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									Telephone No. 079 - 26300533                              Telegram: CENEXCISE
Control Room: 079 – 26300183                              Fax: 079 – 2630 6152

                                  GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
                                  MINISTRY OF FINANCE
                                DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE
                         AHMEDABAD – I, CENTRAL EXCISE BHAVAN,
                             AMBAWADI, AHMEDABAD – 380 015.
F.No. I/22-54/2007-08/Adm.                          Ahmedabad, Dt. 01.05.2008



       Subject : Rates/Quotations for hiring of Man Power for Housekeeping &
                 Cleaning work of office premises – regarding.

      The Central Excise, Ahmedabad-I Commissionerate intends to avail of the
services of an Agency for cleaning, sweeping and house keeping of its office. The
following documents, giving full details, are enclosed.

1. General Terms and Conditions                           - Annexure – I
2. Special Terms and Conditions for Housekeeping          - Annexure – II
3. Pre-qualification requirements for award of contract
   for Housekeeping                                       - Annexure – III
4. Proforma for quoting rates.                            - Annexure – IV
5. Area of the premises/Building for cleaning purpose     - Annexure – V

       In case you are interested you may inspect the premises and submit the
above Annexure-I, II & III duly filled in and signed for having accepted the
General, Special terms and conditions and Pre-qualification in one envelope and
Annexure-IV (Financial Bid) in separate envelope. Both the sealed envelopes be
placed in another sealed cover super scribing “Quotation/Rates for
Housekeeping & Cleaning services of office premises” and the same may be sent
to the Commissioner, Central Excise, Ahmedabad-I, Central Excise Bhavan, Near
Polytechnic, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad – 380 015 so as to reach on or before
16.05.2008. The Annexure – I, II, III, IV & V will be opened on 19.05.2008 at 11.30

      It may please be noted that Agencies who do not fulfill the pre-qualification
requirement will not be considered. Financial bid of those Agencies who fulfill the
terms and conditions (Annexure- I, II & III) will only be opened separately.

      This Commissionerate reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the
quotations without assigning any reason whatsoever.

                                                                    Yours faithfully,

Encl.: As above,
                                                              (D.S. SHELATKAR)
                                                      ASST. COMMISSIONER (P&V)
                                                               CENTRAL EXCISE
                               ANNEXURE – I


1. Rates/Quotations duly filled in, will be received up to the date and time
   mentioned in the letter.

2. Central Excise, Ahmedabad-I Commissioneate (hereinafter referred to as
   CCE-I reserves the right to postpone and/or extend the date of
   receipt/opening Rates/Quotations or to withdraw the same, without
   assigning any reason thereof.

3. The contractors are required to submit the complete Rates/Quotations only
   after satisfying each and every condition laid down in the Annexure – IV
   enclosed herewith.

4. All the rates must be written both in figures and in words. Corrections, if
   any, is to be made by crossing out, initialing, dating and rewriting. In case
   of discrepancy between the words and figures the rates indicated in figures
   shall prevail. All overwriting/cutting insertions shall be authenticated and

5. Rates/Quotations should be submitted and signed by the firm with its
   current business address.

6. The rates shall be valid for a period of at least three calendar months from
   the date of opening.

7. The Contractors should satisfy themselves before submission of the
   Rate/Quotations CCE-I that they meet the qualifying criteria and capability
   as laid down in the Annexure-III herewith.

8. The contractor must comply with the Rates/Quotations, specification and
   all terms and conditions of contract. No deviation in the Terms &
   Conditions of the Contract shall be entertained unless specifically
   mentioned by the contractor in the Rates/Quotations an accepted by CCE-I.

9. The Contract will be awarded for 90 days subject to further extension from
   time to time. However, extension will be considered keeping in view of the
   various factors such as prevailing market price, satisfactory performance
   of the firm etc. Certification of ISO 9001 : 2000 by authorized issuing
   authority will be preferred.

10. In case of any default by the Contractor and in any of the terms &
    Conditions (whether General or Special), CCE-I may without prejudice to
    any other right/remedy which that have accrued or shall accrue thereafter,
    terminate the contract, in whole or part, by giving 15 days notice in writing
    to the contractor.

11. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, CCE-I also reserves the right
    to terminate the contract, by giving 15 days notice in writing without
    assigning any reason and without incurring any financial liability
    whatsoever to the contractor.

12. Insurance covers protecting the agency against all claims applicable under
   the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1948 shall be taken by the contractor.
   The contractor shall arrange necessary insurance cover for any persons
   deployed by him even for short duration. The Commissioner shall not
   entertain any claim arising out of mishap, if any that may take place, the
   event of any liability/claim falling on this Commissionerate the same shall
   be reimbursed/indemnified by the Contractor.
   13. Contractor shall in no case lease/transfer/sublet/appoint caretaker for

   14. No other person except Contractor’s authorized representative shall be
       allowed to enter the premises.

   15. Within the premises, the Contractor’s personnel shall not do any private
       work other than their normal duties.

   16. Contractor shall be directly responsible for any/all disputes arising
       between him and personnel and keep the Commissionerate of Central
       Excise indemnified against actions, losses, damages, expenses and claims
       whatsoever arising thereof.

