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									For many pet owners, vacations have long meant leaving their favorite and beloved
pets at home. They find that their pets are excluded from being allowed admittance
into many venues, and they are forced into making the difficult decision of leaving
their animals in the care of a family member, friend, or local kennel.
  Well, the good news is that many hotels and motels, all across the nation, have begun
to cater to people with pets. These pet friendly hotels have opened their doors to all
sorts of lovable animals and their owners, seemingly alleviating much of that
unwanted separation anxiety.
  Where to Find One
  Finding Pet Friendly Hotels is probably easier than you may first expect. Many large
chains offer this service; and a simple visit to the hotel 鈥檚 website or phone call
will let you know. If you are still having trouble locating a pet friendly location, then
the internet can be a valuable tool. Because pet owners are so dedicated to the
well-being of their animals, many pet themed websites offer links and information on
finding the appropriate accommodations. You may even want to make a trip or place a
phone call to the local humane society where you will be traveling. Many local
humane society 鈥檚 list all the pet friendly hotels within their area.
  What to Look for
  When making a reservation for both you and your pet, it is always wise to call ahead.
Even though a hotel may be advertised as 鈥減 et friendly,鈥?this does not mean that
they will have the rooms available to accommodate you and your furry friend. For
most hotels, they have limited and designated spaces for pets and their owners. They
may also place limitations on the size, type, and weight of your animal, so make sure
you find out all this information ahead of time.
  If you plan to leave your animal alone in the room while you are out, there are also
many things you should look for. Some hotels will not allow you to leave your animal
alone under any circumstances; while, other Pet Friendly Hotels will directly cater to
your pet. They may offer services such as dog walking, dog sitting, and dog grooming.
They may even allow you access to pet friendly restaurants. Knowing this information
ahead of time can greatly reduce any stresses that may be associated with traveling
with your animals.
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advice on locating pet friendly hotels, check out

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