan grant may include making
your home more energy efficient or to have old and dangerous construction supplies
such as lead paint or asbestos removed from your home.
  Find a grant for which you feel you have the best chance of qualifying. There tend to
be many rules and regulations for compliance, but following those application rules to
the letter will ensure you the best possible opportunity for receiving your home
improvement loan grant. If you have questions concerning the application process,
don't be afraid to ask for help from the appropriate governmental agency or local
  One useful tool is a grant guide that can be borrowed from the library or purchased
from your local bookstore or through the internet. A grant guide will give detailed
instructions and information about home improvement loan grants, but it will also
give you ideas of other grants for which you may qualify. In order to make the most
from your grant guide purchase, be sure to buy the most current copy available as they
may be updated every 6 to 12 months.
  These tips for getting a home improvement loan grant could have you well on your
way to the home improvements you want or need to make. Although grants are free
money and do not require repayment, you can't afford to be sloppy with the
application process. Attention to detail is vital. Most home improvement loan grants
don't require contracts like loan companies do, but thoughtful and careful
documentation is necessary for success. Be confident, plan carefully and a home
improvement loan grant could be in your future.
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