   17. Contractor shall be solely responsible for payment of salaries, other
       benefits allowances to his personnel that might become applicable under
       any Act or Order of Govt. , Central Excise, Ahmedabad-I Commissionerate
       shall have no liability whatsoever in this regard and the contractor shall
       indemnify this Commissionerate against any claims which may arise under
       the provisions of various Acts, Govt.’s Orders etc.

   18. Contractor shall be fully responsible for theft, burglary, fire or any
       mischievous deeds by his staff.

   19. Contractor shall ensure that the persons sent to the location wear uniform
       every day while duty.

   20. All consumable and material used by the contractor shall be standard

   21. The cleaning area of H.Q. office, CCE-I is mentioned in Annexure-V.

We agree to the above terms and conditions.

Signature with date : ____________________________________

Name of the firm : ______________________________________

Seal : ________________________________________________
                                  ANNEXURE – II


     I.      The prime object of housekeeping services is to maintain the entire
             premises in a neat and clean condition. The premise is to be
             maintained keeping hygiene mind.
     II.     The board details of work covered under the scope is enumerated as
             (a) Cleaning, Sweeping and wiping of floors.
             (b) Through cleaning of toilets/urinals using required detergents, by
                 putting naphthalene balls in all the urinals and air purifiers in the
             (c) Shifting of furniture and other items/stores from one place to
                 another as required by the administration.


     I.      Cleaning of toilets, windows, wash basin & other fittings and water
             coolers, removing of all dust, unwanted materials, cleaning to be
             done with phenol twice a day.
     II.     Cleaning of corridors, staircase and common area onece with phenol
             in morning and with plain water in the afternoon.
     III.    Removing dust from floors, windows, doors, books, journals,
             furniture, fixtures, telephone, ashtray, cupboard, air conditioners,
             almirahs, filing cabinets, glass pane. Collecting waste paper,
             unwanted material and its disposal at indicated locations.
     IV.     Cleaning of rooms by mopping floor with cloth soaked in water and
             phenol of ISI mark.
     V.      Providing toilets with liquid soap, naphthalene balls and deodorant
             blocks. Liquid soap is to be kept in press and pour type steel or
             plastic containers.


     I.      Washing of floors with surf/vim/soap and water.


     I.      Sweeping, cleaning of all parts as per specifications vide the items of
             schedule shall be completed before 9.30 a.m. everyday.
     II.     The contractor shall make arrangements to refill the sanitary cubes,
             cakes, odonil, air purifier, naphtylene balls, chemicals, disinfectants,
             detergents, liquid soap, acid etc. from time to time and as and when
     III.    Manpower required for execution of the entire work including
             transport shall be arranged by the contactor. In case, a particular
             workman remains absent due to one reason or other, it would be the
             responsibility of the contractor to provide another workman in his
     IV.     The contractor shall on award of the contract furnish the list
             containing names and addresses of the workmen sent to the location
             for Housekeeping & Cleaning services.
     V.      The services provided by contractor shall be to the satisfaction of
             the authority.
     VI.     Contract rates shall include cost for all essential and contingent
             works, which although not specifically mentioned in this contract,
             are necessary for completion of the work to the satisfaction of
             Central Excise, Ahmedabad-I Commissionerate.
     VII.    The contractor shall have no claim against Central Excise,
             Ahmedabad-I Commissionerate in respect of any work which may be
     VIII.   The Contractor shall maintain an Attendance Register of personnel.
             The above register of personnel shall subject to check by the
             authorized officer of CCE-I. The personnel will render services every
             day including two Saturday except on National Holidays (i.e. 26th
             Jan., 15th Aug., 2nd Oct., Holi, Diwali and Sunday and any other
             holidays/public Holidays which are mandatory under labour laws.)
             They will maintain cleanliness of toilets, lavatories, pantry, floors,
             etc. and will attend to any unforeseen jobs as well as exigency of
             work. No extra payment for this shall be made. The rate of items of
             schedule work include the cost of this provision as well.
      IX.    Materials consumables, appliances, tool and tackles shall be
             arranged by the Contractor for housekeeping services.

