Forgot Windows Vista Password - How to Reset or Recover It- by hkksew3563rd


									No matter you use a Mac or PC, no matter your operating system is Windows 7,
Windows Vista or Windows XP, computer security can be a common topic for you.
For PC protection, a Windows password is often regarded as the first line of safeguard.
But there is a little problem as Windows password can be easily forgotten. Forgetting
Windows password could also be dangerous if your only have one windows account
or others.

In that case, you can use a password reset disk to reset or recover the forgotten
Windows password. Here we introduce a simple tutorial for you when forgot
Windows Vista password - Burn a password reset CD/DVD with Windows Login
Recovery. This method can be applied to all situations, no matter you can log on PC
or locked out of computer.

Windows Login Recovery enables you to create a password reset CD/DVD. When
you forgot Windows Vista password, you can use the created CD/DVD to reset the
forgotten password in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Burn a password reset CD/DVD.

1. Run the program and insert a blank CD/DVD to computer.

2. Select to Reset Local account password, and click Next.

3. Select CD/DVD and click Burn to start burning the CD/DVD.

4. Click OK when the CD/DVD is burned and take it out of computer.

Step 2: Set your locked computer to boot from CD/DVD.

1. Insert the burned CD/DVD in the locked computer that you forgot Windows Vista

2. Press F2, Delete or F10 to enter your BIOS Setup when the computer is booting.

3. Choose Boot on the taskbar, select Boot Device Priority and press Enter.

4. Make the computer to boot from CD ROM firstly according to the prompts on the

5. Press F10 to save settings and your computer will restart automatically.

Step 3: Reset forgotten Windows Vista password.

After restarting, you can reset Windows administrator password and standard user
password under DOS.

1. Choose the installation path of Windows, and enter the NO. of the path.

2. All Windows account user names will be displayed for you. Enter the NO. of a
specified User Name to remove its account password.

3. Enter y to confirm and continue your operation.

4. Enter y to remove another Windows account password or enter n to finish your
operation when the selected windows account password is removed.

5. Take the burned CD/DVD out of computer and press any key to restart your
computer when you enter n to finish your operation.

The password has been successfully reset and now you can log on your computer
without password.

Notices for Windows Vista password reset

1. When you forgot Windows Vista password and locked out of PC, with Windows
Login Recovery, you can create a password reset CD/DVD in any accessible
computer with any OS, like Windows 7/Vista/XP and Windows Server

2. The computer used to install the program should have a CD/DVD burner; both
internal and external CD/DVD burners are OK.

3. After Windows Vista password reset, no computer data will be lost.

4. This method can not only help you when you forgot Windows Vista password, but
also help you regain access to computer when you forgot Windows passwords on
Windows 7, Windows XP and so on.

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