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									鈥淭 he splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of
its scent or the daisy of its simple charm. If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose,
spring would lose its loveliness.鈥? How real depiction of flowers and spring this
quote brings to us. Floral bouquets are supposed to be the best gifts ever given to the
people. Here is some information regarding the meaning of different flowers so you
can choose the right floral arrangement for your loved ones with the correct message
  1. Camellia graciousness 2. Carnation 鈥 ?Pink gratitude 鈥 ?Red flashy
鈥?Stripped refusal 鈥?White remembrance 鈥?Yellow cheerful 3. Daisy
innocence 4. Forget-Me-Not remember me forever 5.         Gardenia Joy 6. Daffodil
chivalry 7. Heather solitude 8. Hyacinth sincerity 9. Jasmine grace and elegance
10. Lavender distrust 11. Orchid delicate beauty 12.      Rose 鈥 ?pink friendship
鈥?red passionate love 鈥?white purity 鈥?yellow zealous 13. Tulip             鈥 ?pink
caring 鈥 ?purple royalty 鈥 ?red declaration of love 鈥 ?white forgiveness
鈥?yellow hopelessly in love 鈥?violet faithfulness
  Now this can prove to be a great help for you. Now customize all the floral bouquets
that you want to gift to someone keeping in view the meanings of flowers and
message conveyed through each of these. You may even ask the person to try to
decode the message sent by you and this will prove to be really interesting for them
for sure. The essence of gifting flowers is enhanced when it is made keeping the
message to be sent in consideration because that gives it a new life.
  This is a short list of few flowers. This and a huge list of more flowers and there
meanings can be found at our site where you can get
much more information related to flowers and gardening.
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