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november 2010

Who’s Who at ODRC
Chair Person Sue Hollingworth 07970 857739
                                                              From the Editor:
Vice Chair Steve Hopkinson 07973 268261                       Welcome to the November edition of
Treasurer Lisa Wake 01457 839919 / 07877 863513
Secretary Abi Atherton 01457 810211                           the Newsletter.
Membership Lesley Illingworth 0161 785 8989
Instruction Krystina Bamber 07970 813193                      Some of you may be relieved to find
             Lauren Rothwell 07584 301253                     that this month's newsletter is
Friezland User Group Sue Hollingworth 07970 857739
                         Arthur Prowse 01457 870407           somewhat shorter than the bumper
Teams Vicky Hollingworth 07970 857739                         editions over the summer months! The
Northern Liaison Grp Rep Arthur Prowse 01457 870407
Newsletter Editor Minda Wigley 01457 870421                   contents are, nonetheless, worth
                     mindaHGF@live.co.uk                      reading!
Bridleways Peter Carter 01457 873344
Website Andy Morrison 01457 820524                            Please do remember there are still two
Social Secretary Amanda Godwin 07754 742232                   important dates before the season ends
                    amandagodwin@aol.com                      – the AGM on 16 November (see
Child Protection Haydee Seton-Jones 07734 405258
                                                              adjacent box) and Presentation Night
Show Organisers                                               on 4 December (pg 6).
Members Only Novice Lauren Rothwell 07584 301253
                       Steve Hopkinson 0161 624 5269          In the rest of the newsletter this month
Show Jumping Rachel Roebuck 07968 043539
                Christine Howarth 07960 707619
                                                              we've got:
Showing/Working Hunter Tracy Shaw 07927 044804
                            Judy Worthingt 07876 782941
                                                              •   Teams news pg 3
Dressage Lesley Illingworth 0161 789 8989
          Bridget Tibbot 07814 327016
                                                              •   news of Bridget Tibbot and Louise
Combined Training Alana Bennett 07872 583182                      Frary's achievements abroad pg 5
                     Denzil Edwards 07899 054799
Sponsored Ride Peter Carter 01457 873344                      •   the second in a series of articles for
Riding Club Camp Sue Hollingworth 07970 857739
                                                                  the winter months giving advice on
                    Minda Wigley 01457 870421                     what is involved at the various
                                                                  different types of show to prepare
Other Committee Members:
Tim Partridge 07976 561632                                        you for 2011 (pg 7)
Deb Prowse 01457 870407
                                                              •   an invitation to do the BRC riding
                                                                  and/or stable management exams
         last call for agm -                                      pg 2
       tuesday 16 november 2010                               •   News from the NLG Presentation
                                                                  night where our team collected a
Please do your best to get to the AGM
this year and have your say on how the
Riding Club is run. You might also be                         •   an urgent request for last year's
willing to volunteer to help run the Club.                        trophy winners to hand in their
There are all sorts of jobs, big and                              trophies ready for the 2010 winners
small, on or off the Committee.                                   pg 6
Remember, without the volunteers we                           •   Details of how to get your tickets for
have no Club so do come and offer to                              Presentation Night pg 6
help in any way you can.
                                                              •   an invitation to go to Robinsons for
8pm The Church Inn, Uppermill                                     your Xmas shopping pg 2
– Tuesday 16 November 2010                                    Over to you ...

instruction update
Following the article in last month's newsletter a few members have expressed an interest
in doing the courses towards the Riding Clubs exams. If you missed the article and might
be interested too, here it is again to help you decide. Krystina will wait to see if anyone
else expresses an interest following the publication of this Newsletter before she goes
ahead and organises the lessons.

"If you would be interested in joining in a series of 6 lessons in preparation for taking the
British Riding Clubs Equitation 1 & 2 (riding) exams or Horse Welfare 1 & 2 (stable
management) exams then please contact Krystina Bamber on 07970 813193. It is not
compulsory to take the exam at the end of the series of lessons but the tuition in both
riding and stable management is really worth having. It's also a good opportunity to get to
know some other club members.

