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									Women only fitness centers provide a comfortable work out environment for women
who prefer to have a health club that caters specifically to their needs. Perhaps women
do not like to admit it, but working out in front of men can be a little uncomfortable.
Women may feel self-conscious. It is easy to feel frustrated when the weight room is
packed with sweaty, body building guys blasting heavy metal. Competition between
men and women abounds for weights and equipment.
  Some women prefer a calmer more relaxing environment. This type of environment
is provided in women-only clubs. The atmosphere is almost spa-like with dun dance
music playing quietly over the speakers and fresh towels waiting for you at each
equipment station. The locker rooms are well cared for with full-service vanities,
clean showers and overhead lighting that helps you feel and look good.
  The classes offered at a women-only center cater very specifically for women. Often
you will see musical theatre dance inspired courses and yoga for working mothers.
There are classes for everyone and each is designed for the female body. The class is
specifically created to not just cater to the female sense of humor but also the strength
and conditioning appropriate for the feminine physique. Often, you can find classes
that cater to pregnant women as well.
  Most women will agree that they are easier on equipment than men. With this in
mind, you will find some state of the art running and exercise equipment available at a
women-only center. There are treadmills with televisions and high-tech sound systems
for personal music players. Cleaning is kept to a high standard and the equipment is
usually sparkling. No more sweaty, smelly residue left over on the treadmill.
  Perhaps the best part of the women-only, fitness centers are the extra amenities
offered. Spa treatments may be available on site. Facials, mud treatments and massage
may be part of the perks of getting a membership. There are sparkling whirlpools and
steam rooms. Personal trainers that work specifically with women are available by
appointment. Occasionally, there are discounts and promotions for local clothing and
women’s health stores.
  There are other incentives at a women-only club that encourage you to look and feel
your best. Occasionally, the club has a nutritionist on site that has education in the
women’s health and metabolism. The club encourages members to set health goals
with trainers and the nutritionist. Working together as a team, they will help you meet
and maintain those goals. There is a sense of caring and encouragement contained in
these fitness centers.
  You may have your own reason for attending women-only, fitness centers. Maybe it
has nothing to do with the environment, classes, equipment or perks. It may just be
the sense of calm and quiet that you receive when you walk in the door.
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