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Ford Mondeo updated with new looks


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									New-look Mondeo completes comprehensive update of Ford's flagship large car
family. With emphasis on new technology and enhanced quality it looks smarter from
both inside and out. Ford says 1,350 parts have changed, including a new bonnet,
front end and rear tailgate. The overall effect is subtle to put it mildly, but if you look
at the old car and the new car together, the new one definitely looks a bit classier and
more sophisticated 鈥?especially at the front.
  The new Mondeo is set to build on the model's established reputation as a stylish,
versatile and great-to-drive vehicle, and for offering high levels of driving enjoyment
and comfort to its occupants. Central to this is the application of a fresh look for both
body styles available in the UK 鈥?five door and wagon 鈥?to distinguish the new
model. Ford's design team set out to emphasise further the kinetic design signatures in
each body style while incorporating new technologies such as LED lighting. New
Mondeo's sleek lines are emphasised in the side profile by a new, full chrome window
surround for the higher series models, while larger, re-designed, LED tail lamps give
additional kinetic movement to the rear.
  The interior of the new Mondeo has also been comprehensively reworked to give it a
higher level of quality and sophistication through meticulous attention to detail, and
by employing new, higher quality trim materials. The re-designed centre console
flows more elegantly, while the door panels feature a new 'toproll' and flush,
integrated, door release mechanisms. Further enhancements include a new central
overhead console featuring LED ambient lighting, and a woven headliner. The use of
new high quality interior trim materials in new Mondeo boost the overall feeling of
craftsmanship and are complemented by high-class inlay foils and new 'jewel'
detailing on switches and vents in satin chrome. New interior colour schemes also
offer two new lighter interior executions for a rich, premium, appeal.
  Mondeo's wide range of the latest driver assistance technologies includes Lane
Departure Warning, Driver Alert and Auto High Beam 鈥?all utilising a new high
sensitivity camera unit located at the top of the windscreen in front of the rear view
mirror. Also extending to Mondeo are many features already introduced on the latest
S-MAX and Galaxy models, including Ford's Blind Spot Information System, Speed
Limiter, Rear Door Power Child Locks and Rear View Camera. LED lighting
technology is used for the daytime running lights and rear tail and brake lamps as well
as inside the car.
  But apart from all these, the most important changes is in the engine compartment,
where the Mondeo got the new 2.0-liter Ecoboost inline-four and the Powershift
dual-clutch transmission
  On the other hand, this is probably just as well given the prices 鈥?Ford is yet to
confirm figures before it goes on sale in November, but it is expected to be in the
region of 拢 26,000. That sounds an amazing amount of money until you remember
that the Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 Turbo is 拢 25K 鈥?and it has 20bhp less and CO2
emissions 25 percent higher than the Mondeo.
  The author writes for which specializes in Ford Mondeo.
For more information on Ford Mondeo contact Redge.

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