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									           PPP Infotech Limited – A Profile

PPP is one of the leading Internet Software Product
Developers in India. The Internet is rapidly changing
the methods of communication and the Internet
Company has to grow with his constant change if one
has to keep its competitive edge. Thus, our philosophy
is to push the barriers of technology and customer
service in order to provide high quality services for
individuals and Corporate customers. PPP has played
a significant role in creating and establishing user
friendly products and services since the advent of
Internet in India in the year 1995.

        The history of PPP is as old as the history of
        Internet in India itself Founded in 1995, we
        were the first Internet Product developer in
India to enter the US market in 1995 operating from
Chennai, when product development was not an
accepted practice at all in India. The        dynamic
infrastructure and professional team-oriented partners
for Marketing and Support, combined with outstanding
Customer Service and adaptation of the latest
technologies, remain PPP’ s trademark and on-going

PPP founded the Chennai chapter of the Internet
Users Community of India (IUCI) and acted as an
agent between various agencies to propel the growth
of Internet use in the southern part of the country. With
IUCI meets held at ISP premises constituting ISP
engineers, Telecom providers, Internet users, State /
Central Govt Policy makers, PPP was instrumental in
achieving the following:

  o First Internet Access Node outside Chennai
  o Decongestion of Internet Dial up lines
  o Introduction of 172226 lines
  o Publishing of examination Results Online
    coordinating with State Education Department and
  o Conducted more than 700 seminars, workshops,
    training programs on Internet awareness,
    technology and usage for all segments of people.

          PPP was also instrumental in unleashing
          the Internet booth revolution in Chennai,
          which led the way for the whole country.
          The number of Internet browsing centres in
the city proliferated thanks to its maiden product,
PPPshar, as media reports hailed, powered this

For the first time in India, PPP created the Online
Model Exam for TNPCEE in the year 1999 and
continues this project for the benefit of student

In the Year 2000, the founders of PPP were a part of
the Indian Business Delegation to Singapore, Korea,
Canada and Australia to establish business links with
the companies in these countries on Internet products.
It was also able to explore new global markets and
develop products and solutions to suit the conditions in
these markets. The company has proven expertise in
Internet, Java & networking, E-commerce, Web
database and Web programming.

In the year 2003, PPP entered the foray of Solutions
for educational institutions      with its new product
“Internetcop” developed with the robust PPPshar
engine. Successful trial on the product was conducted
by Technical Teachers Training Institute, Chennai
which paved the way for agreement with M/s ELCOT,
the Nodal Organization of IT Activities of TN State, and
the Product “Internetcop” had been recommended to
the Educational Institutions in the States of TamilNadu
& Assam. The product was Implemented in 50 Arts
and Science colleges in Tamilnadu through NIIT and
more than 400 Schools in Assam through NIIT and
CMC Ltd.

In the year 2005, PPP came out with the next
generation of PPPshar- ”Net Minister” – integrated
browsing, sharing, firewall, access control & monitoring
software. The product made the headway in Books
and LR Exhibition, conducted by National Project
Implementation Unit, approved by Ministry of HR,
Govt. of India.

PPP has more than 30,000 users in international
market buying PPP products Online and over 400
customers in Indian Market. PPP products have been
acclaimed by Indian & International media and
featured in all top magazines and newspapers abroad.

PPP has invested heavily in its Network infrastructure
and backbone in order to provide reliable and high
quality Internet services to large corporations at the
same time as remaining flexible to attract personal
attention to the details that are significant to every
individual user.

Throughout the years of its operations, the company
has maintained the same philosophy when dealing
with customers. PPP has focused on supplying its
customers with the most up to date technologies at
competitive prices, always with a commitment to high
quality Internet access, reliability, high speeds and
excellent customer service

The effective usage of our technological know-how and
the company's dedication in offering the best quality
services, constituted the key strategic factors towards

PPP co-sponsored the "Welcome Bag" at APCUG
Annual Conference, Las Vegas, USA, Jan. 3-6, 2005



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