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November 2009 - Rhyl _ District Rhyl _ District Musical Theatre


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									                                      Rhyl & District
                                 Musical Theatre Company
                                  Newsletter November 2009
        Fiddler on the Roof                               Dates for your Diary
                                                     15 Dec 2009       Inner Wheel Concert
Well done to everyone involved for a fabulous
production of Fiddler on the Roof. We have           21 Dec 2009       Cheese & Wine
already had a great NODA review which can be         23 Jan 2010       The Out-Takes Concert
seen overleaf.                                       24 Apr 2010       MTYS Concert – Wrexham
                                                     1 May 2010        MTYS Concert – Rhyl
Disappointing ticket sales have meant an             16 May 2010       Auditions – Beauty & the Beast
estimated loss of around £6,000 which is not as      19 June 2010      Concert Llandudno Town Hall
bad as predicted in the after show meeting.

   Christmas Cheese & Wine                           Rehearsals are now underway for our up-coming
    Monday December 21st 7:30pm                      concerts, the first of which is on 15th December
                                                     for the Inner Wheel in Wrexham.
               Tickets £4:00                         Around the world in 80 Songs
       (Includes food & glass of wine)
                                                     24th April 2010      Stiwt Theatre ,Wrexham
Tickets available now from Maggie. Contact her on
01745 334589 to let her know if you intend           1st May 2010         Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl
coming so she knows how much food to prepare.        The Musical Theatre Young Singer of the Year
                                                     competition is celebrating its 10th anniversary by
Raffle and Tombola Prizes gratefully received –      staging 2 concerts featuring past winners. We
please give to Maggie                                have been asked to perform with them in this
                                                     Encore style concert featuring musical numbers
                                                     from around the world.
          Out-Takes Concert                          The MTYS Finalists will be performing most of
                                                     the solos with a few by us. Auditions will take
          Saturday 23rd January                      place in January.
            Operatics Centre
                                                     If you wish to be in these concerts you must have
              Tickets £5.00                          started attending Rehearsals by January and
                                                     must commit to both.
John Helms group The Out-Takes will be
performing at the operatic Centre. A Hot-Pot
                                                     Llandudno Music Festival
Super will be provided.

                                                     19th June – Town Hall Llandudno
Volunteers required to provide Hot-Pots for the
Hot Pot Super – please let Kevin Griffiths know if   This will be the Around the World concert
can make one.                                        performed by ourselves.

Rhyl & District Musical Theatre Company                                    Newsletter November 2009

           Fiddler on the Roof                                       Beauty and the Beast
                                                                         October 27th – 30th 2010
                   NODA REVIEW                                 Artistic Director    Jeremy Tustin
                                                               Musical Director     Trishia Gaskell
What a super piece of Musical Theatre this show is! A
true combination of drama, comedy based on the Tevye           Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has been selected
Stories by Sholom Aleichem. From their drab existence in       as our 2010 Production, October 27th – 30th 2010.
Anatevka emerges Tevye, a poor milkman, his wife Golde         Jeremy has provided us with rehearsal dates
and their five daughters, steeped in the ‘Traditions’ of the
                                                               shown below.
Jewish faith. A hugh challenge for any actor to take on
the role of Tevye but no worries with experienced actor        Please be aware that they cover the May and
Mark Gairrusso whose characterisation was nothing less         August Bank holidays. So put them in your diaries
than faultless. His conversations with God were so             if you want to be in the show.
believable and every aspect of his portrayal was true. The
role of his organising wife, Golde was in the capable          AUDITIONS: Sun 16 May 2010
hands of Anne Burgan who kept her accent throughout
                                                               SETTING CALLS:
and was a fine foil for Tevye, their heart-warming ‘Do You
Love Me’ was excellent. The trio of elder daughters,           Mon 31 May - Thurs 3 June
Tzeitel – Susie Todd, Hodel – Zoe Butterworth and Chava-       Mon 19 July - Thurs 22 July
Laura Ellis-Williams gave us an enchanting ‘ Matchmaker        Sun 29 Aug - Tues 31 Aug
Matchmaker’, each one wondering who the Matchmaker             Mon 20 Sep - Thurs 23 Sep
will chose for them, little realising they would marry         Mon 11 Oct - Wed 13 Oct
against their parents’ wishes. Sprintze and Bielke, Jessica    Thurs 21 Oct - Show week.
Williams and Mairead Ruane were both well cast and one
could hear every word. Energising performance from
James Pagett as the agitated, excitable Motel the Tailor, I
loved ‘Wonder of Wonders’. Mike Wooster was perfectly                  Assistant Director
cast as Perchick the Student with his new ideas and
Ashley McAllister did all that was required as Fyedka.                 Beauty & the Beast
Denis Murtha gave us a very convincing ‘Yente’ the
Matchmaker whilst Steve Claybrook took the role of Lazer       We are looking for someone to take on the role of
Wolf the Butcher with ease. All the minor roles were well      Assistant Director for Beauty and the Beast.
cast but I must mention the contribution of Carol Willams
                                                               Who-ever is selected will not be able to perform
as Grandma Tzeitel and Angela Griffiths as Fruma-Sarah
in the Dream – both spellbinding and superbly cast. The        in the show.
large chorus were well disciplined and drilled to the hilt,    Application forms will be available in January to
everyone knowing exactly what was expected of them             be presented to the committee.
and carrying out their tasks. Costumes pertinent to the
period, a convincing set and clever lighting added to what
was a performance of a very high standard.
Thank you all once again for your invitation and                     Raffle Prizes Needed
hospitality and I look forward to Beauty and the Beast in
2010.                                                          Any raffle prizes that are donated will be
                                                               gratefully received. Please give them to Maggie.


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