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					Always wanted to make that perfect cup of espresso at home? The concentrated, rich,
creamy texture, just like at the coffee shop? Look no further; Gaggia espresso
machines are here to make you your perfect cup of coffee every morning. A true
coffee lover cannot ignore the worth of these marvelous Italian machines. Gaggia
espresso is not just any other coffee machine.
  By filing a patent in 1938 for a coffee machine that ran on lever and piston
mechanism instead of steam, Gaggia began its affair with the art of making the perfect
cup of espresso. Forcing hot water, through ground beans, brings alive the
unforgettable taste of Gaggia espresso. Since 1977, Gaggia espresso machines have
been the pride of every home. The most popular models have been the Gaggia
evolution espresso machine, Classic Espresso Machine, Gaggia carezza espresso
machine and Baby Twin.
  Apart from your perfect Gaggia espresso, the Gaggia espresso machines can also
make you a range of espresso-based delicacies like latte, mocha or your favorite
coffee flavored ice cream float. All that glitters is definitely gold, in case of Gaggia
espresso machines. High on performance, the Gaggia espresso machines have stylish
design, superior quality and finish. The fascinating features of these machines include
hot water dispensers, frothing wands, integrated coffee bean grinders and coffee
pre-infusion. Gaggia’s Platinum Swing range is one of the best super automatic coffee
maker in the market.
  The best thing about Gaggia espresso machines is that they are powered by pump to
create the perfect Gaggia espresso for you. Gaggia can turn even your ordinary coffee
beans into a super-rich crème espresso. Warm, cold, low fat or whole milk, each cup
of your coffee has the same amazing taste. The best features of the latest model
include easy to use drip tray, 58mm filter with single and double baskets, heavy group
head and sticky feet to keep the machine stable. Another great feature of the machine
is that it works perfectly well with both espresso pods and ground coffee to give you
the best Gaggia espresso.
  To get the same quality Gaggia espresso each time and let your machine function to
its optimum, proper maintenance is necessary. Once your espresso shot is ready, take
out the portafilter and basket and clean them before they cool down. Cleaning your
water reservoir, once a week, is a must. Chemicals should be used sparingly, as it can
alter the taste of your espresso. Rinse it well and de-lime it from time to time. Using
clean and filtered water improves the coffee’s taste to a great extent.