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					Having some time on your hands and looking for some entertainment on the Internet.
Perhaps you are thinking of playing games online but sometimes, that is not always
convenient, especially if you are at work. So what is a good substitute? Funny pictures
can be a great source of entertainment. Here is why.
 No audio. There is no audio to disturb your colleagues and/or neighbors. You can
browse the images quietly. Just be careful not to laugh out loud or you will give the
game away. When you play games, there may be a tendency to get over-excited. That
will never happen with funny images.
 Creative. Funny graphics are sometimes created by extremely creative people. They
are very good with digital editing software and are able to create images that boggle
and tickle the mind. So, expect some hard to find funny pictures on the Internet. The
really good ones usually get passed around by Net users.
 Personal identification. Sometimes, the most funny pictures are those about subjects
or people whom you are already familiar with - e.g. politicians. If you enjoy having a
joke or two about something that you can identify with, then why not check out some
humorous images. There are many categories available - cartoons, animals, celebrities,
politicians, kids, illusions, and more.
 So where can you find the best pictures?
 Usually, the best images spread around like wild fire, just like great jokes. When
people get bored at work, they start looking for quick entertainment and funny
pictures can be found easily on the Internet. So how do they go about sharing the
images? These sites may have tell a friend scripts and web visitors can easily email
the URLs to their colleagues and friends. Within a few hours, the entire office
(assuming they are sending from work) would have seen the funny images.
 Through email, these images then get passed around to circles that are outside of
work - family members, old classmates, Facebook friends, etc.
 There are literally thousands of such sites on the Internet. But the difficulty lies in
identifying the really funny pictures. Don't wait till you need a good joke before you
go online to hunt for good images. Whenever someone passes a humorous image
along, be sure to bookmark the URL. Save them to your browser favorites or your
web based favorites application. Whenever you feel bored at work or need to kill time,
you can always open up your favorite URLs to browse the images again.
 Another great way to find quality images is to visit funny pictures ranking sites.
These sites rank images according to user votes. The more people vote for the images,
the higher they rank. You can be sure that if the community falls heads over heels over
these images, they must be really good!
 Check out some funny pictures here: Funny Photos and Images

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