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German Shepherd plush stuffed animal


									One of the world's most beloved dog breeds is the German Shepherd. German
Shepherd plush stuffed animals are also just as popular. Like the breed they replicate,
German Shepherd plush stuffed animals are hard to resist 鈥?their soft, plush fur
make them ideal for lots of hugs.
  The grace, strength and intelligence of the German Shepherd dog has ensured that it
remains one of the most popular breeds, much valued as a guard dog, and for military
and police work. This excellent working dog is the outcome of a breeding program
started only at the very end of the last century. It began in 1899 when a sheep herding
dog named Hector, was discovered by Rittmeister von Stephanitz. Hector was akin to
ancient herding breeds that were once native to northern Germany. The dog was
renamed and eventually was officially registered with the German Shepherd Dog
Club of Germany. As a result of Hector's 'discovery,' he became the foundation for all
German Shepherd's that followed. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in
  German Shepherd's are easily recognizable; they're almost always black and tan in
color (and sometimes all black, or sable) and have erect ears, dark eyes and a long full
tail. A German Shepherd plush stuffed animal is replicated to look exactly like the real
thing and they can be purchased in any number of sizes. While the breed itself is large
鈥?males can weigh up to 88 pounds or more 鈥?some German Shepherd plush
stuffed animals are made small enough to fit in your hand, making them a perfect
choice for tiny fingers. For those with a penchant for something bigger, German
Shepherd plush stuffed animals are also made in both sitting and/or lying positions.
Either way, next to the real thing, any child would be very pleased with a German
Shepherd plush stuffed animal as part of their plush toy collection.
  German Shepherds are both dependable and intelligent. They are also beautiful and
gentle. Unfortunately, mass production of Shepherds has resulted in dogs with some
extreme health issues, most notably, hip displaysia. But, that hasn't stopped the buying
public from purchasing these highly intelligent and gentle dogs. They are hard to
resist after all, if not for simply how smart they are.
  Angeline Hope is a collector of big plush dog toys. You can view a selection of big
plush dog toys at MyBigPlush.

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