Some time ago (period not known!) a group of people did the lessons in preparation for the
Equitation 3 (riding) exam but never had the chance to take the exam. If you were one of
this group and would still be interested in taking the exam, we will arrange a lesson or two
of revision for you and then arrange an exam for you if there is sufficient interest. Please
contact Krystina Bamber on 07970 813193 and let her know if you are interested."

Please note that the Wednesday evening showjumping competitions at Woodnook Arena
(Meltham) have now switched to Sundays and you can find the schedule on their website
or, if you still have it, you'll find it in last month's Newsletter.

social update
Fancy a trip to Robinson's?
Planning any horsey Christmas shopping? If a group of 12 or more people go to
Robinsons at the same time, all of you will get 10% discount off all you buy – and you can
reserve a table in the Café to recover from you exertions! If you're interested in joining a
party to Robinson's, contact Sue Hollingworth on 07970 857739.

just a minute (snippets from the latest committee meeting)
Not a lot to report this month as most of the Committee meeting was centred around the
finish touches for the AGM (16th November) and Presentation Night (4th December) which
will be evident on those dates – so come along and join in!

teams update

Woodnook Team Showjumping 24 October
We sent two Intermediate teams to the Showjumping competition at Woodnook Arena on
Sunday 24th October. Two intermediate teams competed at Woodnook on 24th Oct in a
well attended class of 18 teams competing! Our teams were:

Sue Hollingworth                               Vicky Hollingworth
Kathy Bradley                                  Sarah Mottley
Lisa Wake                                      Jayne Romanczuk
Krystina Bamber                                Megan Lockwood.

Sue, Kathy, Lisa and Krystina's team came 3rd after a jump off for 1st place. Many thanks
to Megan for stepping in at the last moment and to Keith Chapel for getting Megan's
second horse there. A good day was had by all.

Forthcoming Team Events
The next team event at Woodnook is on Sunday 28th November. If you are interested in
joining a team, please contact Sue Hollingworth on 07970 857739.

On 21st November there will be a team dressage competition also at Woodnook (the test
for all team members is Prelim 18). The Area Winter dressage competition is on 27th
November at Bold Heath. The team requires two members to ride a Prelim test and two
members to ride a Novice test. If you are interested in joining a team for either of these
dressage events please contact Sue Hollingworth on 07970 857739.

Please note that, once you have put your name forward for a team competition you are
committed to paying your entry fee even if, subsequently, you do not compete.

Forthcoming Inidividual Showjumping Competition
On 7th November at Woodnook Arena, Meltham, Holme Valley Riding Club are running a
showjumping competition open to all with entries on the day. The classes are as follows:

HORSES EXCEEDING 148 cms starting at 10:00 am
CLEAR ROUND 10:00 – 10:30 am £5 per round
Class 1 MINIMUS HORSE - 65 cm Rosettes to all double clears
Class 2 NOVICE HORSE - 75 cm
Class 3 HORSE PAIRS - 75 cm
Class 5 OPEN HORSE - 95 cm

PONIES NOT EXCEEDING 148 cms not before 1:30 pm
CLEAR ROUND – for approx half an hour £5 per round
Class 6 MINIMUS PONY - 65 cm Rosettes to all double clears
Class 7 NOVICE PONY - 75 cm
Class 8 PONY PAIRS - 75 cm
Class 10 OPEN PONY - 95 cm

NLG presentation night - 16th october
by Lisa Wake (Team Member)

If you can remember back that far, O&DRC's team won the Novice Team class at the Area
Festival of the Hunter held in April at Rochdale Riding Club. The team was made up of
Bridget Tibbot, Lisa Wake, Kathy Bradley and Sue Hollingworth, and they, together with a
number of kind supporters, went along to the NLG Presentation Night on 16th October to
collect their well-earned trophy. In addition to this, Bridget Tibbot also received a trophy
for being individual winner of the Festival of the Hunter Competition. Well done, Bridget!!

