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					A criminal lawyer Orlando defends those who have been charged with committing offenses such as
murder, rape, robbery, DUI, theft, battery, etc. The ones who have been charged may or may not be
guilty. Being a this profession is a very dangerous situation as some of their clients are truly dangerous
individuals. He must know how to communicate effectively to their client. They also must know how
to effectively communicate in the courtroom.
He generally has a secretary or/and paralegal to assist him or her with his or her legal needs. He has to
go through many years of law school to become one. There is a lot of competition for these lawyers as
there are usually hundreds of other ones competing with that lawyer if they are in a major city. To
effectively compete one needs to advertise. There are many places to advertise such as being on the
first page of Google or other lesser places such as Findlaw,,, etc.
Obviously if a criminal lawyer Orlando is on the first page of Google and stays there for an entire year
for major keyword phrases his phone will ring off the hook. This is why it is important to get SEO
advertising immediately. Effective SEO advertising will help him tremendously with his financial
growth. This attorney needs his assistant to seek out the best type of company to do this advertising for
him instead of relying on cold calls to get him. For this profession it is more than “what is the cost?”, it
is “what is the benefit?”, so if you get an e-mail saying “first page of the Google Places guaranteed in
writing for a year”, you would already know there is a huge benefit.
Criminal lawyers have to visit their clients in jail, they also occasionally go on lengthy, such as 2 week
trials where it is hard to reach them. Hopefully they have a paralegal or they at least check their
voicemails during trial and at the end of the day so they can get back to you. Often if he ignores you
for a few days you may feel he is ultimately ignoring you, but if he gets back to you and claims “trial”
he is either using it as an excuse or it is a legitimate excuse. One still waits for the day where this
lawyer gets a cold call from a salesperson in court and excuses himself from the judge to take the “cold
There seems to be many more male criminal lawyers than female. Perhaps being a criminal lawyer
Orlando is too intimidating for a female, one doesn’t know but ultimately those are the statistics. The
average of these types of lawyers is a white male. One still doesn’t know why one would want this
profession, because of the issue of automatically associating with someone who is charged with a
crime, since they are usually found guilty. Does the lawyer like guilty people?