Get Stronger and Faster to Increase Your Vertical Jump by hkksew3563rd


									If you are an athlete that participates in sports such as football, basketball, or
volleyball; you should be working diligently to increase your vertical jump. This is
important because it is a good measure of how explosive one is. In football, great
explosion is vital to beating the snap count or breaking through tackles. A good
vertical in basketball can be the difference between getting 6 or 10 rebounds a game.
Even if you weren 鈥檛 blessed with great hops, you can always work to improve.
Increasing strength and speed are two facets of a jump higher program.
  Get Stronger
  In order to jump higher, you have to get stronger. Strength training is a great way to
build one 鈥檚 explosiveness from the ground. You may know someone that has great
hops but isn 鈥檛 particularly strong and may start asking why I need to get stronger.
People have different genetics when it comes to athletic ability. You may be lacking
when it comes to jumping but know someone who can jump out of the building with
very little training. However, if either of you want to improve beyond your natural
jumping ability, you need to get stronger than you are now.
  The best strength exercises to jump higher involve working your glute, quad, calf,
and hamstring muscles. These body parts are largely responsible for your jumping
ability. Exercises such as squats, box squats, lunges, and leg presses will strengthen
your legs.
  Get Faster
  In addition to getting stronger, you need more speed to jump higher. Try this
experiment. Find a box or a ledge about 24 鈥?high that you can jump onto. Jump on
it as explosive as you can with two feet. Did you make it? Now, try the same feat but
do it in slow motion. Difficult, isn 鈥檛 it? This is an illustration as to why you need
speed to jump higher. Combine that with added strength and you 鈥檒 l be adding
inches to your vertical in no time.
  There are different ways to get faster when it comes to jumping. Sprints are great for
adding explosiveness. They train your fast twitch muscle fibers and develop your
speed. Distances of 40-100 yards will increase your explosiveness. Speed squats are
also a great way to add speed to your jumps. These are also referred to dynamic effort
squats. These can be performed on a box or without. Take a weight that is 50-60% of
your max squat. You will perform 10 sets of 2 reps. Each rep is performed as fast as
possible. Rest 60 seconds in between sets and repeat.
  You can increase your vertical jumping if you work at it. The best way to increase
your explosion is to get stronger and get faster. Improving these two attributes should
be part of an overall jumping program.
  Do you need to jump higher for basketball to impress your coach or get to the next
level? Increase Your Vertical Jump here. You can also read an article to Jump Higher
for Basketball.

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