The night wasn't quite what some of us expected, but the 11 of us made it fun anyway
(Lesley Illingworth, Sue Hollingworth and her partner, Keith Chapel, Lisa Wake and her
husband Danny, Andy Morrison and his wife, Julie, Bridget Tibbot and her partner, John
Lancashire, Pam Jackson and Nicky Stell).

As Bridget said, "We were too young to attend!" as most of the other people there were
noticeably older than us! I likened it to a quiet night at Bingo! Other than collecting the
trophies, our other plan for the night was NOT to win the annual NLG quiz – because the
team that wins it has to set the questions and host the quiz the following year!

We had two quiz teams (Andy Morrison named the first team "Hoof-hearted" – read it out
loud and you will hear what it really sounds like!). The first team consisted of Lisa Wake,
Andy Morrison, Andy's wife, Julie, Danny Wake, Sue Hollingworth, Keith Chapel and two
members of Norther Dressage Group. The second team – "Lesley's Lovelies" consisted of
Lesley Illingworth, Bridget Tibbot and her partner, John Lancashire, Pam Jackson and
Nicky Stell.

Unfortunately for "Hoof-hearted" we won the quiz, winning a trophy and the unwanted task
of setting next year's quiz. "Lesley's Lovelies" came 5th overall – so well done to all!

Andy gave us plenty to laugh at. When the well-spoken host mentioned our team name
"Hoof-hearted", Andy couldn't help shouting out "You did!" – but the host didn't catch on!

Overall a fun night was had by all, and we had the biggest support group of all the Riding
Club teams there! The food was good and the company was great.

                      Dates for Area Team competitions for 2011:

      Indoor Showjumping          Osbaldeston          6 March 2011
      Festival of the Hunter      Smallwood            either 16 April or 7 May 2011
      Dressage to Music           Osbaldeston          either 21 or 22 May 2011
      Dressage                    Longton              18 June 2011 (unless alternative
                                                        venue can be found)
      Showjumping                 Rochdale             16 July 2011
      One Day Event               Kelsall Hill         25 June 2011
      Combined Training           Somerford            9 April 2011 (to be confirmed).
      Presentation Night          Leyland              16 October 2011

out and about
what odrc members are up to in addition to club activites

North West Showjumping Championship – Croft Top 23rd October 2010
by Bridget Tibbot

I would like to say thank you very much to everyone who came to watch and support me at
Croft Top. It was my first indoor showjumping competition on Brad. I had decided it would
be a good idea to get some indoor showjumping practice done before the start of next
season. Luckily no one had arrived in time to watch my first class in which I gained 8
faults. However, the seats began to fill just in time for the puissance competition!!

Brad jumped perfectly and cleared the first round (1m 07 – 3'6") and the second round
(1m 14 – 3' 9") so we had made it to the third round (1m 22 – 4'0"). He jumped well and
the crowd cheered .... but as I landed the crowd let out a disbelieving sigh as one brick
dropped off the top of the wall!

I was very pleased to have made it into the final round and I think Brad was also happy to
be a runner up! Thanks for all the cheering!

(Ed: A member of the audience sitting in the gallery gave me a slightly different
perspective on Bridget's exploits that night. About 25 people had gone along to support
Bridget and to cheer her on in the Puissance class. From a seat in the gallery it was
noticeable that, of all the competitors, Bridget had quite a support group rooting for her,
cheering and clapping her performance in the first two rounds.

There was quite an atmosphere created so well by the show organisers with gold drapes
and world flags around the arena, bright lights and dramatic music all adding to the
tension! By the third round the rest of the audience had caught on and were watching
Bridget with interest. It was down to 4 riders and the atmosphere was positively electric.
The first to go had a refusal, the second to go really clattered it and knocked much of the
wall down. So it was down to the last two riders.

