Garage Doors- Increase Curbside Appearance by hkksew3563rd


									Curb appeal is one of the most important things when considering the value of your
house. It may seem inconsequential, but the garage door can have a huge impact on
the appearance of your home, whether for the good or the bad. Having a garage door
that both looks good and works well will increase your curb appeal and, therefore,
increase your home's value. In addition, newer models are safer and more secure.
 There are so many things we do to make our house more attractive, from a fresh coat
of paint to elaborate landscaping. People spend hundreds of dollars on the right shrubs
and plants and beautiful decks. This money is not spent frivolously because we view
our homes as a reflection of ourselves. It is natural and normal to take pride in your
home and want it to look the best it can, whether it is on the market or you have no
intention of selling it.
 However, more often than not, the one component of the home that often goes
neglected is the garage door. Perhaps this is because we view it for its utilitarian
purpose; we expect to press a button and have it open and close. It meant to protect
our vehicles and hide our garage, which we often think of more as a storage shed than
any sort of design aspect. However, an ugly or worn garage door can bring down the
look of the entire house while a new door makes the house look brighter and more
 If appearance is not a big enough incentive to invest in a new door, think about the
safety concerns. In most homes, the garage door is the largest and heaviest moving
object and having the most up-to-date safety mechanisms is essential to keeping your
family safe. Older homes, even homes that are only fifteen to twenty years old, may
have automatic garage doors that are unsafe. The newest models have sensors that
will reverse the door as soon as it detects an object in its path, before it hits it. Older
models do not have this and reverse only after contact, which is often enough pressure
to hurt someone severely, especially a small child.
 According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, they recommend all doors
more than fifteen years old be replaced. A second safety concern to consider when
thinking about upgrading your garage has to do with the security of your home and
belongings. Older garage openers provide only a minimal level of security and can
easily be "read" by thieves who can then retransmit your code to open the door. The
newer model openers use rolling code generation so the number of possible codes are
nearly infinite, creating a higher level of security and making it nearly impossible for
someone to recreate your code when you aren't looking.
 The garage is an important part of your home and not one to be neglected. Not only
does the look of your garage make a big difference in the curb appeal of your house,
but the function of your door is essential to keep you and your family safe and
protected. If yours is out of date, think about replacing it today not only to increase
your home value but also to increase your peace of mind!
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