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					The term fondant decorating is not new to most bakers. A fondant usually refers to an
elastic paste that offers a soft, shiny surface on cakes. On top of this surface, a cake
baker could attach his or her favorite cake decorations. Commonly, people call it an
icing or a covering and it is available at local arts and craft stores. One can find them
at a supermarket or a cake decorating shop too. In case you are new to baking, you
might have trouble with fondants.
  It is a good idea to attend a few cooking classes so you can learn how to bake and
make decorations. If you do not want to pay any money, then use the Internet as your
library. There are countless how to tips and articles on various websites. Since the
Christmas holiday will soon arrive, you should sharpen your baking skills. If you have
never dealt with fondants, try it this year. There are two styles that you can buy from
your local stores or online. They include white or pre-colored styles. You can easily
do fondant decorating with any of the two or use both. As long as a person is creative,
he or she can use rolled fondants, readily sold on the Internet. Another thing you must
buy as well is butter cream for covering your cake. Simply apply a thin layer of butter
and then apply this icing paste. As you choose an icing, ensure that it cannot tear
easily, as it is likely to give you problems.
  Most importantly, you must use your creativity as you make any shapes you want
with this sugary paste. You are free to make your fondant layer as attractive as
possible. Look for decoration ideas or items such as buttons and shapes. You can
easily imprint any wordings or images on this flexible paste. As you will soon find out,
many types of fondants are easy to work with.
  All you require is basic knowledge that you can quickly gain by attending classes.
Once you make or buy this paste, the next thing you want to do is to pour it over the
cake. You can apply it on top of every layer incase your cakes have more than one
layer. Another important detail about decorating a fondant involves coloring. Many
pros recommend use of a toothpick to apply color to the icing dough.
  One has to knead colors into the dough as he or she adds them. Again, this calls for
good creativity to help a baker come up with lovely effects. Buying ready-made icing
is a wise thing to do because the remainder can last for sixty more days. You need
only keep it in a very tight container and keep it at room temperature. This means that
in future you can avoid spending any more cash on the same item. You need to add
something new to your cake baking knowledge. You now know what to do because
you can try fondant decorating task now.
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