Now it was Bridget's turn to go and the whole gallery were holding their breath! Brad
appeared at first to clear it and everyone cheered, but then – horror of horrors – one little
brick slid to the ground and there was a unanimous groan of disappointment! But there
was drama right to the end as the final competitor cleared the wall but was left hanging on
to her horse's neck after landing and just managed to avoid an "involuntary dismount"! A
worthy winner no doubt – but Bridget had come within a hair's breadth of winning!

Oliver Townend Eventers Challenge
Louise Frary entered one of the Oliver Townsend Eventers Challenge qualifiers and she
WON her class from over 30 entrants! Well done, Dolly and Louise!!! They have now
qualified for the finals in December which will be held at Aintree. Good Luck!!
The Oliver Townend Challenge is set up to give both young and old riders a chance
to compete for great prizes at top level venues. The classes consist of a mix of cross
country jumps and show jumps! (class heights range from 2'3" to 3'3") but the emphasis is
on enjoyment for the competitors, and everyone has a chance to win a place at the
televised final!!!

presentation night – 4 december 2010
Hurry & get your tickets!
The dark nights may mean less riding for many of us but on the upside there's now only a
month to go until our annual Presentation Night. Hopefully you already have Saturday 4th
December clearly marked in your calendar and will be joining us at Saddleworth Cricket
and Bowling Club to catch up with other members and celebrate the successes of the past
year. We'll be starting at 7.30pm with the presentations followed by a hot buffet and a
disco. So, dust off your glad rags and cross your fingers that you'll be taking home a
trophy, or at least a raffle prize! We look forward to seeing you there.

Tickets are £10 per person available from Abi Atherton on 07740 776 565.

calling all 2009 trophy winners
Please will last year's trophy winners hand in their trophies as soon as possible. Since the
last Newsletter was published a number of you have returned your trophies (thank you!)
but the following have yet to return them. Please would you arrange to hand them in to
Peter Carter. Give him a ring on 01457 873344 and arrange to drop them off at Peter's
house at 133 Huddersfield Road, Diggle.
               Class                                   Trophy                        Winner
In Hand Mountain & Moorland              The Highmoor Cup                      Heather Marshall
In Hand Arab, Anglo and Part Bred        The Henthorn Cup                      Claire Linney
In Hand Spotted, Palamino and Coloured   The CDK Cup                           Louise Frary
Overall In Hand                          Zutti In Hand Shield                  Louise Frary
Ridden Veteran                           Sam's Memorial                        Krystina Bamber
Novice Equitation                        Lang Challenge Cup                    Sian Chadwick
Best Riding Club horse                   Bruno Trophy                          Katie Stafford
Ridden Cob Type                          3Cs Shield                            Sian Chadwick
Ridden Mountain and Moorland             Pennlyn Trophy                        Heather Marshall
Ridden Spotted, Palamino and Coloured    Herbie's Rags to Riches Shield        Louise Frary
Intermediate Working Hunter              The Sky Cup                           Bridget Tibbot
Open Working Hunter                      The Sue Day Cup                       Bridget Tibbot

Beginners Novice Showjumping             McClintock Shield                     Sarah Cheetham
Overall Show Jumping Points              Troll Trophy                          Bridget Tibbot

Beginners Preliminary Dressage           The Courage Cup                       Lauren Jackson
Preliminary Dressage                     Captain Pugwash Cup                   Leanne Orme
Novice Dressage                          Eastwood Cup                          Katie Stafford
Progress in Dressage                     Len Hulse Bowl                        Rebecca Starling

