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									The First Premier Bank online banking service is from a banking institution whose
roots come from community banking. First Premier Bank (FPB) is under the holding
company of United National Corporation, along with its sister organization Premier
  Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, they have experienced dynamic growth
at the national level with many of their personal and business financial products and
services they provide which includes savings, checking & CDs, loans, investments,
online banking solutions, and many more.
  For added customer convenience, First Premier Bank has provided online banking
solutions through its Personal Online Banking. No matter what time of day or night,
FPB customers can access their personal bank accounts wherever they have an
internet connection.
  With FPB’s free online banking, you can view transactions made on your accounts,
view images of checks written that have cleared, transfer funds between accounts,
make payments to certain types of loans, and even export account information to
software like Microsoft Money, Quicken, or QuickBooks.
  Once you have a Personal Online Banking account, you may enroll in Online
Statements which is a great tool to organize your financial life. You can view your
statements online eliminating the need to shuffle paper every month.
  You will have easy online access of checking and savings statements receive your
statement faster and reduce the risk of mail fraud. The statements are viewed in pdf so
you may access, save or print them any time.
  You will also be able to enroll in Bill Pay which allows you to pay anyone you
would by check, pay any number of bills, pay bills from multiple FPB checking
accounts, set up single or recurring payments, and pay bills online day or night.
  Bill Pay is free with a Reward Checking account or direct deposit of your payroll or
government benefit to any FPB checking account.
  With Personal Online Banking, you can apply for a personal loan, a line of credit, or
fill out a mortgage application online for just a few short minutes based on their
competitive bank rates. With the First Premier Bank Online service, community
banking has been made convenient. Author publishes articles regularly concerning
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