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									Folder printing is quite tricky. Doing this on your own requires expertise. Your
personal computer as well as inkjet printer may not be able to provide you with the
prints you expect. If you are going for custom folder printing for business marketing,
you may want to consider getting the services of professionals. These professionals
have the necessary tools to provide you with quality outputs. Do not worry if you are
thinking about the price you have to pay. You can get folder printing services at
affordable prices. There are different design options available for someone who wants
to pursue folder printing. These are the following design options you can have. Read
these options and consider any of these.

- If you are adept in publications design as well as editing, you can create your own
design templates for folder printing. You can make use of design software, such as
Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw, to have full control over the aesthetics of your
design templates. You can also make use of Microsoft Publisher which is perfect for
design beginners. You can create your own design templates, but you can also choose
one among the pre-designed templates available. You can also just download a design
template over the internet and edit it on your personal computer.
- You can also get a professional graphic designer to do the work for you. Brainstorm
with your graphic designer as to what kind of presentation folders you want to
produce. Lay out a design plan for your presentation folders. Let your graphic
designer comer up with mock templates and offer your suggestions. Finalize the
design and have it ready for printing.
- Get a commercial printer to do the job. You can get these commercial printers in
your locality, but you can also found one online. Check which the best commercial
printers that offer an affordable price are. You can pay a visit to these commercial
companies if you are located near you. See if they have the necessary facilities for
folder printing. You may also want to request for any product samples, so you can
check up close the quality of their prints.
- You can also get the services of online companies. Over the internet, you can get
these design and printing companies that offer folder printing. Run a search and find
one that is reputable. You may come across a variety of online companies that offer
such service, so you need to limit your options. Check the price, quality, delivery, and
other considerations.

If you decide to make your own design templates for folder printing, here are some
tricks and tips:

- Avail of discount cards if you are going to purchase your materials. Online, there are
available discount cards which translate to great discounts. Save these discount cards
and use in during the periods in which these are valid.
- Make your design templates visually appealing. You may want to make use of
design elements that are not traditionally used. Experiment with your design.
However, always bear in mind your consumer and clientele’s reaction.
- Always run a test print. You may fail to see design flaws on your computer screen,
so it better to run a test. Check what he design flaws are and make the revisions
needed. After which, you can already print en masse.

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