Overall Progress at Riding Club Camp     Little Wilfred Trophy                 Louise Frary
                                                                               Lesley & Lauren
Most Loyal Member                        Loyal Member's Shield                 Jackson
Members Only Novice                      Graham Tibbot Rose Bowl               Sarah Mottley
Progress in Riding                       Elizabeth Longden & Victoria Tibbot   Lesley Sanders
Best All Round Horse                     Apollo Bay Trophy                     Katie Stafford
Overall Points Champion                  Jean Rowley Memorial Cup              Katie Stafford

what's involved in competing at ....?
This is the second of a series of articles to be featured over the winter months describing what is
required for the different kinds of shows you can participate in at ODRC at Friezland Arena. Many
of us tend to stick to the same type of shows each year but perhaps one or more of these articles
might whet your appetite to have a go at something different. My thanks to John Lloyd (aka
"Toddy") for his help with this series of articles.

Ridden show hunter and working hunter classes
At ODRC we have a Ridden Show Hunter class and three Working Hunter classes (Novice,
Intermediate and Open). The purpose of the Working Hunter classes is to demonstrate that your
horse has the skills and manners to make the judge want to take him/her hunting. You will be
required to jump a course of rustic fences (ie not coloured poles as in Showjumping). The jumping
style is different from showjumping and is at the pace required in the hunting field (ie faster!).
Refusals are frowned upon in the hunting field where they would cause chaos, but knock-downs
are less serious. Lumps and bumps on a working hunter are less of an issue than they are in the
Ridden Show Hunter class where the judge is looking for an unblemished horse. If you
successfully negotiate the jumps you will be invited back into the ring along with all the other
successful competitors to perform an individual "show" where you will be expected to walk, trot,
canter and gallop. The judge will brief you on what he/she wants to see and will, at the same time,
assess your horse's conformation.
[You tend to get two different types of judge of Hunters and it's pot luck which type you get at any
particular show. Some judges are simply looking for a horse they would happily take for a day's
hunting. Others are looking for a specific "hunter type" of horse, and if your horse doesn't fit that
description then you will be placed lower down the line-up, even if your horse did a faultless
jumping round, has superb conformation and manners to burn. (Sorry if this sounds a bit
jaundiced! - Showing is a very subjective activity).]
The Ridden Show Hunter judge is looking for "correct" conformation, obedience and manners, and
a blemish-free horse, which can be a light-weight, a middle-weight or a heavy-weight hunter. In
the ring the individual show is similar to that required in the second round of a Working Hunter
class (see above). The judge might ask competitors to remove the horse's tack to better assess its
In both Ridden Show Hunter and Working Hunter classes judges do not want to see over-fat
horses and will take this into account when making their awards.
Dress and Turnout (At ODRC you don't necessarily have to tick all these boxes so do have a go – but if
you have ambitions to compete at county level both you and your horse will need to be spot on!)
•   Tack: No tack may be worn which in any way conceals an animal's conformation. No hind
    boots or bandages of an description are allowed in the collecting ring, warm up or in the actual
    class. No rugs, clothing or item of tack that reveals the identity of a horse or owner may be
    worn in the show ring. Martingales are only to be used on Working Hunters. The complete
    bridle must be plain leather. Saddles should be reasonably straight cut (to show off the horse's
•   Headwear: A skull cap (with navy blue or black cover) or hat and safety harness according to
    the current approved BSI or European Standard must be worn.
•   Rider's Dress: Tweed coat for men, tweed coat or plain blue or black coat for women. Plain
    fawn or buff coloured breeches, not white. Plain black or brown boots. Spurs should be worn
    with shank no more than 3.5cm long and without rowels. Judges do not wear spurs. Leather
    or string gloves may be worn (at ODRC any gloves except black can be worn). A plain
    malacca or leather cane must be carried. Competitors should wear an ordinary shirt with collar
    and ordinary tie with the tie pinned down (at ODRC stocks are allowed). No ear rings or visible
    jewellery should be worn.
•   Turnout of horse: Manes should be plaited, tails pulled or plaited, heels trimmed. The horse
    should be shod with ordinary shoes.


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