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									I purchased my first dyson vacuum cleaner for my cleaning business, I clean eight
insurance offices for a local company and they have cubicles, printers and chairs
everywhere so the ball technology was very convenient, I was in no way prepared for
the cyclone technology and the suction that came along with the dyson vacuum
cleaners . I made the mistake of leaving the vacuum at the office building and it came
up missing there was no single suspect because everyone who had seen it loved it.
  So this brings me to my second purchase of a dyson vacuum cleaners last November
when I moved to a farm house with wooden floors located five miles down a dirt road.
Never having had allergy symptoms in the past I thought I was going to die, sneezing,
itchy eyes, and my throat felt raw constantly. I being the clean freak that I am thought
that if I could just get this house clean enough I would quit sneezing, but the more I
swept vacuumed and mopped the more the dust seemed to appear, but Iwas not using
a dyson dc25. After tons of research and money fights with the husband I finally
decided on the dyson dc25. This was one of the more expensive options out there but
having used the dyson vacuum cleaners before I was sure the dyson dc25 was up for
the challenge.
  Not wanting to wait to have it shipped I took my husband to the store; Him being
tight with money like he is did not want to pay the 469.00 for the dyson vacuum
cleaners. I tried to reason with him and tell him all of the wonderful benefits mostly
the great suction and the washable lifetime hepa filter as well as the fact that it is
considered asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
Finally he gave in; he told me I was getting dyson vacuum cleaners for my birthday,
the best birthday gift ever. I no longer have allergies, I no longer use a lint brush and
my floors are all clean carpets, tiles and hardwoods. I would recommend the dyson
dc25 to anyone it is not just a vacuum it is a cleaning machine.
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