Finding the best career advice by hkksew3563rd


									The aged idea that career advice is to help students with career choices is
fundamentally flawed. Make no mistake choosing the right career path is an essential
part of being happy and successful in your career. However, career planning, career
education and career development are equally important. Whether you have an
established career or just starting out you are never too old or too young to benefit
from insightful career advice. The good news, there is no shortage of people who are
willing to offer career advice. The bad news, often career advice is opinionated and
not based on industry knowledge. Independent and unbiased information by industry
professionals creates career resources that are infinitely more valuable than others.
  Navigating the intricacies of the dynamic world of work is an extremely tricky
business filled with uncertainties and pitfalls. Everyone should re-evaluate their
careers on a regular basis to keep their perspective on their career path fresh.
Complete career advice focuses on identifying your true calling, your career goals and
developing a strategy and implementation plan to achieve those goals. This includes
knowing: how to choose a career, how to evaluate your career fit, how to search for
the right job, how to write an effective CV, how to ace an interview, how to make the
most of career opportunities, defining career goals, how to implement a plan of action,
how to improve promotion prospects, training and career education options, and how
to change careers effectively without burning bridges.
  Besides the dynamic employment market, everyone changes as they grow, their
personalities, values, interests and skills evolve. Good career advice can help you
realign your career prospects with personal attributes to help increase your chances of
success. Industry professionals are the most reliable source for this type of advice,
understanding the industry and being able to articulate what employers are looking for,
knowing the industry and job specifications can combine to produce a valuable
resource for the unemployed, newly employed and those who are in need of change.
  Actionable career advice will get you moving on a solid plan for making your career
dreams happen. However, getting a job and building a career is ultimately your own
responsibility and no amount of career advice and guidance will help you achieve
success without putting in loads of effort.

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