Five must-see sights on USA road trips by hkksew3563rd


									When booking holidays in America the possibilities are almost endless, such is the
choice of natural attractions and fascinating cities to visit. There really is something
for everyone, whether your idea of a perfect break is trekking through a wilderness or
relaxing at a casino resort.
  This choice can make it difficult to draw up itineraries for USA trips and unless you
have unlimited time and money, you are sure to have some tricky decisions to make.
However, some places are genuine must-see attractions and you are sure to want to
experience them during your holiday.
  If you are taking adventure holidays in America, you will not want to fly home
before you have visited Yellowstone National Park. This area of Wyoming became the
first national park in the USA in 1872 and that status has ensured it has retained its
natural beauty to this day.
  The park has mountains, lakes and vast forests, together with bears, elk, eagles,
coyote and buffalo. It is the perfect place for a few days of camping and outdoor
activities, during which you are bound to spot some of the park's 10,000 thermal
  Bubbling mud holes and steam vents are sure to catch your eye, but the most
spectacular natural attractions in Yellowstone are the geysers. Old Faithful is the best
known of them, as it erupts around every 90 minutes, sending jets of boiling water
more than 100ft skywards.
  If you love the great outdoors, you are certain to want to head to Arizona to see the
Grand Canyon during your holiday. The national park surrounding the main attraction
contains some of the most rugged terrain on the planet and you need to see it close up
to understand just how unforgiving the landscape is.
  The Grand Canyon itself is an awe-inspiring sight - a 227-mile long scar in the earth
that is more than 18 miles across and a mile deep in places. Taking a walk on the rim
of the canyon at sunset will give you some truly memorable views, as will booking a
helicopter flight over the park.
  You don't need to be the intrepid sort to enjoy another of North America's great
natural attractions, Niagara Falls. Located on the border of New York state and
Canada, the Horseshoe and American falls are arguably the world's most spectacular
  Although they are not among the highest waterfalls, they combine to make one of
the widest and millions of gallons of water cascade over them every minute. The falls
generate a tremendous noise and huge amounts of spray and foam. Remember to take
a waterproof with you, as you are certain to get soaked by the spray, particularly if
you opt to get up close to the falls by taking a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist.
  Not all of the attractions you will want to visit on a USA road trip are natural. There
are a host of interesting cities you could choose to stop off at, such as Memphis, New
York and Chicago, but one you will not want to miss out on is Las Vegas.
  The world-famous gambling resort, which is located in the Nevada desert, is one of
the most extravagant places you will ever visit. The Las Vegas Strip is packed with
luxurious casino hotels where you can gamble the night away at the tables, enjoy a
sumptuous meal or take in a show. If you head to the Mirage, you will even be able to
enjoy the bizarre sight of a man-made volcano sending fireballs flying into the sky.
  If you are heading to the west coast, you are also certain to want to sample the
unique atmosphere of San Francisco. The laidback Californian city is one of the best
places to enjoy a night out in the USA and is also home to attractions such as the cable
cars and Golden Gate Bridge.
  Make sure you take a trip to Alcatraz island and see the infamous high-security
prison that used to hold notorious gangsters such as Al Capone. It is now a museum
that tells the story of its time as a military fortress and a jail, and of the spell it was
occupied by Native American protestors.
  There are sure to be other places you want to visit during holidays in America, but
make the time to stop off at the five above and you are guaranteed to enjoy your road
trip. #

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