      I.    The contractor will submit the monthly bill for reimbursement in
            duplicate enclosing the certificates as indicated below, which shall
            be got duly certified by the officer-in-charge and the same shall be
            paid thereof after making recovery, if any.
      II.   The contractor shall make regular and full payment of labour
            charges, salaries and other payments as due, as per the labour laws
            to its personnel deputed under service contact and furnish
            necessary proof whenever required.
      III.  Actual deployment of personnel & their attendance.
      IV.   Proof of payments made to contractors personnel for previous
      V.    Proof of Challan/receipt issued by Regional Provident Fund
            Commissioner (RPFC) etc. for the payment made towards applicable
            Provident Fund. ESI & EDLI for the previous month.
      VI.   CCE-I shall release due amount after making recoveries, if any,
            through crossed account payee cheque in favour of Contractor.
      VII. The contractor shall promptly make payment to Regional Provident
            Fund Commissioner in respect of Provident Fund Contribution by
            Contractor and the amount deducted from salary of deployed
            personnel towards their contribution to Provident Fund.
      VIII. In case, the CCE-I receives any complaint regarding non-payment of
            worker to your personnel the amount payable to these personnel will
            be recovered from you bill and paid to such personnel.


      I.     Contractor will attract a penalty of Rs. 100/- (Rupees One hundred
             only) per day. Per person in case the person fails to carry out the
             Housekeeping services due to his absence or any other reason.
      II.    In the event of failure in maintaining the housekeeping services on
             any day up to the desired standard, in part or full the Contractor is
             liable to be penalized @ Rs. 100/- (Rupees One hundred only) per
             day, which shall be recovered from the bills or otherwise. For the
             purpose of imposing penalty, the decision of the CCE-I will be final
             and binding on the contractor and shall not be subject to dispute or
      III.   Contractor shall ensure that peace and order is maintained in the
      IV.    Contractor would ensure that all its personnel would behave
             courteously and decently with the employees of the CCE-I and also
             ensure good manners.


      Bills chargeable to the Commissionerate shall be paid after every month
      services rendered if found in order. In case of any complaint of non-
      fulfillment or any obligations under the contract, the Commissionerate
      reserves the right to deduct the payments due from the Contractor from
      monthly bill (s).

We agree to the above terms and conditions,

Signature with date ___________________________                       Seal

Name of the Firm _____________________________
                                   ANNEXURE – III

      Pre-qualification requirements for award of contract for Housekeeping

01     Name of the Organisation/Firm
02     Name(s) of the Proprietors/Partners/Directors
03     Registered Address
04     Telephone No. & Fax No.
05     Whether Firm is registered & License holder
       under Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition)
06     Registration No. of the Firm (Copy to be
07     Permanent Account No. of the Firm
08     Copy of Income Tax Clearance Certificate
       (ITCC) to be attached.
09     Provident Fund Number allotted by Regional
       Provident Fund Office.
10     ESI Registration No.
11.    Service Tax Registration No.
12.    Total Staff/Workers of the Firm
13     Name(s) of the Public Sector/Govt. Organization
       to whom similar services have been provided
       by the firm during last five years. (Please attach
       the job order/Service Certificate from Govt.
       office/public sector.

Signature with date _____________________________

Name of the Firm      ______________________________

Seal                  ______________________________
                                 ANNEXURE – IV


Sr.   Description of payment           Rate (Per day per   Rate (Per day per
No.                                        person)             person)
                                         for Full Day        for Half Day
01    Wages per person as per the
      notification    issued      by
      Ahmedabad Administration
      under the Minimum Wages
02    ESIC as per the Rules, if any
03    EPF as per the Rules, if any
04    Administrative Charges
05    Taxes, if any

      Total Rate
      (per day per person)

      Signature with date ___________________________

      Name of the Firm    ___________________________

      Seal                ___________________________
                               ANNEXURE – V

                      AMBAWADI, AHMEDABAD-I

Ground Floor :         Compound, Parking area including garden, Drivers
                       Room, Control Room.
First Floor            “A” wing includes Commr. (A)’s cabin, Receiption
                       Counter, Fiber glass roof of the counter and P.A. to
                       Commr. (A)’s cabin.
Second Floor           “B” Wings includes Hindi Section and Vigilance Section.
Third Floor            “C” Wings includes RRA/Legal Section and adjoined
                       cabin of Asst./Dy. Commr.
Fourth Floor           “A” Wings includes room of CAO section, Library Centre
                       Room and adjoined cabin of CAO.
Fifth Floor            “B” Wings includes Appeals section and adjoining cabin
                       of Record Room of Appeals Section, “C” Wing includes
                       Adm./Estt. Section and “D” wing only includes Technical
                       Section and Stationery room of H.Q. office.
Sixth Floor            Full floor.
Seventh Floor          Full floor (excluding the cabin of Commissioner of
                       Service Tax and their P.A.)
Terrace                Full Terrace
Toilets                Both Ladies & Gents toilet situated at Ground Floor & 5th
                       floor to 7th floor and Toilet in the cabin of Commr. (A) at
                       first floor.

     Over & above both lifts, all the Common area opposite the lift, Common
passages including both staircase of ground to seventh floor.

      We agree to the above terms and conditions.

      Signature with date ___________________________

      Name of the Firm ____________________________

      Seal              ____________________________

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