Gas or Diesel...Save Money at the Pump by hkksew3563rd


									The cost of gas seems to increase on a daily basis, but what can YOU do? You 鈥榲 e
got to go to work, stop by the store and take the kids to practice, but what can YOU
do? Gas is expensive, but what can YOU do? At some point you ask that age old
question 鈥淗 ow can I save money on fuel?鈥? Have you ever heard of Mileage
  Whether you 鈥榲 e heard of Mileage Maxx or not isn 鈥榯 important. What is
important . . . your question has been answered. Finally, a product is available that
does what it claims, is backed by tons of research, is environmentally friendly and
works in EVERY vehicle on the road, yes every vehicle. Mileage Maxx is an "all in
one" fuel treatment.
  What is Mileage Maxx and how can it help you improve your gas mileage, saving
you money on fuel? Mileage Maxx is a year round fuel conditioner combined with
powerful detergents and lubricating properties which helps keep injector nozzles free
of carbon buildup plus it lubricates vital engine parts. All to improve the performance
of your engine. Whether you drive a car, truck, RV, boat, train, construction
equipment, motorcycle or bus...Mileage Maxx has you covered.
  Here is some of the highlights Mileage Maxx can offer you: 1) Cleans injectors and
pumps with a powerful new detergent that cleans fuel pumps, injectors, and fuel lines
and dispenses contaminates to prevent the formation of gum, varnish, lacquer and
carbon coke. This meets the latest Cummins L-10 injector cleanliness test. 2)
Improves mileage by lowering fuel surface tension resulting in enhanced combustion
and more complete fuel burn. Mileage Maxx is proven to increase fuel economy by
5%-20%. 3) Prevents gelling by lowering fuel pour-point by up to 20*F. 4) Boosts
base Cetane by improving ignition, cuts starting time, and reduces detonation wear by
raising Cetane levels with an 8 point Cetane boost! 5) Reduces friction and wear by
having top oil lubricating properties that protect fuel injectors and pumps from both
mechanical and chemical wear. 6) Uses emulsifiers to separate water from fuel so it
can be removed from storage tanks. 7) Reduces oxidation during storage with
oxidation inhibitors that stabilize fuel. 8) Prevents rust and corrosion with rust and
corrosion inhibitors that protect storage tanks, on-board fuel tanks, fuel lines and
engine components. 9) Contains Algaecide that removes algae, bacterial
contamination and fungus which helps reduce sludge and prevents fuel contamination.
10) Reduces emissions by helping operators comply with clean air laws by promoting
cleaner fuel burn to reduce smoking, soot and vapor exhaust.
  Look      ith all the talk about saving money and about saving the planet, it 鈥檚
time to stop talking and start acting. You don 鈥檛 have to take my word for it, do
your homework. Look it up, find out as much as you can about Mileage Maxx. Once
you see for yourself, you 鈥檒 l want to try it. And once you try it, well       ou to will
have the answer to that age old question. To learn more about this innovative proven
technology that is here today go to

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