Five Incredible Facts Of Argan Oil by hkksew3563rd


									5 surprising truths regarding Argan oil you need to understand is that the rare Argan
tree's seeds provide it, oil gives several nourishing and embellishing impact,
extracting process of oil manually is not easy, oil extraction is currently done by
power-operated presses methodically and Berber females earn their subsistence in an
environment friendly manner by argan oil.
  Argan oil is fast carving its own niche in today's beauty and health industry. Argan
oil has a great many benefits such that some call it a miracle treatment. To better
appreciate the wonder of Argan oil, you should know these amazing facts about it:
  Seeds from the rare Argan tree are the source of this ingredient
  Argan oil is extracted from the Argan tree which is endemic to Morocco. In the past
100 years, the population of Argan trees has been cut in half due to exploitation of this
resource. The trees are now featured in the World Heritage list because they are an
endangered species. A number of companies and distribution outlets have
relationships with Moroccan cooperatives, all for the purpose of preserving Argan
trees and making sure that the extraction process of the oils is done in an
environmentally friendly manner.
  Argan oil is good for maintaining health and beauty
  Elevated levels of oleic acid in Argan oil are reputed to aid in controlling cholesterol.
Since this organic oil contains monounsaturated fats, it helps reduce unhealthy
cholesterol levels. Other than its nutritional benefits for the body, it also has
beautifying effects. Argan oil is known to be a rich source of vitamin E, a potent
antioxidant well known for combating the aging process.
  Extracting Argan oil by hand is a labor-intensive process
  Argan oil is produced in accordance with a tradition started by Berber females, and
takes a lot of time and work to complete. The first step involves the extraction of nuts
of the fruits. The kernels are then collected by cracking the nuts' shells which is the
most time-consuming step in the process. Using mild heat the collected kernels are
then roasted. Next they are left to cool, ground in a quern made out of stone and
blended with water into a dough. Argan oil is quite costly due to a meticulous
production process and its great number of benefits.
  The advent of the mechanical press has made life infinitely easier in terms of the
production of this oil
  Contemporary manufacturing methods incorporate presses to extract Argan oil.
These devices are used to extract Argan oil in a considerably shorter period of time.
Once the nuts are roasted, the press grinds and extracts them. Since the oil is not
blended with water today, it may be stored for a longer period. Though advanced
machines are used in Argan oil production but the most tedious and time consuming
process of cracking the nuts is still done by hand.
  Berber women are able to make a living because of Argan oil
  Beside the personal advantages that Argan oil offers, people who use this products
will be happy to know that it benefits the females socially who make it. Argan oil
gives Berber women a sustainable livelihood and an opportunity of earning fair wages
in a country where equal rights are not yet fully established. Making sure that oil
products produced by Agran oil and it's production techniques are sustainable, these
Berber women are responsible for forming a co-op.
 Argan oil's many benefits make it an amazing addition to anyone's beauty and health
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