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					I was always a skeptic... Everyday I saw ad's that proclaimed you could get an iPod or
an iPad for free by just submitting your email. I thought to myself, ya right!
  But over time the advertisements finally wore me down and I tried submiting my
email and mailing address. Three weeks went by and nothing. Then on the fifth week
the FedEx man delivered a brand new iPad to my door! My jaw dropped. The delivery
man must have thought I was nuts because I was so excited.
  Soon as I closed the door I ripped open the package and sure enough there was an
unopened brand new iPad! I obviously started completing more offers, but some not
always delivered. Thats why I started a free offer review site at
  Every week I update the website with new free offers that I have received and even
ones I have not. I wanted to save everyone time, by letting everyone know which ones
were real and which ones were fake.
  Since I got my free iPad I have also received a free Xbox 360, PS3, Blackberry,
Kindle, and even a 27" LED television!
  I really was a skeptic too, but as long as you have a bit of patience and don't jump to
conclusions you can have a bunch of free electronics too. Whether you decide to keep
them for yourself or sell them on ebay to help pay some bills. Just think about all the
possibilites, they truly are endless.
  Please visit my free offer blog at:

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