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									Get Enough Sleep is good for your health
  A good night 鈥檚 sleep is more important to your health than you may realize.
Nowadays people pay too much attention to their work. Consequently, they don 鈥檛
have enough sleep. In fact, sleep is as important to a healthy lifestyle as eating
properly and exercising.
  A good night 鈥檚 sleep means waking up rested and energized. On average, a
healthy adult requires just over eight of sleep a night. However, the amount of sleep it
takes to achieve rejuvenation varies from person to person. Not sleeping enough can
compromise your immune system. You eat well and exercise in order to keep your
immune system up. But if you aren 鈥檛 sleeping, you undo all that good work.
  It 鈥檚 not just immune system that suffers when you cut down on sleep. 鈥淭 here
is a higher rate of heart failure among people with sleep disorders and sleep
disturbances,鈥?says Dr. Michael Sole, a cardiologist at the university health network
in Toronto. According to Sole, there is increase evidence of C-reactive protein, an
indictor of heart disease risk, in people suffering from sleep loss.
  Sleep is important in keeping not only your waistline trim, but your brain activity
balanced as well. During sleep, brain neurotransmitters 鈥攖 he chemicals that deliver
messages between nerve cells in the brain 鈥攁 re replenished. When you don 鈥檛
get enough sleep, your brain chemicals become depleted and that causes emotional
  Here are some tips for you to get enough sleep. In the first place, determine your
level of tiredness. Then figure out how much sleep you need. Many people may meet
a problem that what should we do if we can 鈥檛 get to sleep. According to a book,
we can do the following things. If you keep nodding off and waking up, stay in bed. If
you 鈥檙 e wired and you 鈥檝 e been lying there for 15 minutes, get up. Do
something far less stimulating 鈥攍 ike watching a TV program.鈥淚 t 鈥檒 l make
you go back to bed.鈥?A quick nap will do you some good 鈥攋 ust keep in mind that
after 20 minutes you go into deep sleep, so if you can 鈥檛 afford a half-hour of the
grade-A stuff, be sure to wake yourself before you get to it. Otherwise you 鈥檒 l be
back where you started 鈥攇 roggy and stupid.

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