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					                                                                            Organic Apples January 2011

                     The Scoop on this Week’s Snack!

A is for Awesome...
 The apple really is an awesome and delicious fruit. Originating in the
 Middle East more than 4,000 years ago, apples were a symbol for love and beauty
                                                                                          Did you know
 in ancient Greek mythology. The crab apple is the only apple native to Canada.           that the apple
 European explorers brought apple grafts to Canada and in 1859 the Hudson’s               is a member
 Bay Company planted the first apple trees in mainland British Columbia. These            of the rose
 fruit-bearing orchards were as good as gold for hungry prospectors seeking their         family? There
 fortunes during the gold rush.
                                                                                          are thousands of
 While some apple trees can reach over 40 feet tall, most farmers now                     varieties of apples
 grow varieties that are much shorter and trained on horizontal wires making it           grown around the
 easier to harvest their fruit. While many orchard fruits are machine harvested,          world - each with
 every apple is picked by hand. During fall harvest, apples are hand picked into
 picking bags hung from the shoulder and when full, carefully emptied into
                                                                                          their own unique
 wooden bins.                                                                             characteristics.
                                                                                          Summer apples,
Match the variety of ‘grown in BC’ apple with its                                         those that ripen
description. Which one are you snacking on today?                                         early in the
                                                                                          season, while just
                            Royal Gala - A crispy summer apple with a delicious           as sweet as fall
                            honey sweet flavour. It has creamy yellow skin with           fruit, are softer
                            pink stripes.                                                 and less juicy.
                             Ambrosia - A cream coloured fall variety with a              Fall apples are
                            pink/red blush. This apple is honey sweet, crunchy,           juicy and crisp
                            very juicy and aromatic.                                      with a more
                             Spartan - A small red apple with a sweet, tangy taste.       intense flavour.
                                                                                          As the weather
                             Fuji - This fall variety is one of the juiciest, sweetest,
                                                                                          becomes cooler,
                            crispiest, most delicious apples in the bushel! This late
                            harvest apple ripens during cool, frosty nights, making       they become
                            it super sweet. Its skin is a pretty speckled pink.           even crispier and
                                                   Look for the answer key on the back
                                                                 l of us!
                  g = Good for t                            or al
         d Farmin               he Land = Good Food = Good f

                                                                 Just like the principal takes
                                                                 care of your school, a farmer
                                                                 takes care of the land.

A farmer knows that if she puts good things into her soil and animals they will be healthier and more
productive. Her farm is both her home and her livelihood. Healthy crops and livestock = good business.
Farmers know that they are borrowing the land from future generations to provide us with food today.
Farmers learn a lot from one another. They share ideas and use methods that have worked for generations.
At the same time, farmers are always looking for new and sustainable ways of producing healthy and
delicious foods while respecting the natural environment.

 These are some of the positive things farmers do
 to grow food for you. Can you think of any others?
      Use farmer-friendly bugs to chase after              Recycle. Farmers use crop wastes, manure
      crop-damaging insects. Pest management is            and other organic waste to add nutrients to
      a positive way of controlling pest insects.          the soil. This helps the land to grow more
      Use companion planting as a natural way
      of diverting pest insects.                           Protect the soil from erosion. Farmers
                                                           grow hedges around their fields as a natural
      Use crop rotation to keep the soil healthy
                                                           way of preventing nutrient-filled topsoil
      and full of nutrients. By changing the type
                                                           from being blown away. Mulching and
      of crop each season, a farmer gives the soil
      a chance to regain its nutrients for the next
                                                           also enrich the soil and stop it from being
      crop. Crop rotation is also used to reduce
                                                           washed away in the rain.
                                                                                                 Royal Gala


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